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  1. You guys are openly discussing about shipping KGE with others? Did y'all forget LMH and his agency are lurking here? How can y'all leak the question paper like that?
  2. Look at that hug. Look at her hands caressing his back from bottom to top. I never seen such hug in Kdramas
  3. Imagine a good kisser like KGE missing her target when I saw bts of reunion kiss.. I was like woah where is she going? She missed the target but the Minho not waiting anymore took the chance and made it right. KGE is one among the very few Kdrama female leads who knows how to respond to a kiss and how to kiss back.
  4. Goblin had got official photoshoot and interviews as well. LDW and YIA doing commentary for bts and also GY and KGE exclusively watching their scenes and being interviewed. TKEM didn't even get what goblin got
  5. Also you gotta be extremely close to a person to caresse her hair when she's upset. I mean you don't do that to someone you feel awkward with.. especially of opposite gender.
  6. I thought of mentioning it but again most people won't know that brand and end up concentrating on the cement rather than the couple so I choose not to. Nothing should come between the couple not even the cement.
  7. Same bro. I shipped the hell out of JiJi couple. JCW was clearly whipped. He even said to pdnim in bts "can we go home now? I want her to meet my mom" that was a shocker. He always used to hold her hands, be near her, impromptu hugs, take her with him when the shot is over. They did everything a couple would do. Guys Lee gon said "it took 25 years to meet you" to JTE. JCW actually said "it took 8 years for me to meet nam ji Hyun.. I don't know why it took 8 yrs for me". He said this in suspicious partner press meet. I still don't know why this ship didn't sail maybe because of military? Or they're dating but keeping it private? Fans still ship them madly. And though I didn't watched W but I saw bts and I can lee Jong suk liked her a lot. He kissed her shoulder offscreen and rubbed her belly too. Who does that unless you love someone. He just couldn't keep his hands off her. Coming to our ship a lot of skinship didn't happen because go eun is not any other female lead. She's a tough nut to crack. She build her walls with the strongest cement available out there. She's known for friendzoning her co-stars. The beauty of our couple is LMH slowly and steadily broke her walls and made her fall for him. If this ship sails it'll be the most beautiful and unexpected love story ever in Korean industry. These two dorks met each other at the right time and right place. It's fate and when it's fate there are no coincidences.
  8. Didn't say computer moved her closer. Obviously his right hand pulled her closer. He lifted her with both his hands. In order to put his hand under her jacket he have to move his hand from behind to front of the jacket and again take it to the back inside the jacket which is not possible in that 10 seconds and the movement inside the coat is actually the hand it's due to way she's moving during the kiss
  9. Exactly!!! As much as I want his hand to be inside her coat but doing so in public will be inappropriate. It actually got caught on the computer hence the balloon like air inside her coat
  10. I think everyone felt bad because there was no laughing out loud scenes in this bts. But but but.. there are few things that cannot be ignored 1. Giving red Roses to co-star is not normal especially when you give white roses to the director 2. Caressing her head twice that too with utmost affection and love 3. Standing with go eun during the tae ra byte scene practice ( let's say it's because he's very kind and professional) what about taking her pic / video? 4. After that reunion hug. He smiled and hugged her sideways. He always gives this shy/ eyes full of love smile to her after breaking the hug. The same smile we saw in hospital bts 5. Unofficial photoshoot and cast rooting for them. Absolutely no need for them to do so but they did and they even posted on their ig handles. Those pics were totally of couple vibes. I never seen Minho doing this with his previous co-stars.
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