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  1. 6 minutes ago, Miadee said:

    Laughing is just one thing..i think a few ladies here already reiterated that yes he is friendly and playful as usual..but there's is something more here as in he constantly shy, always trying to look into her eyes and paying alot of attention to her, asking additional questions..looking back to check on her, nudge towards her face when talking to her, talks to her in a soft manner, smile at her in adoration..


    Gee what friendly friends does that..


    Unless they want to turn their friendSHIP into relationSHIP

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Prerna said:



    beware I really am scared for her now he is a pro with chest thrusting,,,,crotch thrusting and god knows wht.....his chads are on fire..... I wonder wht will happen of kge ......there nights are always going to be so thumping....

    minoshi I don’t think so u need ginseng anymore u have enough stop having them.......:D



    And also the way he bites his lips while doing that

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Prerna said:

    Just see kge here In the 1st video her hands are on his ears and it seems like

    she is making the move by putting his face inside like I dunno it’s ears or neck?????


    and the 2nd pic look at her hands she is completely wrapping him in her arms....


    who does such detailed intimate kisses man?????i am sure our P.D. nim is also not that expert in kissology that he must have thought them....

    The first one looks like she's letting him snuggle in her neck or let him kiss her neck. Damn it where's the DVD cut 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Heretorant said:

    I feel like writer Kim wasn’t brave enough to write the ending she should have written. I thought it was unnecessary to give literally everyone a happy ending. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate the ending, I just thought with all that they’ve gone through, episode 16 was rather lightweight and took away from the journey. I don’t mind a happy ending but if she wanted to give us a happy ending then why not go all out for the couple that matters? SJ and Luna could have easily been left out. Luna could have died and JTE could have lived in Corea as Queen. Why not? Instead, she gave SJ and Luna a happy ending and took away from LeeEul, the couple that matters the most! 

    I think I’m having worse withdrawal symptoms thanks to the unsatisfying ending. I’m just left wondering why? Why can’t they get married? Why make Luna live? Why is she not his queen? Why oh why? 


    The whole point of the story is love blooming between a guy and a girl from different universes. As much as we all want JTE to become the queen of kingdom of Corea but if that happens we all will be happy but it won't make much sense, her abandoning her life, her father, job everything in ROK and becoming a queen in KOC where she doesn't know anyone but Lee gon. And whatever had happened was supposed to happen anyway but it didn't because Lee lim went against time and universe. Let's not overthink about it. All that matters they grew old together... Maybe had soo many kids too. 

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  5. 17 minutes ago, effyisme said:

    It appears to me that it is pretty obvious that both agencies have already started to sit down and discuss how they are going to handle this so it will be smooth and truthful... it will only work if both LMH/KGE and MYM/BH to be on the same page so they are all backing each other until the day they announce...


    Please keep saying such things. It's like honey to my ears oops eyes

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Niki Idy said:


    Thinking of it now, This drama had 6  kiss scenes and there could have been so much more given so many instances where they were in close range and started at each other :blush:.

    Their last kisses was so sensual and erotic, it was filled with feelings despite being short and totally incomparable to their past projects as we could see they both thoroughly enjoyed eating other . 


    We have seen 6 kisses but imagine the number of times they could've kissed in bts which includes rehearsal and LMH wantedly doing more and more rehearsal by following KGE lead

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  7. 5 minutes ago, Sophie1091 said:

    I feel so sad today...the post withdrawal symptoms are no joke for me....I keep rewatching episode 16 like for 4 times..and refreshing my IG, twitter and fb for more TKEM contents..sadly MH's post is also about himself only:dissapointed: Notice Lee Jung Jae(Lee Rim) is quite active today..how I wish LMH to update again..but thanks to you all here, I at least have some place to survive..thank you our court ladies...hope you all have a good day :heart:


    Same. I didn't expect withdrawal symptoms to be this worse. I feel all sad and gloomy and people will laugh right in my face if I say it's because of a drama

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Niki Idy said:


    :sweat_smile: i like your audacity, but we all know there isnt going to be any dating news or announcement of any kind except they are caught.


    We all seem to look at this dating news from LMH point of view and forget that KGE is a ninga when it comes to dating, even if LMH wants to announce it to the world, I doubt she will agree easily except they are caught, which is why the agencies seems to be dropping crumbs and innuendos so it wouldn't be a surprise. The best way to catch them is if they go on vacation out of the abroad, but since covid-19 is still on, the chances are slim, so they will only be indoor snuggling like cats :yum:, or lets hope he knocks her up fast, and with the way he looks at her i doubt he will give any rest in that department :naughty:.

    Dispatch is not going to come through with an exclusive because its easy to buy the news off them and BHent has also said they will sue anyone peddling malicious rumors which explains why korea is really silent on them dating. 

    If neither they will announce nor will dispatch announce how are we supposed to survive?!!!! Also crumbs are getting decreased day by day

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  9. 3 minutes ago, goldenashes97 said:


    Oi! This should have been it! 


    How about this? 


    KTR: Oh? Jihun oppa? What are you doing here? What if we get caught by paparazzi? Ah! You want to congratulate me? (goes take the flowers from LG) 


    LG: (takes a step back) I see you've got flowers. These are not for you. 


    JTR: what do you mean not for me? 

    (JTR glares) are they for someone else? Don't tell me! Are you cheating on me!?

    (screams) DO YOU HAVE A DEATH WISH!?!?!? 


    LG looks confused. Seconds passed. A man wearing navy uniform arrived in a motorbike. He's LG's counterpart, LJH. 


    LJH: (sees LG) What the hell? Who are you? Taera-ya, who is that? 


    JTR gasps. She passes out. 

    LG and LJH stares at each other.

    They make out. 




    I know. I am insane. Don't kill me, pls.


    Wtffffffffffffff lmao

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