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  1. A little rant on this episode. 1. SSR and OYH pushed CSJ off a cliff and then hired people to save her. I seriously don't know why the writer thinks this is a good idea. That contributed NOTHING to the plot. 2. I believe Alex Lee was created just so they can "kill off" Logan Lee. Logan Lee was "killed off" as a cliffhanger in S2 just so the audience can be excited for S3. 3. The alliance between the bad people, including JDT, LKJ and HYC was questionable. If being locked up in prison has taught them anything, it's to make them more evil. What's the point o
  2. And they didn't say it was a prop mistake. I feel like both NAG and LL are alive. LL's body wasn't even found... If that's case then none of the important characters were killed off for real. Kinda annoyed that KSO killed off characters just to revive them. What is this, a 'buy 1 free 1' twist?
  3. LMAO CSJ, chaotic as always. One thing that surprised me is that I didn't expect OYH to be released so early, even earlier than CSJ.
  4. Omg! A preview for 2 minutes and 53 seconds?!?!?!? I don't understand much but it sounds really chaotic!
  5. This episode felt, weird. Idk if I'm satisfied or salty with the ending. I mean, I feel like JDT is going to return (considering how he impost himself as an old man) and I'm not really worried about LL. So OYH was sentenced for 3 years, if it turns out that she wasn't the killer, I'd go insane. KSO is needs to stop these revival "twists". I'm having trust issues now. Considering how everyone is included in the cast list, could season 3 take place in 3 years later, with CSJ and JDT escaping from prison?
  6. Episode 13 will be aired on next Sat. Episodes for S3 will be aired once a week.
  7. The preview for the final episode looked too good to be true. (Probably because S3 flim later on so we have to wait for a much longer time) This is Penthouse, I feel like JDT will somehow clear his innocence and the three FL will battle against JDT in S3.
  8. Although the setting spray can do the trick, it can be something against her. I suppose that's some really strong glue. I feel bad for SJ eventhough she did a lot of bad deeds. She's blinded by JDT to the point she didn't learn what happened to SSR, and now her fate could potentially be the same as SSR. Of course the writer wouldn't let that happen because we have another season left. Either way, who do you think the person who was tied up and beaten by JDT in the preview? She better not be NAG.
  9. Agreed. Although I kinda expected the writer to revive every single main character until the final episode, but it's kinda weird tbh. She did that in The Last Empress as well, the main characters who were "dead" were revived. Probably one of her favourite tactics to stir up the plot. Killing off characters is one of her favourite way to stir some chaos but she doesn't want to kill them off completely. Either way, I'd prefer if she actually kill off a character or two along the way. What can I say, she doesn't want Rona to die for now.
  10. I predicted that it was JDT who plugged the oxygen mask. That doesn't make her chances of being alive lesser. Anything could happen. There's got to be something more to it that we don't know. I believe NAG is dead. I think the first time SSR and NAG met was after SSR saw the photo. I'm curious to see if NAG is going appear to stir more chaos or not. I'm more curious to see if OYH will join hands with CSJ and maybe we will even see SSR joining the alliance.
  11. IT'S OFFICIAL, SSR IS ALIVE! I'd prefer if the butterfly tattoo was permanent, because it might be something that could go against her at some point. (The tattoo might be smudged and she might place the tattoo at a slightly different location) How many temporary tattoos does her have, lol? Do people shower with their wig on? I get that you want to wash it but it would be a different approach. I was relieved seeing the shower scene but it's kinda illoical if you think about it.
  12. Yeah, I think so. She used him to tell JDT so JDT can take action on the two. Agreed. I don't like how he obtained his wealth through women. It's really weird because every Female Lead fell for his trap at some point. As for the blood thing, I think he's only afraid when there's blood on his face? Either way, I agree, this is weird and buggy. I definitely appreciate Mari's growth, finally she did something apart from comic relief. I think it was suppose to be raven blue, but the colour came off. As for the CPR, it's just an excus
  13. We have 4 episodes left before this season ends and I'm honestly lost at this point.
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