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  1. Omo. I don't know about others but have you seen me giving any opinion about chemistry? I don't talk much about chemistry since I find it a subjective matter. I do find characters that are visually pleasing and atttactive together makes me more attracted to watch them on screen. But it is character dependent, some actors actresses seem compatible in behind the scene clips but when it comes to the actual drama, their parts just falls flat. Huhu Anyways, I'm still happy there will be no fighting for the same lady. Hopefully it maintains like that. Nokdu Flower will air in Fiery Priest's time slot which ended with 22% ratings. If things go well, maybe Nokdu Flowers can secure as much viewers or even more. There's not much competition in the Friday/Saturday timeslot. I'm not a big saeguk fan to feel an urge to really watch Nokdu Flowers. I might try to watch 1 ep to see how the story goes. I struggled with Grand Prince, YSY's character was not enough to make me excited to watch it. I did like Mirror of the Witch, that's a good fantasy saeguk imo. Fighting YSY!!
  2. I just wonder how do you know there's no chemistry when the drama has yet to air and there is no interaction between them yet . Looking at the character chart, I'm glad there's no love triangle/square between JJS, YSY and HYR's characters. I'm glad there will be no fighting between bros for the lady. It has been done too much and it will be somewhat similar to Grand Prince.
  3. Good question! Now I'm wondering what happened to the money too . I have yet to watch ep 39-40 with subs. The downsides of live watching is I kinda know what happens and thats enough lol.
  4. Lol. Who uploaded this? I hope its one of the cast or crew. If not....it would be totally creepy
  5. @Ameera Ali his suits is what makes him more awesome. Its kdrama villain 101. Villains has a killer wardrobe. Hahaha
  6. @triplemits hot but also it rains quite a lot nowadays. Hoho. Have fun FP cast! I'm curious to see the crowd at KK airport. I keep remembering the huge crowd Running Man members got when they arrived in a foreign country. Hahaha
  7. I haven't watched the ep with subs after watching it live on saturday Glad the maim cast joined the reward trip~ they all look good amd well rested
  8. Finally! Finalllyyyyyyyy!!!! After so many days, weeks, maybe months. JKH graced his IG with a selca. Haha. This hairstyle reminds me of his character in One More Happy Ending~
  9. 11.[+202, -2] If the wwb stands for the special episode I will really hate you, please comeback with a second season ㅠㅠㅠ cr Lol! I never thought of this. Hopefully they don't only mean they will be back for the special episode
  10. Ngaaaa...i don't seo and bobby in the talk show pics~ i hope the gets subbed. He does have a charming smile~ no wonder @Ameera Ali is so smitten haha. @triplemdo you KNG has a new zombie movie? I saw a poster sometime earlier this year. Its a comedy by the way. oot
  11. Lol! I think by now its customary for us to want villains in a kdrama to return with a romcom! Villains are usually all smiles behind the camera and turn sour grapes when the camera starts rolling, its fascinating haha To more projects Hwang!!! And also Bobby!!!! Maybe a 2nd lead role first and than slowly move to first lead territory~
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