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  1. 1 hour ago, wookyoung6 said:

    I'm all in if they want to be public about their relationship. When KGE was dating SHK, their dating news was announced rather than caught by dispatch. So it got me thinking that KGE might not worry much about going public if they are indeed dating. She likes honesty, she is honest about her dating fellow sunbae, SHK. She must be honest also this time around. :phew: it's a matter of time. Now it's the time of airing. Any other news will take the limelight from this drama and shone on them only. They would not want that.

    How did she date shk? He's like 17yrs older than her also they didn't work together either and I don't think they have any similarities. MinEun are different. LMH makes her feel special. His eyes are only for her. His smile is only for her. He acts smitten only for her. Posted only pictures with her ahhh a story straight out of a fairytale. I hope KGE accepts him 

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  2. 11 minutes ago, koreaboooo said:

    It's different. Her shirt is more blue and has a logo. His doesn't. 


    @Lexiepedia I think even after announcing dating news they would still react the same. Fans that were shippers of MinShin kept harassing Suzy when she was dating LMH because they believed Suny was the reason LMH didn't date PSH. Honestly I'm not even sure if those shippers are LMH fans or PSH fans. What's worse is that PSH is currently dating and had been with her boyfriend for 3 years now. Fans can be immature. I'm just glad so far, I do think most of us are relatively mature.


    These psychopaths need to get a life. LMH and KGE are concentrating on their life and planning for their future and then there are these "good for nothing born only for torturing" fans who will neither live their life nor will let their idols live their life in peace. I really hope LMH and KGE wont get affected by these seasangs 

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  3. 46 minutes ago, Niki Idy said:


    This is why I have been having this thought lately about the fact that LMH might have been secretly crushing on KGE before they got to work together, them meeting during the award show in 2015 isn't a strong connection for me as I didnt see any strong interactions between them outside of him laughing at her speech distractedly, but he may have heard a lot about her from his sister who worked with her during CITT, his sister may have raved about how charming and down to earth she is and her being very grounded even as a superstar, I am also corroborating this with MYM ent managed by the sister being a subtle shipper. He may have waited for this opportunity because the way he fell so fast was like she matched and exceeded his every expectation and he may have influenced KES to cast her since he cant do that himself, there was so much backlash about their being casted together from his fans and yet he didn't pull out nor KGE pull out from the project . 


    Which reminds me of suspicious partner, it was obvious JCW had a secret crush on NJH long before they worked together and it was even rumored he insisted on working alongside her since  he didn't plan to take any more project as he was going to be enlisted anyways. The way he also acted around her from shooting their posters till the end was like a guy working with his crush and the usual giveaway is their glittering eyes,  elongated kissing scenes with body stroking's, I didn't bother following up much on that ship because JCW has said he would never date publicly which to me means either of three things, the girl said NO, they are actually dating secretly, the ship never even sailed. 


    And I have watched Ig clips of these two guys walk COLDLY fast past their former leading ladies to climb on stage and receive awards even though they were seated on the same table, they acted as if these ladies didn't exist, I felt so bad for them and I was angry at them for this ungentlemanly behavior, you would normally help a lady up a flight of stairs because of their dress, but no, they walked off like no one was behind them.


    Please this is just my delusion as I may be totally wrong, its just striking to see the extreme behavioral change in a guy when he is acting with a girl he likes romantically and the one he sees as just a colleague. 


    His sister worked with KGE?? When?

  4. 2 hours ago, gatopassero said:

    Rough translation of that interview w the help of GG Translate. Forgive both my English and Mandarin, I’m not a native ;(


    Q. What was the deepest impression for you two when shooting?  How was the atmosphere on set? 


    LMH: I remember the first scene we shot together

    KGE: Where was the first shot?  


    LMH: The fried chicken restaurant (laughs) Actually I only saw her outside (t/n: in events like Bifan Awards) before, so it’s like the feeling when you meet some character came out from a movie for the first time. That feeling of shock is definitely big.  When I was filming for the first time, the appearance of Tae Eul as a police officer impressed me deeply, and because it was the first scene overall, I was actually very worried and anxious, but the image of police officer Tae Eul sitting in front of me was deeply imprinted in my mind.  


    KGE: For me it was the scene where Tae Eul and Lee Gon met for the first time in the main poster. I think Minho sunbae riding a white horse is really suitable with Gwanghwamun.  I was like "He is super handsome"




    Hope someone can remember the source article/video? of this :(

    When did this happen??????

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  5. 1 hour ago, Capricorn Capricorn6161 said:

    Goodness, so I wasn’t the only one that saw that :mellow: tbh I actually kind of felt for her :unsure: it was so obvious that she was not her usual bubbly-self.  I could have been wrong, but I felt like she was trying to get his attention at the part where she was trying to make small talk with PM -_-

    Omg same even I felt that. She was not happy with that interaction that's for sure

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  6. Guys what I observed is this ship is pretty much similar to jiji (ji Chang wook and Nam ji Hyun) I shipped them like crazy after suspicious partner. JCW used to behave like LMH.. all smitten and trying his best to stay close to ji hyun, catching her hands, hugging her and doing anything in his will to stay close to her. He even said he'll take Ji Hyun to meet his mom. Even ji Hyun used to reciprocate. They had soo much fun and it's not friendship, it's love but they didn't end up together maybe because JCW enlisted in military after suspicious partner maybe that's the reason but for our MinEun couple there's absolutely no obstacle at all. Min ho is done with military and if they want to date now is the best time for them.

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  7. 39 minutes ago, koreaboooo said:



    We noticed he gets jealous when she has too much fun with WDH. It's just that in the earlier episodes he still try to mask it with a bitter smile, but in episode 12 it was so blatant, in your face. Even the PD-nim can sense it since he told LMH that they knew what they're doing after he made that sarcastic comment. Even KGE sensed it since she was super quiet too



    Physics I guess. :lol: 



    I don't think she ever rubbed him during their hugs. Time to look back at all their hug scenes. :D

    He didn't have to stand there and watch them with his eyes shooting daggers I mean in the original scene he's standing beside tae eul but see how Minho is standing in practice and how closely he's standing and observing. He's only concentrating on her hand and the way she's patting him. And also his expressions. Gosh he's becoming more and more obvious and I'm loving it

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  8. 5 minutes ago, acyellowsc said:


    Okay. So I just read the controversial IG post.

    I have to admit that being a shipper, we can't control our mind.

    I have to admit too, that many of LMH and KGE fans that aren't mature enough in this shipping world.


    I am really really sad to know that this news has gotten its way to KGE's manager, which means the probability of KGE (and even LMH) knowing this is bigger now.


    I'm afraid that this kind of situation will change KGE and LMH's mindset in posting cryptic IG post in the future. They will be more cautious, or maybe for worse they won't post pic anymore.


    And you know, I will be very very sad then.

    Exactly! We gotta be careful. KGE or her manager should not know. We have an amazing ship and we're jeopardizing it with our own hands. So please stop. Y'all don't need to go to managers to confirm it. If anything they'll reveal or we'll analyse.

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  9. 49 minutes ago, Niki Idy said:

    My dear, this was my exact worry about this ship too at the start,  KGE has always known how to comport herself with her co-stars and she is really good at balancing her relationships with them to the point that she doesn’t get confused of any attention she receives beyond it being for the character she is playing.
    Since cheese in the trap drama, she has been consistent with the way she behaves towards her male colleague and drama romantic partners, It’s with respect and smiles and just a bit of playfulness to break the ice. Hence, all her male partners always seem to be interested in her, one of them even mentioned her as his ideal type before they worked together on CITT. 
    But I understand she didn’t date any of them, and I understand  her too because I didn’t see the extra energy on the part of those guys to make her feel that important enough to move her heart, and her being a grounded person she wasn’t swayed by them. 

    BUT!! With LMH, she started off with the same pattern of being friendly and respectful and being her simple charming self which LMH fell for , he became DETERMINED to break through those barriers of hers and actively pursued her on set , you can imagine if we have so many hints, how much then he has shown to prove to her he sincerely cares about her, and with her I noticed that because she is extremely professional you have to look deeper because she knows how to hide it and exposed herself only a few times when she gets a bit carried away, but I have seen her walls crumbled and she is now very open with him to then point that he can stick his face in her neck, playfully swipe a sword at her and she only playfully warns him , while he sticks his tongue out at her in rebellion :sweatingbullets:, they are that close now. 

    She knows he isn’t playing her and he genuinely likes her hence her also posting those intimate pictures as promotion for their drama, I think she felt she needed to reciprocate too after the first sunset photos he put out there, so before the drama wrapped up she clearly opened to him to the point of him being entitled to be jealous of Woo do Hwan hugging her aggressively in front of him but because she knows how to hide it we don’t have much clues from her. 

    I really don’t want to emphasize their bed scene, but we all saw how he kept losing control as Lee Gon, what I also noticed was he was facing her and never turns to the camera and I can imagine  what she was seeing I him from the little view we saw that was aired in episode 12, he was intensely gazing at her with passion, I don’t know how she survived shooting that scene without losing control too, bit she always balances him out anyways that’s why they are so good together. 


    As far as then dating is up to them, I think they must want each other so badly enough that they decide to overlook all the many challenges them being together may bring and go head on into it as a united front. If they do I am sure they will make a great lasting couple and we won’t be hearing of divorce due to difference in personalities as these two have a lot of similarities in personalities. 

    so sorry for this long ted talk, the MinGo couple always get me riled up as i believe in their chemistry so much:blush:

    Thank you so much. You explained everything soo sweetly now it all actually makes sense. Episode 12 was indeed a breakthrough for us fans. The director had to yell cut twice to bring him back from the lala land he is in. He was freaking above her for 10 seconds even after the director said cut. Do I even need to talk about his leg moments and the way he went above her and to her neck. Did he really kiss her neck though? What was doing in her neck?

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