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  1. 2 minutes ago, effyisme said:


    Not forgetting MYM oso reposted the bts where LMH forgot his lines after KGE said I love you... MYM did not post any other bts...


    Additionally MYM went ahead and comment on LMH couple post saying "thanks to you, we saw something beautiful" like seriously, which agency says that...


    Also why would an agency post a video of its actor forgetting a line? Unless they're trying to send a certain message to certain someone. Usually agencies boast about their actors and their extraordinary work

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  2. 7 minutes ago, MinGoLove said:

    Stopp it guys!! Stop it!! LMH oppa is mine, i mean ours!!! He did all these hugs for us fans so that we can learn how to hug professionally.  


    Just stop it!! 



    *back to saving all the gifs* 


    Oppa is mine! He'll only marry me. Also don't get excited he's the same with all his co-stars. It's called acting.


    *Runs to watch the bts again for 6272849022th time*

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  3. 5 minutes ago, effyisme said:


    Replying @koreaboooo at the same time


    Of coz I did not dream of the bed scene as I dreamt of the aftermath instead... I was being considerate to them ya...


    but I saw the baby as I don't know why I was there delivering the baby... eyes huge like LMH but not as deep set, nose like LMH and mouth like KGE.. That's all then I woke up feeling confused lol :D



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  4. 5 minutes ago, effyisme said:


    You know why?? Coz you fellow CLs were talking about her baggy clothes then I dreamt she got knocked up during the drama and had to hide her growing bump in those baggy clothes towards the end of the drama.. we were even discussing when the baby was conceived as it was said she was 4-5 months along now so the baby was conceived early this year then we concluded they started dating late last year..


    LMH you sly fellow :P


    Oh my god. You guys I can't stop laughing. Please keep it coming. I want this today. I don't want to be sad

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  5. 11 minutes ago, effyisme said:


    Note the pic taken together with lady Noh... see the difference between the placement of LMH hands on both ladies... :D


    Thats exactly what I saw. Omg this is not even in the drama. He did that outside. Looking at that pic itself you can say how close they are and something is definitely cooking between them. Which normal co-stars would do that? 

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  6. 10 minutes ago, koreaboooo said:

    Wow ladies we really are inching closer to 400 and LMH still stuck in limbo. :sweatingbullets:


    Are we talking about KGE's fashion now? :lol:


    Agree with your choices. Nowadays she wear more boxy suit skirts/dress for these things like the 53rd baeksang and during the TKEM press conference. 


    Also with Netflix responses, I feel like they're just respond that way keep people on their toes and keep subscribing to them. If they do have a season 2 we may have to wait maybe more than a year since WDH is taking a new drama soon and he will have to go for his military service soon as well. Not sure how I'll feel if they use different cast for season 2. 



    Maybe that's why they gonna kill Yeong charecter? But eun sup should be alive. What if both die? Haha I'll go jump off a cliff. Simple. 

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  7. 9 minutes ago, AquariusMY said:

    And of course, I want KGE to read all about him to know he is just not about looks. He has substance and he is close to his family. I think it is important to have good family values. She needs to know him as someone who is not just a hallyu star. By researching about him, she will know he is too good to let go!



    They will be proud reading this *sigh*

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Prerna said:

    So frankly speaking This is my first time shipping someone,,,,after I read all this I realised that it is such a burden for these celebs to live a normal life.....

    these kinda lunatic fan base I have never seen anywhere ....I am from INDIA and we have celebs like shah rukh khan and Salman Khan here who are known world over but I have never seen such kinda mad fans who can fight for there idols.....

    whats with all that richard simmons he is my oppa and He is my husband,,,gals come out of your adolescences and grow up,,,,

    they are someone who are far from your reach.....you can learn some values and hardship from them,,,,I dunno why South Korean male celebs go through all this richard simmons......maybe one of the reasons is they have a huge (young girls) as there fan base but seriously after reading such malevolent comments I feel it’s better for KGE to think it through before committing (I know she is strong and courageous but there has to be a limit for enduring such kinda Bolt in life) she has already been through hell with all the backlash already  god knows wht this hallyu status will get her if she plans to be with LMH....

    I feel if they have feelings for eachother they should just declare it openly so that everyone can keep there effing mouth shut forever...:..:sweatingbullets:



    That sleepy tinker who spoke s*it is also an Indian bro. I agree indians are less toxic when it comes to bollywood but you see such toxic obsessive male lead fans in tellywood who think they're born to marry the male lead. Some are born with such traits I guess

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