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  1. Woohoo! Another crack drama! :1646639759_ezgif.com-gif-maker(1):

    Just completed the first 4 episodes on Netflix and I am officially hooked! I love the sudden turn of events between the two main leads. And I especially love the anger and feeling of betrayal that will fuel Kang Hee-So’s revenge against King Lee In. I can only imagine how painful it will be when he learns the truth about who she really is and she learns the convoluted reasons behind why he did what he did to take the throne, which went against everything that she knew him to be.


    In the meantime, I’m going to sit back and continue loving this drama. :fullofhearts:

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  2. I think the culture of shame in Korean society is very prevalent, which is why agencies are very strict and dictatorial when it comes to the private lives of its talents, to the point of suffocating them. Maybe that was one of the factors that triggered Lee Sun-Kyun’s despair and eventually depression. The fact that he had become quite famous due to the film “Parasite”, expectations of him were much higher and the fall from grace would have more dire consequences. It was reported that his product endorsements dropped him right away after the affair and drug scandal broke out.  It’s so sad that he has passed away, especially since I read that after “Parasite”, he was being eyed to play a major role in a Hollywood film. 

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  3. Hello all! This is the first time in a long time that I’m posting again on this forum and it’s because of the heartbreaking news of Lee Sun-kyun’s passing.


    To be honest, I already felt bad when I heard about the drug scandal being attributed to him and was hoping very strongly that he was innocent and only got caught in the middle of things without him knowing. But now it’s useless to even hope that his name will be cleared and his stature as a respected actor restored.


    This is very traumatic and sad, especially for his family. 

    Goodbye, Our Ahjussi. May you finally find peace. :bawling:

    3 hours ago, noor1 said:

    Aggrieved to say the least. What a voice - put to such great use in My Ahjussi - and a fairly decent actor. Too bad. Prayers for his family, the excellent actress-wife and kids etc. 


    I wish he had the will, support and environment to live through this crisis: just like the lesson we all got by watching this classic:



    I guess he never had a real-life Lee Ji-an to inspire him and to help him find hope again. It’s very sad. He probably felt so alone and helpless about everything that happened to him. :(

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  4. Hi @fiona628 awwww. You brought me back to 2020 with those BTS gifs. I will forever put the exfoliator BTS as my all-time favorite and for me, the ultimate proof that there was already something going on. Their eyes were just so soft! And of course, that cute heart on her nose BTS. She was looking at him so innocently and so trustingly. I think they’re one of those rare couples who just fell very naturally without any of those courtships hangups and awkwardness that characterize the beginnings of other couples, especially those from the entertainment industry. :fullofhearts:


    @janeozten SJH is just very beautiful

    in her Missha photoshoot. Such a goddess!

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  5. Hello!!! :heythere:


    I haven’t been to this forum in ages but I’m so glad there are people who are still discovering this gem of a drama.  I don’t know when I’ll find another one of the same caliber. 

    I just hope Lee Sung Kyun and IU/Lee Ji Eun get to work together again soon. They had such great chemistry in My Mister and was the main reason why the story worked so well. 

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  6. Hello, everyone! Haven’t been here in a while and I’m so happy to see not just never before seen photos of our OTP but new fans as well. Welcome to our world. :)


    I’m so excited for the upcoming dramas of SSH and SJH. I’ve never seen the previous seasons of “Voice” but it seems to have an interesting premise. And now with SSH as one of the leads, it gives me a reason to watch season 4. As for “Dr. Brain”, not only will there be SJH but she’ll be cast with another one of my favorite Korean actors, Lee Sun Kyun. But of course, what I’m still holding out for is an announcement from them on where they actually stand with each other. I really hope it will be soon. :Please:

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  7. 53 minutes ago, moomoo said:

    Thank you all for the great analysis.. it did give me some hope that the dating news may be fake. That said, I can’t shake off the question why they were both carrying what seems like a day bag.  If it’s really true, then what would be going through SSH’s mind now? It’s obvious that he has feelings for SJH - even if he knows that she already has someone during DM production.. now that it’s been out, he must be feeling very low.. and at a time when he’s doing filming for Voice4 which requires his utmost focus.  My heart aches just thinking of this. :sad1:

    My personal take on this is that, if SJH and KJH are really already dating now, they weren’t dating yet when DM started and while it was airing.  Maybe at the time, she was still being the supportive friend and noona to KJH. But maybe it developed into something more after DM. 

    If SSH were really interested in her romantically, maybe he tried to show his interest early on, but when he saw

    how involved she already was in KJH at the time (whether as a friend or whatever), he decided to back off gracefully and just manifest his feelings through his playfulness.

    It also kind of disappoints me, if the dating rumors turn out to be true. There’s actually this annoying little voice in my head that says it is, but then the other part of me that ate all those crumbs SSH and SJH gave us refuses to accept defeat, at least until we hear it from SJH that the rumors are true. 

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  8. Before I go on, I'd like to premise this post with the statement that I wrote this while wearing the hat of a neutral, non-SSH/SJH shipper as far as this dating rumor is concerned so I can assess more objectively if there is a great likelihood of it being true.  I haven't jumped ship yet and I'm still on board, and I will hold off my decision to jump ship until there is enough proof - preferably a proper statement from SJH and KJH - that they are a couple.  :)


    I was going over the photos and statements again over at IG and if you think about it, they look similar to the photos of other KDrama actors who were dating under the radar of the media and got caught on camera by Dispatch.  The masks, the heavily wrapped-up attire, the access to their respective apartments via parking lots, stuff like that.  That's why I'm not surprised that it was concluded that SJH and KJH are currently dating.  If Dispatch is reliable, then maybe they were already keeping these two actors under surveillance for quite a while now and when they decided they had enough evidence, they came out with this bomb.


    But if they really have been dating since CLOY ended and right before SJH started with DM, then SJH's statements about her single status all this time aren't true.  Yet this kind of behavior doesn't seem to jive with the kind of personality she seems to have.  Although a very private person, I don't see her as the kind who would outright lie about something so very important to her.  Maybe she won't give details and maybe she would give evasive answers, but I don't think she would behave as if she were single and unattached.  And based on her personality, I doubt very much if she would act the way she did with SSH all throughout DM if she were in a relationship with someone else. 


    On the other hand, it's also possible that she made those statements despite being in a relationship so she can deflect the attention of the media.  In which case, they wouldn't be exactly lies, but more of half-truths.  Or it's also possible that, at the time she said them, they weren't a couple yet.  Maybe, if the stories are true, she was just being his friend during an especially challenging time in his personal and professional life.  Maybe it only progressed to something else shortly after DM ended and while he was doing Mr. Queen.  So in this case, her statements weren't lies.  They were true, at the time she said them. 


    So how do we factor in all those BTS of her candid and unguarded behavior with SSH?  Well, if she and KJH were still just friends at the beginning and during DM, then maybe she behaved that way with SSH because he made her very comfortable and she saw him as a good friend.  And she genuinely liked him.  However, if she and KJH were already a couple prior to and during DM, then she was probably comfortable enough with SSH that she trusted him not to mistake her actions for anything else other than that of a close female friend and colleague.  


    And what about SSH and his affectionate and playful actions towards SJH?  Well, it's possible that he was just being teasing and playful with her as her sunbae.  And maybe, if he were already aware at the time that she and KJH were secretly dating, it was an incentive for him to tease her more.  I've seen that kind of interaction and behavior between an onscreen couple here in my country.  They were hugely popular and so many people were utterly convinced of their onscreen romance and were getting confused as to what the real score was between them.  But the actor was known to be very much married and very private about his personal life, while the actress had a relationship with another actor at the time and everyone knew about it.  Yet despite that,  their dynamic onset (as seen in their BTS) was electrifying and he would treat her as if she were his girlfriend.  Of course, he was also her senior professionally and they had become close friends during their drama, so it kind of gave him that license to tease her. But it was an inside joke because they both knew they were committed to other people.  


    So what am I trying to say? That the possibility of SJH having been in a relationship all this time with KJH is there, despite everything that we saw and all the "crumbs" thrown our way.  That she might be the kind of person who would act formally when in public towards the person she's romantically involved with in order to safeguard their privacy, while with someone she knows she has nothing going on with but she likes as a friend, she can be very openly affectionate.  


    And the lightning-quick denial from SJH's camp (or was it her direct and personal denial?  I can't recall) about the relationship?  If she's really not in a relationship with KJH, then she did that to make it clear once and for all that these are mere rumors and she's nipping it in the bud.  (And if she is in a budding or ongoing relationship with someone else, whether it's SSH or whoever, she wanted to assure that person that nothing's going on.)  On the other hand, if they are in a relationship, then that denial would be your typical damage-control to avoid any premature revelation that may adversely affect them, which in this case, would be similar to what happened with Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin.      


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  9. Hello, all. Haven’t been able to check out news about our fave couple in a while and suddenly - wham! Bam! Here we are. 

    Conpared to the rumor mills in the entertainment industry in other countries, this seems pretty tame. But for someone like SJH, I guess, who seems to have a reputation for being highly professional and particular about keeping her personal life out of the public eye, this kind of rumor can be quite upsetting.  More so if she were an innocent party who finds herself caught in the middle of some friction between KJH (who’s one of her good friends) and his agency.


    I honestly don’t think she and KJH are dating, not because I’m partial to SSH for her, but because I never saw anything that would give any indication that something more than friendship was growing between them. I would cite the BinJin couple as an example. I’m not really a fan of them or their ship, although I find them cute together. But even so, I saw the spark between them even in the few CLOY BTS that I’ve seen of them. And look where they are now. I never saw that in the CLOY BTS of KJH and SJH. They always came off as friendly, civil, but still with professional distance between them. Compare that to SJH’s behavior and demeanor in the DM presscon with SSH.

    Of course, I could be wrong, and for all we know, maybe SJH and KJH are the type of couple who are so discreet that one would never know they were together until they actually come out and say it. But if they were really already dating for about a year now, then I don’t think SJH would have still acted that way with SSH in their numerous DM BTS. That doesn’t seem to be the kind of person that she is. In fact, I think she would have put more distance between herself and SSH if she were already in some sort of understanding with KJH, especially with how open and vocal SSH was about his liking her. 

    But let’s wait and see what happens. SSH, for his part, seems to be very happy and content with his life nowadays. Makes me wonder where all that contentment and quiet happiness are coming from.

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  10. Hallooo!!! How’s everybody? I hope you’re all safe. :)


    @huckleberrymoonriver seeing those photos that you posted showing how close SSH and SJH quickly became in just a few months brought me back to when DM was still showing and their BTS videos and photos were all over the place.


    I think it’s clear enough to everyone that they’re very happy in each other’s company. :issohappy: 

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  11. On 3/4/2021 at 11:14 PM, SexyDolceVita said:


    Press con is really a sign that they were already v comfortable with each other.


    Ssh touching sjh's lap seemed to be a subconscious action.



    Sjh nudging ssh's shoulder is quite uncharacteristic of sjh. Lol.


    @SexyDolceVita agree, especially on your comment regarding SJH.  If it’s true that a lot of men are intimidated by her personality coz she’s probably very professional and no-nonsense when it comes to work, then her actions that time were very OOC for her indeed. :rolleyes:


    I wonder how they are? I’m really looking forward to their next project, whether separately or together. :)

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  12. Annyeong! It's amazing how much we're still discovering about these two in their past videos. And now we're surprised with their new photos. 


    I know they've been silent for so long since DM ended and last we heard of them was the Japan interview.  But like most of you here, I sincerely believe that was only the beginning of something wonderful for both of them. 


    I wish SSH and SJH all the best and I really look forward to hearing good news from them soon. :)

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