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  1. So I predict that the guy who EB gave the jacket to is LL. SH will be too predictable and would be the first person that comes to the viewers' minds. And if it was really him, his motive doesn't make sense. As you can see in the preview YH told CSJ that her daughter EB is part of her plan. Maybe LL is approaching EB so he can receive any info from her. Idk, this's just my theory.
  2. Lol ikr! As I said before, all the kids (except Rona) need to be punished. I can understand Rona screaming and complaining to her mother, but please give us less screentime of that. She betrayed SSR and commited adultery with JDT. She also switched sides. The fact that she betrayed SSR because she believed SSR used her, but in reality she gained a lot of benefits. Without the help of SSR, she couldn't even live in Hera Palace, and Rona might die because of the car crash.
  3. Does anyone see the connection with Rona and MSA? It'd make sense if Rona is the one dying. If that happens, the cycle will repeat, and I don't think that's a good thing. I'm not sure if I want to watch Season 2 if we're seeing the same pattern. By then, I'll give the drama the benefit of the doubt, maybe the girl isn't Rona, and even if it's her, she'll survive despite the sharp object stabbed onto her head. Btw, if you remember in season 1, there was a scene where the kids bullied Rona and called her MSA 2.0. Could be a foreshadow.
  4. Agreed, apart from the fact that she may be the murderer, she was the one who wanted to kill SSR, she just got played by JDT. Idk if we're expecting any more twists regarding the death of MSA from the writer, but assuming OYH is the killer, I think she wants avenge SSR out of guilt before turning herself in? Just a guess.
  5. I'm still worried that it was Rona who fell. Although there's a possibility that it's EB, I think Rona is more likely. If it turns out to be her, I hope she doesn' die. CSJ is with JDT, HYC is with OYH, but LL is not with SSR Lol, they had to make all the main characters somehow related, or else it wouldn't be called a makjang drama.
  6. Idk, in The Last Empress (another drama written by the same writer), the emperor changed at the end, mybe YH will ended up dying? I think she will. If she doesn't die. Agreed. Personally I think it's Rona because you can see she was wearing two rings when she was singing. Yeah, agreed, Although Rona doesn't deserve to die, it'll be karma to OYH. (Unless she wasn't the killer) I don't hate Rona, I just can't stand her constant screaming.
  7. Bruh, Ikr. The too much jumping and skipping. Either way, this is two weeks before she fell from the bridge, so hopefully soon. Why do I have the feeling that the mother in law will be invovled in this? That hair clip woman will proabbaly borrow money from the loan sharks and Ha Ra will threaten her son to marry her in order to pay the debt. (Unknown Woman, anyone?) The bubbly personality needs to stop. I'm fine with the "positive and outgoing" personality to show the drastic change later on, but hiring a 30+ actor to jump and skip constantly is not necessary. That's th
  8. The person who fell down the stairs looks like Rona... I hope not, if it's really her, I hope she doesn't die...
  9. This will be my first drama with Lee So Yeon as the protagonist. I've watched her in Ruby Ring and Dong Yi. So, this will be interesting. Also, the writer wrote 2013's "Crazy Love" which is also a revenge drama. I haven't watched it but it has good and bad reviews. Idk, we'll see.
  10. It's actually a challenge. Nah, Asianwiki is sometimes inaccurate. I think they'll update it sooner or later.
  11. lol. I watched that show and I totally agree. The show itself is too dramatic. And the male lead isn't even that hot.
  12. So I've stopped watching this drama until now. Just fast forwarded to the last two episodes, and it's getting sillier. Bruh, why does the writer have to kill off every normal character? (Actually no one is normal so they are the closest to normal) Can't you kill off YJ? I looks like they wanted to add a shocking twist (probably because it's getting boring) but Idc, I'm not even emotionally attached to the character, this is how bad the writing is. No, I don't think TP will die at most he'll go back to his 7-year old self, they just had to stretch the episode somehow. Th
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