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  1. Sbs did us dirty. To an extent Netflix too. We hardly got any interviews. Forget about wrap up party and photoshoot looks like it'll never happen. But we want more of MinEun interviews. Like swoon has released soo many interviews and games for other drama couples and we got nothing except Jenga and who me. I think we all should collectively go and comment on swoon posts about MinEun content. In that way they'll know we're craving for MinEun and they'll atleast do something about it. Who knows maybe they'll call MinEun for new interviews and games on fan requests maybe ?

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  2. Guys I just read an article. No offense. Just sharing with y'all. This is about cloy couple.



    Given their undeniable chemistry on the show, fans and media immediately started speculating as to whether they are in a relationship IRL. During a press conference for the K-drama in 2019, when a reporter asked the pair if it was burdensome to shoot together because of the dating rumours, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin laughed it off. "As you can see, we laughed it off. It did not affect or inconvenience in choosing work. We worked together, and we were friends because of the work. 


    Now I have friends who're shipping MinEun and also crazy shippers of cloy couple. But this cloy couple just laughed it off about the dating rumours. Even this cloy couple posted offscreen pics during when their drama was airing but not as much as MinEun did though. But I seriously won't be able to take it if such article comes about MinEun. I'm soo deeply involved in this ship to the point of no return. Ofcourse MinEun have shows soo many signs but the possibility of them brushing of the rumours itself is making me teary eyed. Also it's going be the last episode this week and what if we don't get any content from them anymore? Just yesterday I was like they will definitely announce the dating news after the drama will be over but today this news ruined me. Sorry for ranting I just wanted to pour my feelings. Again no offense to any couple.



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  3. 3 minutes ago, lyrically aesthetic said:



    there are some actually including me like guuurl HAHAHAHAH 


    we don't actually ship actors and actresses some only swoon over them and mineun shippers here are mostly fans individual fans of lee min ho and kim go eun 

    Do LMH and KGE know how people are going crazy for them and shipping them like mad and want them to end up together at any cost and that they have international fans support?

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  4. 12 minutes ago, graceyco said:

    The Royal Court has reached Page 300!!!


    May Lady Noh's talismans bring us:

    - More cutesy romantic- huggy- kissy- scenes in Episode 16

    - More fellow shippers who love, respect and adore our #MinEun

    -An "announcement"  :phew:



    @koreaboooo's gif is always a mood


    Aye aye to our captain, Minho himself! :w00t:

    Wuhooo happy 300 yay!!! Cheers To more and more discussions. May the official announcement come soon, sooner , soonest. May this thread reach to 1000 soon. Haha I love y'all. Thanks for creating this page. MinEun, TKEM and this thread has been the reason for my happiness since quite a few days. Even after the show ends never stop discussing here. Fighting!

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  5. 36 minutes ago, AquariusMY said:

    OK I admit I am delulu and let my imagination run wild all the time. But I am also a very realistic person. I do not think it is realistic for two professional actor/actress to start dating during shooting. With the whole crew and production team heavily investing and working hard in this drama, it is a little irresponsible to start a relationship during this time, in my view. I think the both of them are professionals who respect the need to ensure the shooting ends successfully with no hanky panky. While we wish they are already dating and hopefully wedding and kids announcement soon, don't you think it is also a little detrimental to their reputation if it turns out to be a shotgun wedding???


    Anyway, I want their relationship to be heading the right path and follow the right process of natural flow. I am CERTAIN they are attracted to each other, I am certain she knows his intentions, I am certain everyone in the crew feels the sexual and attraction tensions. BUT I believe LMH and KGE will not act too hastily during the production. Perhaps now that their shooting has ended, LMH will start the ball rolling.... The courtship will officially begin and once she accepts and they are comfortable, the official announcements will ensue. I like to think of them meeting each other's families, going on trips together, supporting each other in their works, he proposes and get married. 


    By the way, I hope when the both of them watched Ep 14 and 15, they can feel LG's and JTE's pain respectively. I want them to feel how we feel when we watch their onscreen sad love story. In particular, I want LMH to feel the pain when he watches KGE crying her heart out for him. I want him to feel the need to quickly call her after watching the episode to tell her everything will be ok because in real life, he will never leave her... Sorry, my imagination is running wild again. Even if not private chat, they surely must have a group chat to talk about the drama, right?

    Please let me give you a tight hug. You made me emotional with your post. I'm single and I never even thought about my love story like I'm thinking about MinEun story. I'm even ready to give my happy ending to them(if I have one) I just want them to end up together and get married and have loads of babies. Please this is a fairytale love story

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  6. 19 minutes ago, Guyangi_Dalpeongi said:

    Look at that SHOULDER SLANT! Ok, my eye sight is TERRIBLE (my spectacle lenses are Super thick and I have high astigmatism too) - so those of you with sharp eyes - please measure the slant!! Calling all geometry experts here!! :joy::love: Btw, did THIS really happen?? The End scene?? Or it’s just fanfic / photoshopped??? PLEASE, anyone can confirm / debunk????


    No it's not photoshopped. I saw the interview again and indeed by the end of interview their position was like that I didn't even realise when they moved that closer. But I want to know one thing. Jenga and who me was also filmed on the same day as this one word interview?

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