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  1. 1 hour ago, RosesAreRed said:


    When Camellia Blooms—JTE’s appa is the chief, Secretary Mo is one the Ongsan Ahjumma. Haizt. (FAIL)



    OMG my mind is blown. I knew that JTE's dad was the chief, but I hadn't made the connection that Secretary Mo was one of the Ongsan ahjummas...wow...kudos to her acting. They're so different that my brain didn't even think to connect them! 


    And yes, I too, believe that they are dating.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Guyangi_Cheshirecat said:

    To be honest, each time I encounter your need for REALITY & REAL EVIDENCE, it’s quite ironical - Haha - cos this is a ‘ship’ where I can safely say, almost 99% of what we are discussing, are our happy speculations! 

    If you really want REAL EVIDENCE, I think we need to do investigative journalism - with EVERYTHING supported by pictures (NO PICTURE NO TALK) or admissions / words that are STRAIGHT from the horses’ mouths (& I don’t mean Maximus or Benjamin)


    I think you've missed my point. I'm not going to engage any further with you. You and I can co-exist in this thread. Feel free to just not read my posts and I'll do the same. 


    42 minutes ago, Miadee said:


    Hi..i took another look at the original video..i think it was at that particular moment when she was trying to throw the ball to wdh to say hyung she turn her body and position that she was suddenly that close to him..but once they go back to their original front facing then there was a lil gap..though still quite close between 3 of them somehow their chairs were quite close together it seems compared to jec, kkn and jjl.



    Eagle Eye!! Thank you again for correcting me here. I edited my original post - and my apologies to anyone I may have offended by saying that particular video was fake. I should have more thoroughly found the exact spot in the press conference video before posting. 


    I am ultra-sensitive to edited photos and videos these days. I've seen a lot of KGE photos edited so that she has double eyelids on IG/Twitter. It's been very demoralizing to me. That is probably what has prompted me to react in that way to that particular video. Sorry!

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  3. 17 minutes ago, Guyangi_Cheshirecat said:

    Sorry if I sound too dramatically down ... but I think most of us don’t need more verbal grappling / arguing / trying to prove stuff when we’re supposed to be in a Happy (OK, OK - I have to admit this - ‘Delulu’) place like this MINEUN SHIPPERS FORUM - so it’s kinda tiring sometimes to read ... er... ‘arguments’ & ‘doubts’ ... maybe it’s just me ... maybe other readers find the arguments / doubts Super exciting ... 


    I believe this forum is meant to gather those who support the couple. There will ALWAYS be a spectrum of fans who like to believe in fake stuff and truly be delusional and then there will be those who want to support only if it's REAL. We need to be understanding and accepting of BOTH and ALL types of shippers. There is no rule here on Soompi that says "you can only be in this forum if you are always happy and delusional about this pairing." 


    I want to explain to you why there are some who bring in "doubt" or "argue" evidence. My POV - this is primarily because some of these shippers started out not as shippers (i.e. - people who didn't follow KGE or LMH before but love the two together), but as true fans of the respective actors (i.e. - Arjenia or Minoz). I think many of these fans ship because they want their actors to be happy in real life and if they see that they are (primarily through BTS) then they become shippers. I believe both Arjenia and Minoz ended up here because we saw something special between the two actors and saw that they were happy.


    However, we will NOT ship if it's NOT real. Why? Because it's actually a huge disservice and quite disrespectful to your favorite actor to continually spread speculation about their love life when it's not true.  It's a nuisance to the actor if there are a bunch of fans who keep insisting that they date someone or that they are dating someone. Imagine if the actor actually has a different significant other? Can you imagine how they feel? That is why you hear from fans like @Heretorant and myself that we will stop shipping if we hear that they are involved with other people. To me, as an Arjenia, it's important there there is REAL evidence that the two are together. 


    I would ask that you not take "doubts" and "arguments" as a sign of being a "fake shipper" or "troll."

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  4. 3 hours ago, AgentQuake said:

    So there are two viable options.  One is that they're both highly intelligent and tossing little bones here or there, and it's being picked up on even by the mainstream at this point, and they're fine with it because neither agency has come out to deny - seriously, you would think MYMENT would have said something by now since it's gone REALLY mainstream. 


    What do you mean it's gone really mainstream? It's not being picked up by any legitimate media outlets and it's basically just fan / netizen speculation. I'm still in the opinion that the speculation has not gone out of hand enough for either of the agencies to respond. 


    My understanding of the past is that KGE was forced to respond to GY rumors because they were saying GY got in between her relationship with SHK. Cheating rumors can SERIOUSLY tarnish a celebrity's reputation in Korea. Especially for KGE who already gone through a lot with GY OIMs at that point. For LMH, didn't a Chinese media outlet claim that he and PSH were already dating for 2 months? 


    The only crumb that I think is even a crumb at this point are the July 2 birthday posts. I don't think there is any legitimacy in the lack of agency responses or KGE's father's random liking of comments.


    EDITED: got rid of a statement that has been proven incorrect by Eagle Eye @Miadee below.

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  5. 37 minutes ago, KGE fan 1217 said:

    Just some thoughts on one of the theories eloquently laid out by @AgentQuake on why KGE does not like/follow LMH on IG, particularly point #2 (business decision).


    I get LMH's case where it's deliberate to not follow/like any posts.


    As for KGE... let's assume there is nothing going on between the two and they are just sunbae/hoobae. I don't see how liking/following LMH could hurt her brand? She follows/likes JHI's posts (which she's had a project with as well). So why a different treatment with LMH if the relationship is purely professional?


    Something to think about during this dry season :) 


    I'm not sure about why KGE doesn't like LMH posts, but as for why she doesn't follow: I don't think KGE follows anyone who doesn't follow her. Her tendency is to follow back those who follow her first. 

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  6. Hey all - I wouldn't look too much into KGE's dad liking the LMH comments. If you look at his comments, he went on a liking spree of comments that are *CURRENTLY* 17 hours and older. Like there are a SERIES of back-to-back comments that he's liked, including the ones highlighted in this thread. 


    He tends to like many comments on his IG page. If you look at his previous posts, he's done the same. When he posts something and the comments start coming in, he goes and likes all of them. Some of the ones that you'll see he hasn't liked is probably because he's offline by then. He can't like ALL of the comments on his posts but he tries to like many of them. 


    Edit: Realistically speaking, KGE's dad strikes me as extremely intelligent. I don't think he'd do something as obvious as like only a few comments regarding LMH. As a few pointed out there, that would be incredibly obvious.

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  7. On 7/19/2020 at 2:23 PM, extrodinairey said:

    @jy_cohh are you still around? I'm so afraid that everyone will sit next to HR. at this rate, and I might be left alone on this side of the ship. Please don't leave me hanging





    You and me at the top of the ship :happydance:


    Balancing out the rest of the ship who are at the bottom doing this :fiercebunny: ready to whip anyone at any moment with their imaginations hehe 



    You all crack me up. The last few pages were HILARIOUS. 

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  8. 23 hours ago, KGE fan 1217 said:



    Ah can’t wait for Hero to come out. How come we haven’t seen any trailers with her in it?





    Yes I was wondering the same! I reached out to Kim Goeun USA fan club and they said Variety is in touch with CJE to make sure we get the trailer and poster with Ggone in it for their new fan project. Hoping it's soon!!

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  9. 1 hour ago, KGE fan 1217 said:

    Seems plausible... but where would they go given the pandemic? And didn’t KGE have a photoshoot for Mind Bridge or something during this time?


    I think KGE posted on July 14 to thank her Arjenias since it was “silver day” as much as I’d like to believe the Weibo fan’s interpretation. 

    The staff’s meeting is interesting. Could they have just gotten close during the shoot so are just hanging out? I feel like something is brewing there :) 


    I personally think the Mind Bridge photoshoot took place before her birthday. The official photos were posted on July 8...that's a really quick turnaround for photos to be edited etc. if the photoshoot took place sometime between July 2-7. 


    As for "silver day"...I'm not so sure if Arjenias celebrate "silver day" as their day. I feel like this was created by a few fans and then it kind of spread internationally? I may be wrong about this, any long-time Arjenia's have insight here? Arjenia's official IG page didn't post to celebrate it, they posted 5 days ago for her 3000th day debut. But who knows, I can definitely also see her posting on "silver day" to celebrate Arjenias too :).


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  10. 4 hours ago, Heretorant said:

    I’d also like to point out that he is a grown man who’s proven to be mature and wise. He has been in the industry for over 14 years so believe me when I say he will not act reckless. If they are going through a rough time, which they are not, he will not be posting it out there for people to know. 


    This is a good point. 


    Thank you ladies for all of your input - per your advice - I will not read too much into his latest post!! 

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  11. My personal opinion:


    Yes I understand the argument that it could be a random post, but that seems to bring inconsistencies in our assumptions and thinking.


    We think it was 100% intentional to post on her birthday with a romantic song, but days later, he posts another with a sad, heartbreaking song and we are saying it's just random? Just something isn't sitting right with me.



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  12. I don't know how I feel about LMH's post. If you read the lyrics in Korean, it's quite a sad song, especially in the beginning when the person leaves them. 


    For the specific part that LMH posted, there's a mistranslation going around. It's not "when I'm in between the branches, and feel alone, will you remember me, in so much pain" ... it's actually ... 


    "When I'm in between the branches and feel that I'm alone, I think of painful memories of you" 


    I personally believe that he's quite intentional about what he posts - in the Dancing Universe song - he posted specifically "dancing on top of the universe, on this night when no one is watching us." Which is a perfect fit if they indeed were together that night.


    If he is intentional, for this new post,  it's a really sad part of the song that he posted. It's about someone who's already left...hence my first thought was it's about an ex. The part that comes after what he posted "my love, don't leave me" can be interpreted in a much more positive way. But not included in his post.


    And also I know it's been mentioned that the cover singer follows KGE on IG. She also follows BS. So, I don't think we can read too much into that.

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  13. 51 minutes ago, Joojix said:


    ...the second photo can still be a vertical one....with the 0.2 borders because of instagram app....any thoughts on this Is welcome... :) thank you everyone:)


    omg i laughed at your "thank you everyone." I feel like we're all taking turns giving guest lectures on IG borders. 


    42 minutes ago, AgentQuake said:

    If this would’ve happened 10 years ago maybe Borders Bookstore wouldn’t have gone bankrupt.


    TOO GOOOOD. I remember standing in line at Borders years ago for Harry Potter releases. RIP Borders.

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  14. 37 minutes ago, makshimus' mane said:

    he went out with me. i was the one who took his photos. 

    are we done now? 


    31 minutes ago, makshimus' mane said:

    fosho mom. 

    i just want this cute feud to get over with hahhahaha so i let myself jump and drown and belong to that lower part of the chart. 


    8 minutes ago, AgentQuake said:

    a little constructive criticism

    next time u go out with LMH pls make the photo less blurry and brighter

    we old bishes ain’t nobody can see


    ya'll crack me up :joy:


    29 minutes ago, Miadee said:




    Oh i get it..he (lmh) asked kkbeom to help cover him up since wdh is away now he needs backup but nope

    I checked kkboem border size..it is still thicker than the one lmh and kge used Hahah


    check his latest post (one of the photos in the series) has a thin border. I think a very early on photo also has a thin border. 




    But seriously though - let's move on - we're not going to crack this with what we have now. hahaha. 

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  15. 5 minutes ago, Miadee said:

    Hmm you need to get some smacking, mama said long time ago there is no way he was out w the boys nor staff nor sister etc..and post it to show us on KGE birthday? No no sister you ain't going there...


    I REALLYYYY hope that's not the case, but I can't help but to think of all the possibilities!!! No smacking, please!! :joy:


    4 minutes ago, HR. said:

    I’m desperate for any crumbs rn my friends. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night for the past few days, pst so it would be early evening/nighttime in kst, hoping that either of them will make a post. Every time I get an IG notification, I pray that I see their usernames but I’m always disappointed if it is not them. It has been too calm, the storm should be coming soon right?


    Same - honestly - I feel like my confidence is going down by the day, particularly with this whole border fiasco hahaha.

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  16. 2 hours ago, 1ouise said:

    It looks to me like the borders were made with INSTAGRAM.  Anyone with Instagram can make a border by clicking the frame button, or by choosing a filter, double-clicking on the filter and adding a border, or by doing both.  The orientation/composition of the original photo determines the horizontal/vertical border.

    Look at @k.kbeom for more examples.


    Kim Bum is one of LMH's besties right? They were in Jeju together? What if he was the one who took the photos and added borders? Seems like Kim Bum just recently adopted the border style on his IG.


    Coincidentally Kim Bum also posted on June 22 and not again until July 2. HAHA. 

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  17. 28 minutes ago, Joojix said:

     the photo on her bday (the one with the balloons and dog cake have the exact ratio from the second photo of lmh though? edit on the side part...if you'll do a top to bottom side by side collage using the layout feature of instagram app, its the same ratio...


    here is the photo which I used with the layout app that comes with Instagram :)  I’m using an IPhone...



    I think what Eagle Eye @Miadee is saying is that KGE's horizontal photos, which LMH's posting is all three horizontal, typically she adds in top and bottom white borders not sides. For her vertical photos, which is the one you're referencing (birthday cake), she adds in side borders. 


    I don't think the length ratio is the same between his photo and KGE's birthday photo right? Only the sides. 


    Correct me if I'm wrong!

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  18. 28 minutes ago, Miadee said:

    If the 3 riverside photos are taken with kge phone then why are they not having the same style as the pics from kge ig? If they using borders as comparison.. however i am thinking those pics and video on her bday could be taken w another type of camera instead of their phone? Then it could belong to lmh hence it has his style of photo. But what i actually want to say is it is a hard matter to conclude as how the picture came out would depend on type of camera used, phone type android or iphone,  or image editing app used prior to upload etc etc..



    However it seems lmh original pics are of the same style except the one w wdh we can say came from wdh, and beach pic....so the question would be why would he purposely add border on the 2nd pic? Does that mean he knows shippers have been pointing abt the borders hence he added the border to tell us yes you got that right lol me and my creative mind stuck in delulu land 


    Got it...so if I had to boil it down, you're asking why his first and third pics of the series do NOT have borders like the second pic right?


    Edit: Nevermind. I understand what you're staying. The second photo is a horizontal photo and KGE's horizontal photos typically have borders on the top and bottom not the sides. Therefore, we're questioning if it was taken from KGE's phone. We think maybe it was taken from a camera or phone of whoever typically takes LMH's photos for IG upload since it looks the same size as others on his IG. 


    Maybe he was with a staff after all lol. 

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  19. 2 hours ago, Miadee said:


    So why i think it is inconclusive because if i try to say upload these on word/ppt i cant actually get the same effect maybe because the app crops them out. So far i havent found another program i can see the same effect. And also if lmh original photo have the side border im also not sure why he decided to post that 1 particular pic to show the border. We can say for the beach pic it was perhaps not intentional since the photo might be taken from kge phone. 


    Conclusion..my research is inconclusive hahahbaha



    I'm confused! help me! i know you're saying it's inconclusive, but what are you trying to point out with your photos and analysis? 


    22 minutes ago, Prerna said:

    Gals check this thread she has translated all the comments on Nate .....

    I assumed Nate was a very negative place coz of the comments they gave the celebs but it seems our couple are on roll so many ppl are supporting them and all set to make them date also.......few of my fav. I am putting here others you can check her thread.....


    There are some nuances that the translations have missed it seems. The last post you copied isn't actually a POSITIVE comment. It's a neutral-negative comment - it is saying that people believe they're dating based off of IG.

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