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  1. OMG --- I love the fact that until now, he can still talk about HJM despite promoting another movie ... (delusional me)
  2. @cometrue Yes - I saw the interview/promotion for the movie-- and I definitely feel "promotion" versus " heart flutter" moments My heart still ships for these two ---
  3. OMG ladies... thank you for keeping this thread alive !!!!! His admiration towards her is so palpable. I think its pretty obvious that he still has a huge crush on her.
  4. @sal2 you are right --- i didn't even think about closing the loop between EW mom and her possibly moving on to have another family. Its normal to feel upset upon hearing that the mother of your son is remarried and with another child... good point
  5. @hushhh What I like about this Korean drama is how it is embracing differences in perspectives, difference in opinions, learning societal issues and either accepting it or not: issues such as marital rape, marital abuse, single dad, break ups, dating , etc. It forces very "conservative" countries such like Korea ... or maybe yours to start learning different perspectives and this maybe an opportunity to learn and embrace other societal demands and issues.
  6. @dramaninja we are all waiting since we dont exactly know what's going to happen... unless you are good friends with the writer or you have some unforseen foresight to know ahead of everybody that the outcome is the same as STIR
  7. @dramaninja. Ummm womp womp... uncool comment
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