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  1. JH's mother is fully aware of her son's love for SH. She intentionally sought out a secret meeting with SH without talking with JH or her husband knowing full well that they would object. She is no different than any of the mothers in her desire to have things as she wants. She talked about how the neighbors view her. She is more concerned with saving face and being embarrassed than her son's happiness. Her son is wearing a band which she observed, as well as the band on SH's hand. JH is the mother's favored son. She is my opinion threatened by the class difference and the fact that her son has a true and deep love for another person. She is not as evolved and self assured as the rest of the family who are willing to support JH at all costs even it causes them some discomfort because they recognize JH's true and unwavering love for SH. JH's mom while good and pure is also selfish in her desire to have her son live the life she chooses for him that would not disrupt her life. She is also intimidated by what SH represents. I do believe SH and HJ will weather this hurdle and that HJ's mom will ultimately accept the relationship because HJ will not give up on his soul mate and true love.
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