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  1. 1 hour ago, USAFarmgirl said:


    Hello Kisses?  Good Mourning Kisses? Great Job After Surgery Kisses? I Missed You Kisses?  There you are Kisses? It's Monday Kisses?  And my favorite lets make IJ & SW jealous with a grab me up against the wall go for it EXTREME KISSES!!!!:w00t:LOL!! LOL!!! Wink Wink:P



    lol,i love your all kiss.just added another kiss( just because kisses ).hahhaha.omg i became a kiss addicted becos of doctors.I actually don't care open mouth or close mouth kiss.I just want kiss after kiss.hehe:blush:.

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  2. 20 minutes ago, kate_USA said:

    SBS is not being nice to us:( Where is the teaser to Ep 7??? Maybe everyone is busy planning a Sooni Hawaii Party for Doctors.  Imagine, everyone show up at that party  :w00t::w00t::w00t:

     no,i think sbs do a good job.;)just think a little.Its only 7 episode.There is no way becos of live shooting.They just want more excitement from the fan.If i am not wrong they will drop the preview at sat or sun.And then that preview trend on naver.That is the main purporse .They will need to maintain or keep rising the rating.So i think they have some plan behind our back.Don't worry patients . Doctors made our wait worth.just sit still and enjoy our otp moments.like bicycle sence,microscope sence,helli pad sence,confession sence,boxing sence and the last is hug and kiss sence.haha.i already lost count how many i watch them.:wub::wub::wub:

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  3. 54 minutes ago, Raquel Bastian said:

    can't help to check on the comments from other sites, and kinda sad that people are underwhelmed/disappointed with the kiss, i hope this will not result to slip of the ratings huhu

    preview where are you? redemption time hehehe 

    Don't worry,i fan are sometime crazy.:blink:most are from other rival dramas or actress fan.Actually bad comment is not all bad.I saw netizen comment on UF,wah!!!!:dizzy: I was suprised.All are horrible comments about the boring plot and bad acting.Really netizen?:sweatingbullets:I think both lead are loved by korean .So i am wrong.But how about the rating ,yes its got 12.6% for the first episode,so it success^_^ .So don't worry our jihye couple will definately sucess. :)just forget about rating thingy.****ofcourse i know rating play the main role.******lets enjoy drama because we can't do nothing about rating.By the way,i go to asian wiki BM drama site.I wanna know about the plot but i saw almost all of the loser are compare their drama with our doctors.I wanna slap each of them.:angry::angry:They are so so mean.But what is strange ,i can't stop reading each of them and curse them out loud :bawling:.haha i think doctors made me crazy.

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  4. i can't believe my eyes. our doctors thread has 3 moderater.:wub:i never ever seen many of them like that.Its really new to me.I never imagine they also watch a drama like us.In the past I just think all of mod are watch us to remind about the soompi rule:blink:.hahahaha.:wub:don't give me ot :bawling:pleaseeeeeeeeeee :blush:tommorrow is D day .yay.can't wait ,can't wait.Actually i really don't think we can see the kiss sence becos most of the dramas are start at episode 8 or 9 .so so.

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  5. wow,i can't believe they used 5,yes 5 new ost on episode 2.really.wow,i never thought they would.anyway the best two is on the bus when they return from hospital and other one is microscope sence.That two song are my best.can't wait the time they release this songs.Actually all are awesome..

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  6. guys,someone know the link to watch ep 1;2 on youtube.last years when i type in a serch box pinnochio then that videos pop out but now whenever i type doctors its pop doctors stranger and good doctor videos.depress.till now i can't watch.huhuhuhu.other link are not work on me.help me ,please .my fever is getting high after reading all of your post.

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  7. 1 hour ago, NileRose said:

    @Agie : I think i will be against soompi rule so I prefer to not to post it here to avoid RED CARD

    Tomorrow RM EP 
    One day left 




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  8. omma yah!i really really afraid that chio min sik .After watching i saw the devil,i truely think he really can be that rapist and psyco killer who disguise as a actor.omo he is that much can pull his character.He and shin hye,innnnnn ,i have no idea.our girl will accept or not.I just follow her desicion and support her.By the way,CHINESE ARE REALLY FAST.WOW THEY ALREADY MAKE A MOVE.I KNOW SHIN HYE WILL GET OFFER FROM MANY ACTION BUT DIDN'T EXPECT THAT FAST.HAHAH PARK PRINCESS FIGHTING.

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  9. guys,Can't i be a mannnnnn.hahahaha.I saw shin hye post her IG with very beautiful song.Tori kelly's dear no one.Can some body do an Amazinhg mv with that song.Its so freaking lovely song.I love that.Suddenly i wanna become shin hye's dear someone.hehe.And to our depress @Cawa Raiin .I think you are tooo worry about her character.don't worry shin hye herself say that you all will see coolest park shin hye of the year.so just wait and see.

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    39 minutes ago, thao_2512 said:



    PS: Please restrain yourself from shipping... LOL Shinhye has too many ships already. I can't handle another haha 


    DON'T WORRY MY DEAR!!! I get most cruel and bloody lesson from my first and last ship.haha.awww its hurt like hell.So i will never ship her with anybody.I just love our otp because both if them are so cute.As for other ship (shin hye and  her costars),i think they didn't sank like  my ship because their partner are not relation in current(i don't know in the future lol)So whenever i encounter with other shipper ,i truely pray their ship were real like they believe .For me ,I can't even glance at any ship,my heart are scare like a rabbit .So when shin hye has project ,i go there and joy.when she didn't have project ,i go to shin hye thread.That all.So don't worry ,I will never become a shipper again.hahahhaha.I am just enjoy the moment like  ----- love is the moment ha! I really can't get out of that sinking ship but i know time will heal.

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  11. guys,guys !!!!!did u see that at 1:52 kim rea won shake his head like he has many hair .And shin hye follow what he show.omo sooo cute .By the way why they didn't show other cast.Its always like that..? @thao_2512.Yes you are completely right about sbs.bm is release teasear 4 and sbs release bts.Sbs didn't stay still, they are carefully promote with their own way.

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  12. hey,i think second teasear is can be kim rae won's imagination.He imagine to hold hey jung hand and pad the head.But in reality when he pat hye jung's head,she response immediately  like a fighter in teasear 1.Am i thinking too much.Their clothes  and setting are the same that why i think that way ji hong is in his dream world.hahaha.

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  13. I can't believe sbs is really something on us .They seriously hate us.other drama is release third teasear now.We only get our very very very first teasear.what the hell sbs.just drop some goodies.huuuuuuuu but sbs must be  blind .That why they didn't care anything about their competeter.Or they already think that they will won this battle after releasing a super hot teasear 1.Never look down on your enemy sbs.just drop second god damn teasear.arrrrrrrrrr.I almost lost cotrol.why they are always slowwwwww.

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