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  1. 1 minute ago, ktcjdrama said:

    I am so disappointed with the ending.... Arrrghhhhh!! I can't believe it ends like that... Or are they setting a stage for a sequel??? Still, it could've ended in a better way.......

    Sigh, I think it's better for me to go play the Guess the Abs game so I can forget about this traumatic ending!

    Exactly, i need something to forget this drama ending.

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  2. @PororoQueen lol:lol:.You are the best.I laughed out loud in the middle of night. My mom even scold me for that.

    Can't wait for next week.I really love MOA.After watching episode 13 and 14 ,I feel Sastisfied and like the story even more..I don't mind if there is many question come out.I just love it.

    Extra THANKS to @PororoQueen who make me happy after reading her little fanfic.Actually I'm depressed becos of some negative comments about the plot hole.And I also appreciate who point the errors and mistakes that i never know:wub:


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  3. 12 minutes ago, carnation18 said:

    I dont think hee joo is wearing lens. It is a hologram of emma, like in the office.

    I think she is wearing a lens.She even greet her "Hi Emma".It can't be hologram also.Didn't hologram need something lighting sticks like the one in the office.

    By the way ,i really want to know the episodes that film in Hangary and Slovenia is already finished brocasting:huh: in previous episode???:oPSH and HB said they film one month in each country:rolleyes:.

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  4. 6 minutes ago, vangsweetie637 said:

    I can't help but look at the cane falling on the ground :phew: he is going for the 'waist grab-pull closer' kiss :w00t: poor cane is no longer needed.

    Haha .its funny.I also think that too.poor cane.B)

    At the final scene, I think the savior is not guard or someone.In preview, JW look behind the bars and he look full recover and search someone or something with surprise.If the bar are close that mean game is still on .The time is 29 minute left. Its that Emma? :huh:.In interview Shin hye said that hee joo has healing power.May be the savior is Emma .May be not:open_mouth:.But if its Emma then why writer show HJ searchs something and call to someone.:sweatingbullets:.My head is almost explode with many question.

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  5. I already watch both livestream on tvn and netflix.The preview that show on netflix is a little bit different with tvn . On netflix, even JW write a "WILL"..AND EMMA said here is dangerous. :sweatingbullets:.I want more romance but i really enjoyed this drama.It can't predict what happen next.This is truely best kdrama for 2018.I am dead sure that we will get romance in ep11 and 12(definitely not in ep 10:P).Ofcourse ,after our man came back from deadly trip .tehehe.sorry:D By the way the new ost on preview is so good.

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  6. 35 minutes ago, siddy09 said:

    I am I the only one who found it really funny when JW offered HJ some brandy so that it would make her warm..lol..I mean I know at that moment HJ literally wanted to slap JW for offering her alcohol instead of some sympathy or rather a shoulder(you should try doing that next time, JW)..but it was so funny. :D 

    Sweetie HJ, this is part and parcel of falling for the wolf/CEO Jin Woo oppa. Included in this parcel is a stupid game, some swords, Josean era assassins, rifles, a zombie, two shrilling ex-wives and last but not the least, a devilishly handsome face with dimples..Merry Christmas!:lol:

    omg,this is the best post for me.You make me laughing  out loud .

    Guys Merry Christmas .

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    7 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    I still don't understand why JW hasn't finished getting divorced from his wife.


    For me,it is clear like crystalB) .Writer want to make a big obstacle to our love birds.And i really little disappointed about the love story to our leads.Its take too slow and the sence they meet is too little.Ar games and fighting sence is too many.In my opinion this drama is combination of 50 % of game,20% of other things (other characters) and 30% of romance.But i love to watch this:tears: show becos of our leads:tears:

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  8. 17 minutes ago, NileRose said:

    HJ knew about the game for sure but I want translation for :bawling: preview

    i will translate sh and hb part 

    hj..... you are running away again infront of my eyes.

    hj......Don't come here again


    jw.......if you go to Granada ,you will not find sj.SJ is not dead.If you want a proof, I will give it to you.


    translation with 9 years experience of watching kdrama :sweatingbullets:

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  9. 2 hours ago, pattsue said:

    I re-watched the trailer again looking for some clues.. All scenes have been shown except for this..

    HJ is crying while running and trying to catch-up with the moving train..


    Is this some-kind of goodbye between HJ and JW?


    Oh I think I am the only one who think this way.May be jin woo is on the train and hee joo running after that train to say good bye.And in trailer narration hee joo said he brings magic in her life but he suddenly disappear.Can it be they never meet again and time jump happen.Did Jin woo trap in game for one year?It can't be possible .Right?i have no idea.

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  10. 39 minutes ago, Tessie Afdo said:

     why do I have a premonition that HJ died in real life and they’re in a fantasy side of the story as the way JW recounting the story and the way the lyrics of the ost implied? Please, tell me I’m all wrong. 

    Oh ,what? Do you really think hee joo is died?nooooo sob sob :tears:.I will never think that way.But i hope the writer will not make it happen. Anyone notice that in ep 3 where the arrow shoot at jw.Before that they showed one of the security guard check jw office with flesh light in his hand.After that scene jw game is stop for temporary.Why it stop?I mean he play many time and never happen before.Am i right?  Can be possible that someone is break in office and hack the game or the AR game is wrong itself and make CEO cha zoombi:sweatingbullets:

    BY THE WAY,I want our otp love story so badly:wub:

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  11. 2 hours ago, katakwasabi said:


     I wonder what happened to JW, he looked haggard, as if he lost all his fortune. Did he go bankrupt?



    Yes,I'm 50 percent sure that he'll lost his half money to his second wife.The writer already clear that in episode 2 .Do you remember his secretary reaction to sent flower to hee joo.He warn that  shouldn't do because they are in progress of divoce with his second wife who want his money so badly.As for our main lead they'll fell in love and i think jw doesn't want to drag that anymore .so I'm 50 percent sure he'll lose his money to his sec wife.And ofcourse another 50 percent is all up to our writer nim.

    I really love the story line and our girl PSH .She is soo precious.By the way hyun bin is so handsome .I can't resist his dimple anymore. 

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  12. awwwwww,I can't believe ,some of us think shin hye become chubby,actually its not, her main problem is she cut her front hair a little short thats why her face look a little chubby.Its 100% hair cutter false.It even can make people look worse.I am suprise because of her hair cut but it will grow anyway.so not problem for me.

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