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  1. @ImAryaStark Studio Dragon didn't tied up with Netflix for Encounter, Unlike with other dramas. Only last November, Studio Dragon has signed up a multi-year strategic partnership with Netflix. Encounter is still hot in Japan. To be shown in BS 12 and Asiadramatic tv there.
  2. Spending some of my time reading reviews and trying to put myself in their perspectives. Some are shallow reasonings. Having seen JHI in other dramas, i disagree that he is doing the same roles. Yes, this is where he is at his best. I guess he can't do his best if he is uncomfortable with his role and the backlash is more insulting. This is my first time to see CSB in a drama. I guess, it's a plus for me because i don't have that option to pre-judged her just like some viewers did. It took me only first episode to say that i like her acting and will go on with her in the drama. If some people said that their's is an unmatched pair, the reason for dropping the drama, for me and i know for most of us, it's a pair we don't see expect that will capture our hearts. Seeing their official poster, made me conclude that the 4 casts are the main characters. Giving them equal screen time. I just felt that if that's the case they should get better actors. No offense meant but if JHI and CSB fit the roles but not for the other 2. Reading that write up by vlive made me think that JHI had this thought that the drama will not be a popular one. That was brave of him for accepting the drama with that thought. Sometimes i had this thought of.... if the casts ever promoted the drama well. Stalking at ig acct of JHI, he well promoted his other dramas but not APOYM. Just wondering, why other non-sense dramas are getting higher ratings.
  3. Like what HW said, they can't break up. And i am happy that they ended up happily. I felt the "rush" in the finale. Just flashing the photos and not the actual scene, quite disappointing. If they need to cut or delete scenes, why not on those repetitive flashbacks. I want more scenes for the 2 leads, they deserve it and us viewers as well. Sometimes i do think that it was a drama made for IW and not for the 2 leads. At first i don't understand SW's point in asking for a break. But abled to realize she needed it so she can't be like IW, believing that there is someone between him and JS . And be not like JS, who do not have the strength to overcome her pain. If she'll be like JS , then HW will have another JS in his life. Up to now i wonder who the lady pianist is. Why she was in the homecare where Jin Minyung is now working. Another plus point in the drama is the acting of JHI and CSB. Yes, i need another drama from them. I don't regret i came to know this drama. In fact, i can give my back a pat for choosing it over the others.
  4. The end is for real. There are last shooting day posts in IG and Twitter. I felt the rush in the last episodes. It is just not fair to cut the scenes of HW and SW and have the repetitive scenes of IW. Some scenes of IW and SH are better off gone and will not ruin the flow of the story. Whatever frustation there is, the last part of ep 10 made it up. I just hope the the last 2 eps will focus on HW and SW, ends the issue with IW and no more SH and IW scenes together.
  5. Every drama has a loophole. It may not be perfectly written but the portrayal of the leads, their visuals and chemistry, the cinematography, ost, and erverything else are all beautiful. At the end of the day, u can't hate any character. U just feel good. When i saw that cut portion in ep 3, i felt it ruined a good scene. If they want to cut off some scenes, there are more likely to be than this one. I found the gate of HW's house and SW 's semi-basement door symbolic. They noticed it few times. HW..always open, he never closes it. SW... needs some fixing Both of them worry that these are not safe. If rating is the issue, i know a drama with quite the same rating in tvn but they didn't axed the episodes.
  6. @yellowpebbless how can we watch on that link. That's true, some translation ruined the scenes. A new OST is out in youtube earlier. But i'm looking for the song that was played while SW was going down the bridge with HW waiting for her. Do u know the title? As a consolation a few minutes was added in airing time. Hope what they will cut are the scenes of other casts than of SW and HW, esp IW. It's time for him to throw away his demons.
  7. It's only now i am understanding the personalities and feelings of the characters fully. It takes patience. And only few have patience. It's so disappointing if the producer's only purpose in making dramas is making money. Can they for once produce good dramas and put aside the business side? they know beforehand that this is a slow paced drama and netizen barely supportive in this kind of drama and still they proceed. Then, why they came up with this decision. I feel sorry for the casts and crew ...But they can keep their chin high for its not their fault, they did their job very well.
  8. First time to post here. It's the only drama i am watching this time. I tried to watch other drama but can bear them. Can't even finish a single episode. And now i found one, it will be shortened. Can't understand why slow pacing dramas are not well- received well by knetz. They do not appreciate good drama. Even in its raw episode not understanding anything, i can feel the drama.
  9. Yes.. Maybe they read our forum. Thankful for all the witty and observant guys here. Though it's more than a year after they found meanings and how meaningful Encounter is, i am very happy that now they know Encounter is not just an ordinary drama. You can check bogum_carpediem in Instagram and @melodywin in twitter for english sub