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  1. Actually the right translation, more into a story about her being a hardcore fan than focusing on romance in the original novel kkkk.
  2. Sorry kkk as always I'm late for the party or with the wrong party theme kkkk but for those lurkers who just want to read - here is a good place to read. There are about 720 comments kkk - actually I would recommend this for all - if you're really interested to read what Koreans are saying about this couple - not just from Nate/naver read the comments - no need to watch the clip - copy paste, use papago to translate
  3. Look like Minyoung will be busy till Sept. Wonder what her official schedule till end of this month? I thought she will be vacationing and spending time with her mom. This time she didnt even get her ' hibernation period to get out of her drama character'. For healer - took her 7 days, for SDQ almost 4 months. It's lucky that Mi So is just a perfect role model for her - maybe she needed to stay as Mi So' for a while to face all the things happening now.
  4. IMO it's not that bad that supporting casts cant join this reward vacation because to be honest I think it will be too taxing for them rushing for the vacation that 'you're actually busier than normal day' - wont have time to have proper rest . They have ongoing projects on hand. Or else all of them would look like PSJ on the way to Phuket - almost like a zombie. But one happy zombie nevertheless.kkkk I hope soon same as your wish, we will hear about them hanging out in Minyoung's cafe in the comfort of her own home. She will bake her pound cakes, making kimbap and showing off her cooking skills- it's more intimate gathering for them as close friends. At least organized a thank you party for Hwang Bo Ra/Bong Se Ra - she really took good care of them during filming. This vacation is more important for filming staffs most probably they wont have chance to be in the same project anymore and for Young Joon and Mi So making efforts to be there with them on behalf of all casts who are missing - must really be appreciated by pdnim and the others.
  5. Keunminn : 역시 *언니를 따라다녀야 개이득 진정한 호캉스 As expected for following eonni You really win big A real vacation Minyoung commented - 광어세마리 귀여워라 Three flatfishes... how cute! kkkkk **** As usual translation maybe not accurate Eonni she referring to must be Minyoung
  6. Because she is a ninja who is hiding in a plain sight kkkkk. Nobody expecting a celebrity like her to walk around in a foreign country without an entourage loudly announcing here comes the celebrity - make way pluh....lisss. Early this year for her Hokkaido trip, a fan account in DC wrote that she is a Korean working part time in a pancake shop in Hokkaido. One day she served a beautiful girl who came in with her mom - she thought that woman looked like PMY - then concluded must be PMY wannabe/lookalike - even felt a bit green with envy since the girl is so pretty and nice too- emphasized that the pretty girl looked her in the eyes when ordering too ( a rare occasion I guess). Then that Korean girl forgot all about it, but when she was on break and browsing IG, only then she realized it was the real Park Min Young who she served earlier . That her ninja style - doing ordinary things without putting on airs till people started doubting themselves when they actually met her - real or just a lookalike kkk. About malicious comments by a bunch of people on Nate - not knetz actually - the best way ignored them. I'm glad both of them chose to ignore those internet bullying comments. It's more important to show appreciation to the filming staffs who they had personal contact with, working together, suffered and shared ups and downs during filming than caring about bunch of words uttered by faceless people on the net. But kkkkk unfortunately weather forecast for Phuket during their stays not looking promising to enjoy the water. kkk p/s : ******for those who tempted to share info from here on their IG, why don't you spend time to read a bit more, try to confirm the info by yourself first before sharing it on your IG. Sharing here for discussion or just deluluing for fun is one thing ( that the purpose of this thread) but circulating wrong info on IG or twitter and getting all excited spreading half truth info that another level of doing thing.
  7. For tvN they have a benchmark if the drama ratings reaches 7% then the team will get reward vacation. That's why in the PC, Minyoung was aiming for at least 7% rating for reward vacation but our dear PSJ too ambitious kkk targeting for above10%. Minyoung said in one of the articles when the drama rating finally reached 7 % ( Episode 6 if i remembered it right), all the filming staff were so excited and already planning to buy swimwear for their reward vacation. With that spirits they overcame the fatigue filming almost 22 hours a day. from what I understand the filming was bit rushed for 16 episodes done only in 3 months plus.
  8. I get the impression one of the reasons, PSJ tried hard to join ( besides the obvious reason kkk) that the 3Park will be playing host for all the staff involved during filming for this reward vacation. During the dramachat, they talked about the bonding with the filming staff on site quite strong since they were on set almost the whole day - most around the same age group so they were quite on friendly terms with all of them and usually ending the day with drinking together.
  9. Really... That's really good news. This month - probably right after back from the reward vacation - before PSj starts filming his movie in Sept ? Better this early - sparks between them still fresh kkkkk And Minyoung will be busy with BUSTED 2 too later.
  10. kkk those numbers are correct actually. If they take flight at 7pm SK time on the 13 - they will arrive Phuket on the 14 and then my guess return date is the same flight on 17 arrival on the 18 - because of the time zone difference of 2 hours and taking evening flight ( duration plus minus 6 hours). I still hope the released date is wrong. Lookingat how fast Pdnim finished his drama, I'm hoping by the end of this year unless PSJ too busy filming so the commentary will take much longer to do.
  11. I read back a bit but cant keep up with all the posts so if someone already shared this - sorry. I think someone asked about what Minyoung said about getting married. As saved2k mentioned in one of her posts, about getting married is/was one of Minyoung's favorite topic during interview. Last year, post SDQ she even mentioned about how most probably she would neglect her career if she has a daughter. In short she has never shy away from this topic. And there are always several versions from the same interviews. Mind you all the articles non stop milking the issues came from that one time interview done by her. Here is another 'latest' article -Minyoung talked about marriage.
  12. This is really really just rough translation ( accuracy rate - 60%). My Korean as yours really limited. So, pls dont take it out from here coz the translation most probably not accurate and put here just for 'deluluing' discussion in this forum only. This part is about push-pull - 밀당 트크 ( Mildang teukeu - Push and Pull Talk)
  13. For those who are interested - instead of using google translate which sometimes gave out' juicier gossip' try using this one -https://papago.naver.com/ It's better coz it's programmed based on Korean grammatical rules and sentences I m not sure if this link is shared already. But this is one of the best PMY's interviews https://news.joins.com/article/22853276 Try papago translator
  14. Sorry for translating the post before , my mistake I didn't back read. I thought it was from the official press. Yesterday was late for the party, today too early, I decided dont attend any party at all much better for me kkkk. Sorry too for bringing my own personal feelings in the post. As all of you said, dont worry much about PMY. Even the teary part not about the rumor - more about her costars affected by the rumors - instead of being asked about the drama, the reporters were asking about rumors. Totally wasting their precious opportunity to talk about themselves.
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