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  1. is this thread still active? I saw one part about Li Chen Lan's fatherhood in ytb (but it's in Vietnamese)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s7sMht6J80 It brought me to my tears at how tender, how kind, how devoting Li Chen Lan is to his father - the one who put that Xīn mó into him, intended to kill him when he's just an infant, then locked him up for 1000 years in that dark, narrow cave.... He held no grudge to that father; the only thing he wanted is for him and Zhao Yao to have one more family member... And he didn't even get to spend one whole day with his father; the only thing he could do was to offer him a cup of tea; before his father completely forgot about him again
  2. The Wan Jun sword was sealed when they (Mo Qing and Zhao Yao) went to Tomb of Sword in attempt to seal it. They sealed it into the stone where it originally is. And when Mo Qing breaks free from the bind (his Xīn mó called out to the sword), the sword flied from the Tomb of Stone to where Mo Qing was held hostage. And this part I think this scence is after he let Zhao Yao stab him and fell to the abyss of Tomb of sword. That scene is when he was at some place so bright, in a raft, looking very peaceful, and drop the sword into the water . I think that place was like limbo; his action (drop the sword into the water) symbolized him finally got rid of his Xīn mó (inner demon spirit) , and his peaceful look might hint that he would come back to Zhao Yao eventually. This is my 2 cent.
  3. I don't think the "kids" scene should be added in your edition. For 1, it's really jarring seeing their mouth movement out of sync with the dubbing. And 2, they didn't show us one single happy scene of them at the end (other than the one which they go to buy Tanghulu 糖葫芦 and then that's it... They jumped to the "kids" scene right away. For me, I just wish that in the end scene, they'd show us that Mo Qing flyed up from the bottom of "tomb of sword" after the sword and then hug Zhao Yao. - The end - That would be enough for me. But this is just my pov. It's entirely up to you how you want your own edition to be. Good luck to you
  4. I finally found out who dubbed Li Chen Lan It's the voice over artist Tianxiang Yang (杨天翔) - I scroll down the credit roll and use my little Mandarin to track his name https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/杨天翔 He did voice some character like Bai Zhen from Eternal Love 2017 and many anime shows.... His voice is really soothing. I can say that my Mo Qing is the combination of Xu Kai's acting and Yang's voice. Sometime I spent hours just listening to Mo Qing's monologue alone :))))) Anyway, I'm really looking forward to your ongoing project. Hope to hear good news from you soon
  5. Thank you for your prompt answer. I also thought these dramas have to be dubbed because the director need to give actors/actresses the precise instruction on set as how they want the scene to be and the position they should stand for the shoot. But these is one photo that I saw that has the mics in it, so I was wandering if this is dubbed or record on set I really love the voice of Mo Qing, and I don't know Xu Kai's accent enough (but I kinda know that his voice is diffirent from Mo Qing's voice.) It might sound silly but 40% of my love for MQ came from his voice.... And I really want to know who dubbed MQ.
  6. Hi there, just wanna stop by and pay my gratitude for your wonderful project.... And there is something that bothering me... Chinese drama shows tend to be dubbed. I was wonder if it is really Xu Kai's voice that dubbed Li Chen Lan's character or is there some other voice actor behind the creation of my adorable Mo Qing.
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