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  1. 21 minutes ago, carriekllo said:

    I'm kind of more excited about the BTS Friday drop than the actual episode. They are in soo many scenes together in epi 15. Need to do a poll to see which scene people are most excited about. I can't choose between the bed scene, ad lib kiss scene or the feeding scene..heck I'm excited about all of them

    I just hope this stupid af sbs won't cut off the scenes with its stupid af editing

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  2. 15 minutes ago, goldenashes97 said:



    I just woke up from a nap and saw their instagram updates!1!1!

    I was so scared! I thought I slept in Tuesday and woke up at Friday! 


    Ladies, how are they so kyuuuuttttt :3



    No, honey. No. She is long gone. Let's not bring her up ever again.

    Unless they suddenly announce that they are back together! Then I'm gonna be crushed


    I don't think he'll repeat his mistake. He's over her

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  3. 9 minutes ago, Miadee said:

    No you are not..they really bombed us that friday just screaming yes we are dating like left right center plus we had to deal with the drama showing on friday..soompi twitter plus ig just couldn't handle it that friday :joy:

    That may 20 Friday was the craziest Friday I've ever seen. We got date pic, bts, playing in the beach video and an episode to look forward. I want that Friday to repeat again

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  4. 2 minutes ago, lusciousgy said:

    Ok..why are sk’s news outletA have not been writing anything related to TKEM???and picking up On this new ‘ship’? It’s been awfully quiet ...i only see writings from soompi..that’s all. Not that I bothered but it’s just mind Trippin’...they seemed to be giving cold treatment to our beloved . 

    Exactly! No dating articles. No talking about their breathtaking chemistry. Absolutely nothing at all. 

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  5. 28 minutes ago, TDeas said:

    I think We Need A Marketer Strategy Expert Here to Explain a realistic reason about this, otherwise we are going creazy asking photoshoot, interview... Etc 

    My questions are

    . Is this  part of their marketing strategy again ? or is there another goal that big corporations behind tkem are trying to reach? Well, as we know that they're listed on the stock market or is this just happened bcoz of covid Pendemic, 

    This Monday seems to Quite for me aside a rumour about Jejudo. :ph34r:

    Ok one thing we can do is to comment on Myment and bh posts that we want LMH and KGE photoshoot. In that way they'll know what we want. It works by giving us what we want and also works as a boost if they'll announce the dating news anytime soon. Also they'll know how much we love this couple that we're craving for their photoshoot, interviews and what not

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Miadee said:

    :bawling: yes when i saw the jcw and kyj have bts photoshoot i felt cheated..and other newly released drama have couchtalks too so nothing to so w virus situation when other dramas can have them :bawling:

    Exactly!! All the dramas are getting photoshoot and interviews done except our show. It's time we should take this seriously and bombard swoon with MinEun comments on their post asking them for MinEun interview. Idk whom to ask for photoshoot though.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, MinGoLove said:


    seriously.. netflix title "SEASON 1" made me cray cray... it gave my heart a hope that there will be season 2, while i actually KNOW it's just their standard wording for title.. *weird ahjumma i am*


    Netflix, what are you doing???? please...  you should CAPITALIZE these two more.. it tops your chart in many countries, so why not making more money out of it? Make them do everything you can think of.. i dont care, you go figure... interview, game, whatever... or even better make season 2 with focus on their real life romance... HAHAHHAHA.. if you ask more money from us to watch them, HERE TAKE OUR MONEY!!!!!! double price subscription??!! AGREE!.... oh Netflix pleaseeee.... 

    Even I thought about that but then I don't think we'll get one because wo do Hwan is going to enlist soon and it'll take 2yrs for him to come out so there's no chance

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