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  1. @gigivillaceran No need to entertain the troll. Just report it. Let’s just enjoy Kyo’s loveliness. @ahdrianaa Don’t let the troll affect the unity of Kyo’s fans. We counter their rubbish with truth. We appreciate all your translations and positive contributions.
  2. Knetz don’t have to worry about the Chinese side not being proactive. Cnetz have already been sending screencaps of weibo posts and convos to UAA. The main concern is a question of jurisdiction, if Kim & Chang are able to bring suits to Chinese entities, eg the paid trolls who post pre-prepared articles. On top of that, there are the restrictions on South Korean entertainers. If Kyo tries to sue parties in China, I don’t know if there will be a backlash. But what I hope K & C have been doing this past month, is to trace the origins of these hydra heads of rumours. It would be very interesting to know who has been behind them all.
  3. YASSSSS!!!! I knew she had to finish up the divorce proceedings first, before tackling all the rumour-mongers. Take that, all those who believed the drivel that was spewing from the other side and insulting her left right centre. Slap! Slap! Slap! Looking forward to seeing who’s gonna be hauled up to face the music! No mercy! This is such GREAT NEWS, @ahdrianaa! Thank you! Hope Kyo & Co. are enjoying the blissful Parisian summer.
  4. twtb-6.gif


    Like Oh Young, you see the world afresh.  A new day begins. Congratulations.

  5. Thanks @gigivillaceran and @ahdrianaa for highlighting that Chaumet Korean staff’s post. Her caption is wonderful! I like how daringly low-cut Jenie’s dress is too. Everyone’s brought their A-game. On Chaumet’s ig, it’s interesting that of the recent portraits, only Kyo, Natalie Portman and Berenice Bejo were given two pix per post. @dukesa1122 One of the mags had a recent insta story of a couple of the tiaras but it’s been deleted. Boo! Anyway, the Bourbon-Parma tiara, famously worn by Princess Mia Thermopolis of Genovia, is actually related to half of Europe’s real royal families; another belonged to the rather scandalous Countess Mountbatten, the last Vicereine of India.
  6. Yeah, her situation with knetz is a little like a prophet in his own country etc etc... If she’s truly as mercenary as what the antis say, then let’s recall her 20th anniversary fanmeet, where instead of charging for tickets she gave presents to the fans who attended. Uri Kyo is a generous, lovely lady and deserves her fans.
  7. YAY! FGM finally posted! Small gripe: Why couldn’t Hyunk just take in the sides of Kyo’s bodice for a better fit, though. It’s ethereal but a bit too loose!

    Favourites :wub:

  9. Squeee! Kyo and Natalie Portman in the same frame! Squeee!
  10. Thanks SHKDC for stating the obvious! Lol Wish they would tell us what IS the necklace she wore instead! https://video.h5.weibo.cn/1034:4393132079419563/4393132114152453 cr: Marie Claire Korea
  11. So cool! I kinda feel this particular piece would resonate with SHK because of its inspiration from the art world. Chaumet has stated that the Les Ciels collection draws inspiration from Turner through to Japanese woodblock prints and Van Gogh. The latter in particular has already a connection with uri Kyo. You’ll remember the cinema scene in Encounter, where Jinsoo watched Loving Vincent, a film where Van Gogh’s art comes alive. And in Chaumet’s necklace, we may see some of the brilliant hues in Van Gogh’s oils of night skies.
  12. #throwbacktuesday #spiritofvolunteerism SONG HYEGYO was one of the volunteers helping to clean up the Taean Spill in Jan 2008. Laneige, the brand she was endorsing then, later joined in when they found out she was going to volunteer in her personal capacity. The photo of SHK was only circulated (and not widely) months after she volunteered. (Cr: sina / weibo) The oil spill is South Korea’s worst, when a Samsung crane barge collided with a ship carrying crude oil. About 260,000 tonnes was spilled and US$330 million was spent in the clean up effort. Song Hyegyo, hwaiting!
  13. Chin up, Ms Song! 





  14. https://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4391066737291022 another fancam. Very pretty, Kyo!
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