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  1. Only now I roamed on the net for audience reviews about Haechi. And I'm happy to read mostly positive about the drama. MyDramaList Google reviews AsianWiki
  2. Go Ara as Yeo-ji in Haechi. Thank you for always giving your best, Ara! For your hardwork that reflects your love for your work as an actress and love for your fans.
  3. @hulya.23_d801 thanks for sharing those gifs! The finale scene is beautiful, the words of hope and the visuals. Both Ara and Ilwoo's smiles are good for my heart.
  4. I already miss Haechi even it is not yet Monday. Hope it will be distributed on local televisions in different countries. Every race can relate to its story.
  5. Wow. From Thailand? Amazing real life story.
  6. Yeo ji has become the first female royal guard
  7. @realistic2280a @akhenaten YeoYeo kiss is sweet and clean and pure. It is simple but the love is there. That's all that matters.
  8. I will miss this drama. Thanks to all of you, chingus, for sharing your thoughts about Haechi and for the history pointers too.
  9. What's wrong with the kiss? I can say it's Ara's best kiss scene so far. LOL. And when you say she didn't reciprocate, I think she does it by character. Yeoji is supposed to have less emotions, after all. If you will take a closer observation, the main characters have opposite personalities. Yeongjo is too emotional, Yeoji is the opposite, Dal Moon is serious, and Moon Su tend to be funny.
  10. Ilwoo is really a good actor, and accepting Haechi after military is a good move. We see a more mature Ilwoo and he proves us he deserves to be a lead actor. His acting is powerful especially when he cries. Maybe that's why he is given a lot of crying scenes in Haechi, although I sometimes get tired seeing him cry. Thank goodness he is really really good and those scenes never become boring because of him. About Ara. I agree that strong characters are suited to her. From watching her past dramas, I can say she does well when the story revolves around her character. When I first watched Who Are You, she made me cry and laugh with her. That kind of role where she can show all kinds of emotions, that probably the best for her. I hope after Haechi they'll get a project where their talent will never be wasted.
  11. Oh maaaaaan! Torture end lol Haechi is giving me anxiety attack because we know the plot had many rollercoaster of emotions. So if this heartbreaking end will happen... well, I can't decide what would I feel. Hahaha. I just want to enjoy this yeoyeo moment for now.
  12. YeoYeo couple!!! @lightbringer06 Be real lol Have a happy ending pls
  13. Favorite scene? Mine, all the fight scenes. And all the heartbreaking, funny, crying, cute yeoyeo, the trio, and victory scenes. https://www.soompi.com/article/1320474wpp/jung-il-woo-go-ara-and-lead-cast-of-haechi-share-their-favorite-scenes
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