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  1. BHR's Press Conference was factual. She filed for divorce. Her husband asked for a divorce, he professed his love for another woman and the woman is pregnant. He CHEATED!! She stated that she accepted what was offered as alimony. She indeed requested more than what was offered but that was readily agreed upon by the 30's father. Divorced couples frequently go to court and make requests for divorce settlements that are negotiated. BHR did not have to this because the family and her husband were so eager to get rid of her. BHR could have been much more damning in her press conference. She
  2. I think Ami is a spoiled immature calculating she devil. She was fully aware of her sulking innocent behavior and yes she purposely wore the puffer jacket and went to Yu Shin's hospital. She also purposefully informed Pi-Yeong that Dong-Mi was Yu Shin's first love. 40's wife was taken aback that 40's husband willingly discussed this with Ami but Ami was planting that seed that she was closer to her husband than she is. At this point 40's wife is done and is on a mission to find s new life. She has basically said 40's husband, mistress and Dong Mi can do whatever. Live in a hellified tug of war
  3. I found the episode very entertaining. The banter between the 30's parents is always hilarious. 30's dad is finally realizing his wife's worth and valuing her as a spouse. I do think 30's mistress has good intentions but is going way over the line. She is sweetly endearing herself to 30's dad just like she did with the son. She wants to be loved and needed and her goody two shoes persona works with the "manly" father and son that want to have their egos stroked. If 30's mistress truly wanted to be independent and go it alone she would not be accepting dinner dates with 30's husband's parents.
  4. So 40’s mother in law drugs wife, feigns sleep to seduce 40’s husband to possibly sleep with her!! Crazy, ugly shenanigans!! Finally 40’s wife is alerted to affair. How will she react!! She is getting a double whammy..... Evil witch of a mother in law who is manipulating her with fake kindness in order to take over her man and household and cheating no good philandering husband getting caught up with a dangerous young girlfriend that will not let go easily. Can’t wait for tomorrow! WOW!
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