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  1. 19 minutes ago, Prerna said:


    just check this guys they are all next level.....the verbal fight is so amazing I am rofl right now.....

    Sorry KGE from the bottom of my heart minoshii can never be only your OPPA.....there are already many pouncing on him.....

    and sorry to to say the haters are real deal man they can get on your nerves....




    When in earlier pages I told Minho fans are getting on my nerves this was what I was talking about. This girl has to poke her nose in every Shipper post. She just can't mind her own business at all. Always coming up with "you don't know anything about Minho, I gave birth to him so I know him more than anyone else, he's the same with all his co-stars" omg irritating fools

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  2. 3 minutes ago, inbetween0and1 said:


    Okay, I've googled it, wheew... even without seeing the full movie it made 50 shades felt like teenage movie :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:


    I meant, are you sure you want LMH as the main lead? first, if he does, all his fans worlwide will likely have heart attack and nosebleed at the same time during the premier :D second, he just can't help being out of character, shy giddy all smiles when KGE is around, it will require him super high concentration in order to pull off such scene with KGE :D:D:D


    No "cut u cut u" can stop him

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  3. Guys even mystic pop up bar got couch talk. It's a new drama. Cloy got soo much swoon content. I feel like everyone out there is anti TKEM. Let's do something. Let's keep on commenting asking swoon to give us couch talk interview of MinEun. We literally got nothing compared to other dramas. Covid is not the reason at all. Backstreet Rookie got photoshoot few days ago and now mystic pop up bar got couch talk. 

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  4. 35 minutes ago, folksway222 said:


    For that location only fantaken pics


    And here is the same outfits but different location fancam. Poor KKN :sweatingbullets:

    Ps. This fancam was the first things that fired up my light bulb. They're actually that close, hmm... 



    It's like maybe she felt a lil shy first so she proceeded to walk towards kyung nam to involve him in the conversation as well to make it less awkward but he's busy in his phone lol. Even if kkn joins in the convo Minho will only focus on goeun anyway. Also observe his body language.. always and always wanted to be with her. His body automatically rotates towards her

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  5. Guys if we all really want LMH and KGE photoshoot or interviews we really gotta comment under swoon posts or sbs posts. I've seen a whole show coming back with new seasons on fans demand. If fans will put Pressure they'll give us what we want. I've seen people trending on twitter for a season 2 of their favourite show and they indeed got it. So let's all stick to a time and attack swoon with comments. Trust me we'll get all the interviews if we do so. C'mon sbs anyway did us dirty. Even backstreet Rookie has got photoshoot before the drama even aired. Ours is coming to an end. So let's all do something about it

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  6. 18 minutes ago, AquariusMY said:

    What to do? She herself likes his very sharp nose!


    Yes, I am still very desperate. I had a lot of self control yesterday not to read this forum for most of the day, but after those IG posts and back reading all of your comments here, I am literally camping in this forum today.


    I love all the positive delusional thinking  (hopefully delusions that will turn true) from you all. Thanks for making statements such as LMH is clearly going to pursue till he gets his girl, thanks for confirming that both are usually not as active in IG as they are now, thanks for assuring that both of them are not the type that will keep their relationship a secret. I need these details to calm my heart.


    And then I had to watch the bed scene in his chamber again to notice that even KGE opened her mouth in response to his 'raging hormones' kiss before he pins her down on the bed. That was hot! She is literally welcoming LMH's tongue! A fine healthy man would not have lost all control. Really, LMH should have waited a couple more seconds before pushing her down, so that we can drool on that kiss much longer. 


    One of you also reminded us that it has been 8 months since the start of filming, hence it is long enough for them to get to know each other and start a relationship. There should be a post filming interview for the leads, asking them how they feel, what they gained, what they learned from each other, have impressions changed, etc. I don't know anymore, I just need more news from them. Please. Can someone please write to their agencies or something? 


    Non related question. How come fans like to comment on their idols' IG posts in their own languages? How do they expect their idols to read? Already there are thousands of comments, made worse when it is neither in Korean or at least English. My point is, I want to leave LMH a message on his IG post to please actively pursue KGE, but I think my message will be a needle in the haystack.


    One more comment - if I am KGE in those kiss scenes with LMH, I wouldn't be able to get him off my mind. Maybe that is why acting is not my profession. I will be too invested in my character.  Nonetheless, whilst I want the both of them to separate reel and real, I want them to REALly develop true feelings as LMH and KGE!

    Exactly!!! I don't think min ho opened her mouth with his fingers.. it may look like it but it's not. It was KGE who opened her mouth in response to his kiss. If you zoom in you can clearly see it was her who opened her mouth. 

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