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  1. @skibbies @Cheerie Awesome! Glad to have company! It's getting more and more interesting (though I didn't expect JNS' dad to go that route). Love how the womenfolk are watching out for each other, and spanning three generations! More glad that JNS is crossing path with WYZ again. Anticipating the bloom of their relationship now that JNS is "free" and available. There are indeed lots to learn/savor from this drama. The script is so well-crafted, or well-adapted from the novel. I agree there are many golden quotes to linger over. (Perhaps we can share some when the dram
  2. Wonder why there's no chatter about this endearing and entertaining drama that focuses on the distinct life and personality of two girls who are BFFs. The plot seems so simple but it draws you in almost instantly with its profound slice of life essence. Enjoying the superb acting of Liu Shi Shi and Ni Ni. Available on Youtube if anyone's interested. Yuan Quan is a nice addition, albeit only on a special appearance basis. Btw, there's another awesome girl-centric drama airing currently and ir's quite similar to this: Dear Miss
  3. The draggy and sob bits are true. Probably big hurdles for attracting viewers, esp. during this pandemic. I like the inspirational parts of the plot: An attorney who didn't go to college, who was "adopted" and "raised/helped" by a non-related woman, is now rising in fame and paying it forward. Hoping he will be rewarded with his bucket of monetary returns cos his "adoptive" fam needs his support. Will its literal title, Fly from Rags to Riches, ring true for PTY in the monetary sense, eventually? It could also be "riches" in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Self-Actualization.
  4. Thanks for your tag, @Lmangla Better late than never, huh? lol. I'm watching this drama, too, and loving it even though the pace and tightness of plot is a bit off, I feel. However, it's getting better and better by the episode. This drama is so underrated, it deserves more love. So I'm quoting all your tags in case some others, like me, missed it... (Pardon me if you've already responded to the original tagging) Hello everyone! Thanks to all for your thoughts and updates. Can't wait for more!
  5. Me too. I am curious. It's a good watch for us/our loved ones. Anyone? Hello everyone! I binged through to the last available ep, and just love this drama to death! Especially love the characters of YH and SR. I'm so happy to see Eugene and Lee Ji Ah (Shin Eun Kyung too) back on the small screen. They are true actresses who can flesh out their roles in amazing ways. AJA! Nice to see Kim So Yeon, too. Another awesome actress, though I don't quite like her role here, it's a good change for her. Back to the drama, I wish they, YH and SR, will really get their just revenge.
  6. Hello everyone! Just had to opine... hehe I'm "dying" because of this OTP. Ohhh... that confession and that kiss! Ohhh so sweet! (Ep 15 at about 26 mins *wink*) I know some of you have already seen it all, but I'm choosing to savor every moment I could. I can't remember when an OTP this sweet, this cheesy, and this sizzling (not to mention surreal! not to mention a C-drama!) has brought smiles, giggles, and even blushes, my way. KUDOS to GSN/LJ. You are the "vaccine" I/we need to counter "the C-virus" lol. If only there will be a season 2... (dare I/we dream?)
  7. If anyone's looking for Eng (or other language) subs, watch it at Viki.com https://www.viki.com/tv/37277c-nothing-but-thirty Or at YT channel of MZTV
  8. Thanks for your welcome! Glad you like my story lol. I will try to visit more often. TBH, still kinda dazed from all the new development here, as well as that "loss" Ah... I didn't know Team Sub is outnumbered here, ordinarily. You guys could have fooled me with the way you all managed to trounce Team Add! The victory must have been too sweet! Thank you Btw, @triplem I am not sure if I should add or subtract lol. @partyon read your questionnaire and will get to it soon, Frankly, I need a recollection (literally and in every sense of that word lol) of the oppas an
  9. Hey @triplem! Aww... that's mighty nice of you to think of me, a non-regular here, let alone to invite me to join in the fun. I truly appreciate your kind gesture. Hmm... don't we all love to be in a winning team? But having been a part of Team ADD, I'd stay on if I may. Who knows? We may win someday! (PS: No offense meant, Team SUB+@partyon) Hello Team ADD (Season 1 Battle). Frankly, I was pretty sad when Team Add was outnumbered and trounced in Round 1. I silently swore (to my competitive self lol) to "bulk up" for Round 2. Like Popeye, "I YAM WHAT I YAM!" And I w
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