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  1. Can't wait..excited for this and the upcoming updates regarding this drama.
  2. Sometimes people change. Someone we used to know is not the same person anymore. They don't care the person they used to care before..it just nothing to do with them anymore. That's the big disappointment. @Phoenix26 if you considering to open a new thread in the near future count me inor at least merged with the closed one with the 2.0. My concern is for kyo to live happily ever after that's my wish for her.... Kyo stay happy and healthy with your loved ones.
  3. Why ask someone from this thread for a clarification or explanation? Are we entitled? Maybe you ask parksolmi by yourself why she posted it. I assume and interpreted the post and connected it to hb but its the other way around i guessed. I advised you to focused on your ship that already sailed and pray for them that their happiness is forever. All deserved to be happy. I am sure you are happy. Happy New Year everyone. Hoping to see you all in the near future. I was happy being here in this thread having chichat. Godbless guys. I gonna miss you all. Hoping we've bumped again
  4. I am waiting too who will be the man that Kyo's forever. Thanks sis and i gonna miss you and this thread..
  5. Its official and confirmed. Thanks everyone here. Happy for hb and also for kyo....wishing for both of them happiness and contentment. To all the friendship here thank you. Happy New Year everyone.
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