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  1. oh nooooooo.it was not a bizarre idea.we all accept all of our SA's thought and imagine.as for me after reading ur post i search google to look how that doonwoo .yeah i found he is little .u know what i mean little.may be i always watch my girl with super hansome guy.i just wanna laugh bcos somebody has same thougj with me.That make me laugh and happy.I always read our SA post with my respect .so ur post is not a bizarre idea.

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  2. omg,she is so pretty in a latest mamonde cf.arrrrr what a pure beauty.she is pretty day by day.she is my queen.

    @Cawa Rain  girl.please don't mention other .we know what exactly what u feel.It can cause fan war.and like indahm say we cann't see the off cam.so don't jade easily.Even our queen is ok.Then why we not.everything is ok.let support our queen.cheerrrr SA.

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  3. .. what the hell...:blink: what's wrong with them... I know the thing, but.. it's so awkward... it's like in middle of them is ice wall...very big... no not just a big, but huge iceberg...  no eye contacts... no lovely smiles, no sparkles... and you BB... whats wrong with your gentleman skills??:angry: just a one year ago.. you were the initiator, not only waited her, but "dragged":D her on the stage with you, and now... you didn't even waited her...:(yeah... wait her... don't run like there is no tomorrow..:lol:. oooh gosh... so many heartbreaking moments I catched...






    yes,exactly what i wanna say is all r gone just gone.

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  4. @itybittykitty Girl ,i really glad u seem that way but i m not .Minshin we know is gone .really gone.threre is nothing.like this rate they even can't be friend in the future.They r sooo awkward .not smiling at all.And in the future i believe that there were no miracle in between them.They will pass each other.i m soooo sad.yeah after sad new i never hope again.But from now there is noo hope for them to me.Our minshin is completely different from in our memory treasure 2013 sbs award night.Hope our girl will find her prince and minho can smooth and happy his gf.

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  5. ​eonnie, does vimeo work for you? here's the link of the full 3 Meals A Day episode on vimeo :) 

    https://vimeo.com/128649687   * the password is psh * 

    cr. MohammedSunbae 

    noooooooooooo.only i can watch on youtube.sometime i hate my country.But after considering deep,yes i m lucky to use youtube.sooo if u know utube link ,then post on here.i m always visit this thread and waiting the time someone who will post three meal a day video.hehee

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  6. guys,after brocasting TMD,Can someone give me a link of youtube.i wanna download that episode.LIVESTREAM IS NOT WORKING IN MY COUNTRY.Internet connection is sucking.so please give me after brocasting.i wanna watch.Finallyyyyyyyyyyy,we win .Girls.i know i m late.but i wanna thank tha most is @purpleismycolour.bcos of u i can vote multiple time.thank u my dear .ur  really lovely and kind SA.and also thank to @tiggie2.thank all SA who try to vote our girl.arrrrrr great great.my mind is really happy.And again.  ''  WE WIN''.

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  7. oh''''''girl,when did the vote were close.i m desperately wanna vote but my sucking internet is disturb me soooo badly.please vote vote vote.krystal is catching our girl.today 12;00 pm or tommorrow 12;00 pm.I mean voting close time.By the way i found the name tiggie2 and purpleismycolour in comment section at that poll.i m sooo proud both of u.our precious young special super duper lovely SA.

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  8. one sure thing is sooner or later ,we will read many article of that shinhye's update.hehe.i think hater r prepare to hate our shin but don't worry she has many many fan who support her no matter she is pure or not.Believe me all of starlight r famous with protective and best supportive fan among all over the international fan.we love psh so damn much.Thats why we meet this place nomatter what type of skin or relagion.i hope all SA support her till the end.love u all.

    our princess update her ig again.but i understand nothing.somebbody help to translate.what our shin wanna say.help please.

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  9. hi chingus, maybe my comment a little bit out of topic but I'm concern about our princess Shin Hye, she definitely old enough to watch 50 shades of grey, I watched it too :=)). But I found that movie a little bit too much, kinda 2 people thirst for their sex love. I didn't feel the art in the movie, just a normal ***** kinda of movie . Quite frankly, I hope people not gonna judge her because of that. Since she is the only girl I respect and love so much because of her 'clean' profile even the Korea showbiz now is full of scandals about sex and cheating. I really hope her not involve too much with the man. Enjoy her life. One day she find the good man who deserve her and get married. I hope you guys understand what I meant. I just love her too much so I might over react :(

    oh dear,don't worry.i think uri shin is like the ost.just like me.in our country fifty shade of grey is not avilable but i like that film ost almost all.And yes our girl is old enough to see that kind of movie.But she didn't mention about movie ,just small line of lyric.i think she love the meaning of the song.That song was really great.yes really a great song .u should try to listen.shin hye loves song .so don't worry.But yes she has many hater.HATER GONNA HATE.whatever she do.if she get bad feedback it must not from her fan but from her hater.so let feel free like our princess.:wub:

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