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  1. So beautiful to see these pictures. I haven't started watching this yet because of too much of work. Sigh....
  2. I was watching Familiar wife and I knew that Go Back couple had a similar summary. I wanted to watch it and I was blown away. I've always loved Jang Nara. I watched Successful Story of Bright Girl, Baby faced Beauty and then Fated to Love you. Son Ho Joon was amazing ! This is one of the best dramas I have ever watched. It made me cry in almost all episodes. I'm glad that I didn't watch it earlier because right now I am pregnant with my first child (a boy!) and that made my emotions haywire. I could understand the feelings in a whole different level. With puffy eyes, I hope I can sleep my day away. Beautiful drama... will definitely revisit soon.
  3. Marriage requires more work than the love/dating phase. But most people have it backwards and that's why it can be the grave of love for many.
  4. I am not a supporter of quick divorce without doing everything to save a marriage. But I don't consider what he has with the current wife as a relationship. A relationship is 2 sided. It demands communication, love and most importantly respect. He cannot stay in a relationship "just because he has to." Marriages don't succeed that way. To the outside world, it might seem like they are together, but inside the house that would be extremely difficult and burdening on the soul. He definitely cannot look at Hye-Won as his wife. He is unable to shower her with love or affection because of the chaos he is in. He needs time to settle in, time to sort his feelings. I don't think he will be able to take his loyalty away from Woo-Jin. It is too early for that. So he won't be able to work on Hye-Won's relationship. He should talk to Hye-Won but would she be able to believe all this time travel? No. He can ask for time apart. But that would be looked down upon in many Asian countries. I would have been nice if he was single but he is married in this timeline and he has some expectations as a husband. Since his heart is not with Hye-Won, at least he can free her from this marriage and let her discover her life. He can also free himself from this confusion. If he cannot marry WJ in this timeline, I would still say he needs to divorce HW because he cannot give his heart to HW. That's not fair for her or for him.
  5. I see a lot of difference of opinion on JH's feelings. Here is my take on it. I feel that there are some inconsistencies in the whole original marriage that we don't know about. 1. JH seems to be a kind loving man when they were dating. He tutored her and his mom-in-law clearly loves him. She definitely had an extra dependency on him especially emotional and showered a lot of love on him. After marriage, she might have had some fairy tale expectations which may not have been met by him. We still don't know. In the little clip where he spent time with his kids, it sure looked like he was basking in happiness around his babies. It's not like he neglected them. 2. More than neglecting, it is a classic case of workaholic character. Some parents, especially in asian culture, focus so much on the finances and working day and night for the kids that they forget that showing love is more important than money. All men want to do after a day of work is unwind: games, brainless tv, etc. If that's the case, the woman should make sure to set times for his "him" time and make sure she gets attention. Here, that did not happen. Slowly the wife feels no love from him and expresses her anger. Just shouting and venting the anger never lets him understand her true feelings. This results in him, immersing himself in his personal activities and work, slowly neglecting her. More neglect results in her being more of a recluse, not sharing her feelings. This avalanche chain effect needs to be broken and talked through. The modern timeline: 1. Right now, JH is totally confused. He is just analyzing his original timeline and reflecting on his behavior. He was just an impulsive experimenter who was like :"what if I didn't help my wife in the bus that day?" and then now realizing the effect a simple event could have done. He is obsessed with a new version of his wife. I do not blame him for being obsessed, she was his wife. This new version of her reminds him of why he fell in love with her in the first place. He realizes why he might be a huge factor on changing his wife. 2. I know the current wife is trying pursue other relationships and she is wavering. It's not because of JH but due to her lack of morals. JH, on the other hand, is still dealing with his timetravel adventure, with no recollection of the marriage to his current wife. The one thing he can do before he hurts anyone is to pump the brakes, analyze that the might be disrespectful to the current wife by spending no time with her (though she is not so respectful towards him or his family). He should do the right thing and first end his relationship with his current wife. Obviously he doesn't consider her to be his wife. So divorce her. Be single and sort things out slowly.
  6. I've liked Ji Sung's acting ever since Protect the Boss. I think he is an experienced actor who breathes life into the role written for him. Welcome!
  7. My mom and dad, amidst the chaotic mornings of 2 school going children, always had their personal talk time during their coffee in the morning. My sister and I used be running around, getting ready and they would be totally oblivious. We used to tease them about it but now as a married woman, I understand how essential that routine was for them. This drama makes me look into my marriage and appreciate it more.
  8. If everything is based on the theme "destiny," 1. Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin in the "changed" timeline will end up together and have the same kids? 2. JH's sister in the original timeline would have eventually had that kid? If it is not based on the theme of "destiny," 1. Well, I loved watching the drama Signal...
  9. I love the way the show is going. My thoughts on their marriage (before the whole change in timeline): Both of them had their mistakes in their marriage. The key to any marriage is frank communication. Always taking time to talk to each other about whatever they feel, not matter how bitter it might be. Another thing is looking out for each other: making sure that we listen to all the stress in their work life, know each other in and out. People come from different backgrounds and are exposed to different lifestyles. Usually when we grow in an environment, we assume that all families would be the same. These presumptions affect a marriage greatly. Dating is different when compared to a marriage. Usually when a woman vents her feelings which she has controlled for a long time, it would explode like a bomb. Previously, She would be mentally giving chances for the husband to redeem himself and the husband will remain oblivious to what is going on. Though he might have been more irresponsible, selfish and immature in the relationship, the ideology that "he should have known what the wife is going through" doesn't often happen. Some people are just dense, you need to tell them what you want. It is important to make sure that the channels of communications are open since day 1. That's my motto for my marriage. It is one thing I have learnt from my grandparents who were married since 14, and spent the rest of their lives together (more than 60 years). I don't think it is even a "old generation male centric society norm." If that were the case, my grandma should have been meek and subservient to my grandpa, but I never saw that. In every generation, the relationship is defined on communication. You cannot build a relationship by doing all the work and then pray that miraculously the husband will help you and appreciate you one day.
  10. I don't understand why it would be hard to grow in your career when you have a love in your life. In fact, it helps me get better and better everyday. Unless it is an abusive relationship or the lover is demeaning you, I don't think you need to break off your relationship to succeed in life. Wish they had a better ending for the drama. It had a beautiful chemistry. They ripped it apart and made it so disjoint in the end. sigh. Why did I see a "To be continued" at the end ? hmmm... Is it common for Taiwanese dramas to have a part 2?
  11. Yeah, I am not opposed to that. You can choose what to do with your body. The only thing is that some kids have been brainwashed to feel like they aren't enough the way they are. It would be nice to have such handsome guys like Ji-Sub ssi to help restore your faith haha. He was told he was not enough but refused to change himself. I kind of started loving him after reading that. Fangirl mode on! I used to be an awkward teen myself but I am happy with myself now. I don't even wear make up. I'm like "hey this is me, take it or chuck it" ... Well my hubby loves it
  12. He is one actor who doesn't go under the knife. That's what I love about him.
  13. I thought there was a JJang thread. Not sure. I usually don't go to couple forums. I love them onscreen together though! <3
  14. I understand her wanting to not be under his leadership and figure things out for herself blah blah in the professional world. But why does she need to mix work with personal life all the time? If she doesn't want his guidance, then she can make those rules in her relationship. Relationships are never easy. There is always going to be difference of opinion, different perspectives, etc. If she doesn't get that, she is really not ready to be in the relationship. It's hard to get the balance, love, respect etc in a relationship but she gave up prematurely in my opinion. What the point in working so hard in professional life when you don't work hard for your personal life too? I feel bad for the male lead though. He seemed like he was begging for her to not leave. Poor him.
  15. Yeah. I liked how nice it was going and suddenly it had to go melo for no reason. I can understand that she may be hurt but no point in directing it towards him. Hopefully. I am bored of this track. It needs to end soon.
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