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  1. Hi chingus, apologies if this was already discussed but I couldn’t fully grasp why Tagon cannot kill Saya even though he has messed up with his plans many times? Aside from being Team ES and Tanya, I have to admit I want for Tagon and Taelha to be together happily. I don’t want them to reign in Arthdal, but they deserve to live together for the rest of their lives. Husband and wife with many 1/4 Igutus hehe
  2. Oh, you mean the translator on episode 1? That could be a great theory! I am excited to see also how the Wahan tribe will be dignified on Part 3. From being tortured and imprisoned to being the celebrated direct descendant of Asa Sin. Excited to see how Great Father will help Tanya in her rule.
  3. Hi chingus, glad to have found this thread. I am such a fan of this series! Honestly, this has kept me alive since the finale of Game of Thrones. Can’t wait for Part 3 in September! Just curious though, according to some sites, the show is not really doing good locally? How so? My husband and I watched on Netflix and enjoyed every episode of it.
  4. I highly recommend it. Great visuals, acting and story. My husband, who is not into Kdramas has been watching it with me weekly on netflix.
  5. Hi @falakmeer Just stay clear of this thread if you’ll just keep on raising negativities upon negativities and hateful statements about SJK. Go to SHK’s thread instead. We want this thread to be informative as possible without attacking the two. Adios!!
  6. Hi caileysmiley, thanks for all that you have contributed to this page and to SJK. We appreciate everything that you have done. It’s just sad that most have given up on him while it was just days since his divorce with SHK and we don’t really know the reason of it yet 100%. But I guess, just like in real life, people will turn their backs on you without knowing the facts yet about your downfall. SJK - if by any chance, your agency or you yourself will pass by this thread, please know that there are still people who gives you the benefit of the doubt and are wishing you well. I know it’s a hard season and it’s tempting to fall into depression, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. The Lord is there and He knows what really happened. I wish the same for Kyo. You both still have your family, friends and fans who love you unconditionally. Fighting! Hope you silence the noise and focus on getting back on your feet.
  7. As much as there are haters there are also supporters. I hope that SHK will somehow feel that people are still showing support for her/ for them despite the backlash. Not to say that they should get back together, any decision about their relationship is theirs alone. Lets continue to support, not boycott. I hope all of us still support SHK’s endorsements and also support SJK’s Arthdal chronicles (No matter what the haters say, this show is really good! My husband who is not into Kdramas have been watching it with me on Netflix weekly)
  8. This is a tricky part. Because SHK fans think that SJK being the guy and the former husband should be defending her and should be gentleman enough to maybe keep all the blame away from SHK. However, most of their statements give confusion as they are also fighting for EQUALITY and crying out for misogyny. I think using the word FEMINISM when it’s most convenient is the reason why it is very hard for us women to convince men all over the world to give us equality because we tend to demand special treatment or ask men to refuse to exercise their rights (like in this case, it is the right of a man to file divorce first) when it is convenient for us. I am not an ex fan of SHK, I watched her shows since AIMH and I truly wish that she’s doing good and that her health is ok. But I cannot comment on their divorce, firmly say who’s right or wrong or raise speculations because I don’t know the reason. I am showing sympathy more on this thread because the other thread has become attacking and toxic.
  9. Why are we comparing SJK’s reaction to another person? They are two different people. It’s good that Kenneth Ma handled a cheating wife in a classy way, but we cannot really compare and expect SJK to respond similarly, because we don’t know the story why the Songs divorced in the first place. We cannot say that SJK or SHK’s reaction could have been better. You don’t know if what happened between them is more tragic than what happened between Kenneth Ma and Jacq Wong. SHK’s soompi thread has enough SJK bashing. Please don’t bring it here.
  10. My post was not directed at you. This is about the posts that are circulating in SHK’s thread with a title - We stand by you! And I agree that misogyny is prevalent. I myself is a woman working in male dominated work force. However, if you notice, a chunk of SHK’s international fans (and most are female) have been saying things that are below the belt and I sympathize because not a lot of people support SJK. If you check the SJK thread in soompi, it’s silent and most are support post without raising speculations. I think that’s the more mature way of handling it. It makes me sad that people can’t be neutral and will easily blurt out “I trust you” to one side without knowing all the details. Hope a messy divorce will not happen to any of their close families because their eyes will be opened about the evils a person can do - male or female. I don’t want us to finally know the truth someday and eat our words. Just wish both of them well. (this post is not directed at you @sheng308 but is a general statement. Peace and love)
  11. I think it’s sad. I am a fan of both of them but when I checked SHK’s thread here on soompi (I always do since years back) you can see that everyone’s just attacking Joong Ki. It breaks my heart because everyone thinks that feminism means always siding to the female even if they don’t know the whole story yet. Gosh, if you could read the nasty things, it’s heartbreaking. That’s why I symphatize to our Korean comrade here who just voiced out her support for Joong Ki. @babyskye please delete our comrades’ comment as it may cause harm to her
  12. Hi Falakmeer, and we are basing this from what? I’m sorry, but feelings are not facts. I don’t want to sound rude but please don’t raise out speculations without proof @paperboat04 the brother’s IG is @vipsong
  13. I agree with this. I also follow SJK’s brother on IG and his nephews would lovingly greet SHK on Christmas, special occasions etc. SJK’s family loved SHK, but when the brother deleted the post about promoting Encounter, I knew there must be a strong reason behind it. Everyone’s hurting, you guys. Let’s not judge SJK for not being a gentleman about filing divorce and on his recent statement, because we never know the depth of what happened between them. Again, we cannot speculate unless we know the details. I think we should give it some time because the truth will come out sooner or later.
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