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    Swimming, fencing, running. Love to watch K-dramas - current faves are Sung Hoon and Sang Woo - watch mystery/ cop shows like Endeavor, Wallander, Broadchurch, Happy Valley. Music - classic R&B like Otis Redding.

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  1. His movie, Brothers in Heaven, which I think was filmed in 2016, is being shown in the movie theaters in Japan July 26
  2. Preview of next week’s I Live Alone episode. Can’t wait to see, especially when he’s interacting with his dogs.
  3. He’s so handsome Stills from drama he is filming now, Level Up. It’ll start airing on July 10 on Korean cable station MBN
  4. OMG, their segment this week was hilarious (The guest in the other segment tho who appeared for the second week in a row is so annoying and boring to me)
  5. A national brand commercial (LG)
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