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  1. hello!my lovely minshinner.please vote for shin hye .she is losing krystal..yes our princess is completely losing krystal huhuhu.i want to win her.so she need our force .please vote .its was chinese vote and give award at baeksun 51 .if only u have gmail .u can vote.go to the shin hye thread page 1510 and get purple's facts step by step.it was so easy .pleaseeee she is losing to her heirs costar krystal.we can do it.she deserve hallyu queen.:sweatingbullets:

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  2. omg''''''''i got it.hahaha.so much happy.thank u purple and tiggie2 .i m sooo happy.i m work with purple's way.girl please vote.after knowing step by step log in in chinese is easy.thank u .Both of u r my life saver.anyone one who can vote please vote for shin .she is losing.the gap is coming slightly high tooo.we need to vote for give back all her try hard.she need us.please vote guy.don't be affraid to log in.purple's way is too easy .u should try.i sucess after about 100times .hehehe.i know sometime im stupid.

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  3. girl..its been a while,i m not visiting this thread after heart breaking new.but today i decide to visit.i really respect who keep post and support them individually.I really want to be like this .But my heart can't bear the pain so i just keep support only shin.I really love @avrylle post.Her post is short but its really touch my heart.YES i hope he can find  his way home.i really wish with all my teary heart.i love u guys.i m still minshinner but not shipper anymore. I wanna be minshinner bcos all of our lovely friendship.we know we r the best lovely ,pervy and friendly shipper all over the soompi.keep it up.fighting.

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  4. Hi chingus, anyone here have a strange symptom like me? I hope only me here. My symptom is when I read hash or bad comment about Shinhye I feel unhappy even angry. When ppl start to compare one actress with Shin Hye. I start to do not like that actress (not hate but just do not like).And I only watch movie have ShinHye on it. I don't know. Maybe I'm hardcore and crazy fan girl. Even I can't understand myself :(. Please don't get anything wrong. I just wanna share my strange feeling in here since this forum is created for people who love and admire ShinHye. :( . 

    ​me too :(

    me three.

  5. omo!omo !girl !what happen to my starlight family?calm down.please don't fight .its really can ugly when we disscuss the things that ways. just attention only our girl.we need to focus on voting.huhuhu.As for me ,i really get my bitterest experience in my life(bcos of my recentely sinking ship,hehehe).At that time i swear myself that i never ever focus her costar.i only focus on my lovely princess and us(starlight angel who love shin so much)so please don't concern her costar .One sure thing is after one project finish ,all of them r seperate and walk their own way.that all .nothing more.soooo we need to just focus only our girl.she is still walk with us and we only need to believe and support her long way of industries.


  6. actually i think how good if her hair is just straigh and natural.i m sooo boring to see on her wavy hair.i know i know.our princess is the best .no matter by what hair style.u guy should see her instargram photos,i love her natural long straigh hair.she is more beautiful in that way.hope her hair is straight in BS AWARD.How do u think girls.?for make up''''''i love hstyle's make up style.its so match and cause her beauty is more appeal.i admit in all of her commercial ,i like the most is hstyle.she is sooo f@$%&%% BEAUTIFUL in all picture .u know i even wanna eat her alive after seeing the photos.hehehe.(fungirl mood on)

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