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  1. @tlireal i use google map. It depends on where ur starting point...i took the bus 272, for i came from bukchon. Get off at the 17th stop which is the hongnamgyo bridge baengnyeon traditional market entrance. But just on the 16th stop, when i already saw the other paintings , i get off from the bus. The painting is just on the side of the bridge. Which ever side of the bridge you get off , if you can't find on one side, its on the other side. No need to walk far looking for it, its 4.5 km trail. The address is 695-1 yeonhui-dong, saodaenam-gu. I didn't go to ilsan park due to lack of time.
  2. The observatory deck at gaetgol ecological park at siheung. ...if you want to go there... u can look at google map too Take the subway line 3 get off at seoul national university of education train station, via exit 1. Upon exiting look for the bus stop for bus 3300 going to siheung. Its just few steps away upon exiting the subway. At the 14th stop which is jonggok high school supsok village get off the bus. Either you walk 21 mins to the park or take another bus from that bus stop which will.stop at dexville apt. It will save u 3 mins of walking. And then walk straight. U will see a walking path in the middle of the road, walk straight to the park, around 950 meters. From there u can see the deck, which u need to walk again that long.. For the painting and other locations like the playground, i will post it for those who are interested...thanks. Taking that bus 3300....halfway to the park, i was the only passenger left in the bus. If u are not used to travelling alone, it may scared u. And having a wifi is very helpful when getting lost.
  3. Hi, i was there last week..at siheung and the painting under the bridge...if u still need the direction going there, i'll post it. Sorry, i only read your post now
  4. Mr. Nam knew it from Mrs. Kim the head of the PR team. At first i wondered what's all those late night meeting of mr. Nam and mrs. Kim....one of the reasons i believe is they share notes on what's happening at the hotel...pr team and soo hyun. Surprised too that Kyo posted the fan art. She posted photo of that pose in her IG but she deleted it.
  5. When they say that the script is bland, i think in a way its true.Like what pd-nim said about the salsa. BUT......with shk and pbg, they delivered more than what were asked for, adding details and adlibs here and there. They don't stick to what the script calls for. I believe this is only one of the many. I wonder about the kissing scenes
  6. Done with the voting... I even Created new accounts... SHK is emphatizing with us
  7. Whoo! some fans are vying for "perfect attendance". From the first fanmeeting up to the one on the 27th. Thanks for the updates.
  8. So dissapointing. They prefer a heart-provoking drama than a heart-fluttering one???? Those crying scenes of JinSoo are more than enough to win an award much so for being nominated.
  9. Is SHK or CSH or both??, is reading this thread? The last posts here are about the moon and now she posted in her IG story, the book, la jeunne fille et la nuit . Though the cover of the book has a moon in the cover, i think the story is of different genre.... thriller, crime.
  10. Thank you @bebebisous33 for continuing your analysis. The drama is really deep. The more i dig it, the deeper i get to know its meaning. The meaning that contributes to the consistency of the story. The moon represents Soo Hyun and Soo Hyun represents the moon. Whether its full moon, new moon, half moon, quarter moon, it represents Soo Hyun , her feelings, her thoughts, her situation. That scene in ep 16, where JH texted SH about the moon, its the first text of JH that she read and obliged to after the break -up.
  11. Miss them too. Seeing even only snippets of BTS @ PBG's fanmeeting is like seeing snow in summer But at least, reenactment of some scenes is always a part of the fanmeeting.
  12. If SH will base her choice on attitude and personality, she'll choose JH. But if she will use her head and thinks what would benefit his father's political career, she may choose WS. All the while, the book of the Little Prince is just tucked in the bookshelf of ny niece. They are required to read it in their English subject. I was able to read it. When the right time comes and my niece is at the right age, its time to introduce Boyfriend to her . Letting her know the significance of the drama and the book to each other. So i think , having a dvd is a must.
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