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  1. I've read somewhere that some people try to be respectful and won't release fancams until after the scenes have aired. In this case, I would guess maybe they were waiting for the series to be over, then forgot they had the footage, and then uploaded way late??? haha
  2. OMG my mind is blown. I knew that JTE's dad was the chief, but I hadn't made the connection that Secretary Mo was one of the Ongsan ahjummas...wow...kudos to her acting. They're so different that my brain didn't even think to connect them! And yes, I too, believe that they are dating.
  3. I think you've missed my point. I'm not going to engage any further with you. You and I can co-exist in this thread. Feel free to just not read my posts and I'll do the same. Eagle Eye!! Thank you again for correcting me here. I edited my original post - and my apologies to anyone I may have offended by saying that particular video was fake. I should have more thoroughly found the exact spot in the press conference video before posting. I am ultra-sensitive to edited photos and videos these days. I've seen a lot of KGE photos edited so that she has double eyelids on IG/Twitter. It's been very demoralizing to me. That is probably what has prompted me to react in that way to that particular video. Sorry!
  4. I believe this forum is meant to gather those who support the couple. There will ALWAYS be a spectrum of fans who like to believe in fake stuff and truly be delusional and then there will be those who want to support only if it's REAL. We need to be understanding and accepting of BOTH and ALL types of shippers. There is no rule here on Soompi that says "you can only be in this forum if you are always happy and delusional about this pairing." I want to explain to you why there are some who bring in "doubt" or "argue" evidence. My POV - this is primarily because some of these shippers started out not as shippers (i.e. - people who didn't follow KGE or LMH before but love the two together), but as true fans of the respective actors (i.e. - Arjenia or Minoz). I think many of these fans ship because they want their actors to be happy in real life and if they see that they are (primarily through BTS) then they become shippers. I believe both Arjenia and Minoz ended up here because we saw something special between the two actors and saw that they were happy. However, we will NOT ship if it's NOT real. Why? Because it's actually a huge disservice and quite disrespectful to your favorite actor to continually spread speculation about their love life when it's not true. It's a nuisance to the actor if there are a bunch of fans who keep insisting that they date someone or that they are dating someone. Imagine if the actor actually has a different significant other? Can you imagine how they feel? That is why you hear from fans like @Heretorant and myself that we will stop shipping if we hear that they are involved with other people. To me, as an Arjenia, it's important there there is REAL evidence that the two are together. I would ask that you not take "doubts" and "arguments" as a sign of being a "fake shipper" or "troll."
  5. What do you mean it's gone really mainstream? It's not being picked up by any legitimate media outlets and it's basically just fan / netizen speculation. I'm still in the opinion that the speculation has not gone out of hand enough for either of the agencies to respond. My understanding of the past is that KGE was forced to respond to GY rumors because they were saying GY got in between her relationship with SHK. Cheating rumors can SERIOUSLY tarnish a celebrity's reputation in Korea. Especially for KGE who already gone through a lot with GY OIMs at that point. For LMH, didn't a Chinese media outlet claim that he and PSH were already dating for 2 months? The only crumb that I think is even a crumb at this point are the July 2 birthday posts. I don't think there is any legitimacy in the lack of agency responses or KGE's father's random liking of comments. EDITED: got rid of a statement that has been proven incorrect by Eagle Eye @Miadee below.
  6. I'm not sure about why KGE doesn't like LMH posts, but as for why she doesn't follow: I don't think KGE follows anyone who doesn't follow her. Her tendency is to follow back those who follow her first.
  7. Hey all - I wouldn't look too much into KGE's dad liking the LMH comments. If you look at his comments, he went on a liking spree of comments that are *CURRENTLY* 17 hours and older. Like there are a SERIES of back-to-back comments that he's liked, including the ones highlighted in this thread. He tends to like many comments on his IG page. If you look at his previous posts, he's done the same. When he posts something and the comments start coming in, he goes and likes all of them. Some of the ones that you'll see he hasn't liked is probably because he's offline by then. He can't like ALL of the comments on his posts but he tries to like many of them. Edit: Realistically speaking, KGE's dad strikes me as extremely intelligent. I don't think he'd do something as obvious as like only a few comments regarding LMH. As a few pointed out there, that would be incredibly obvious.
  8. IM STILL HERE!!! GIRL I GOTCHU! You and me at the top of the ship Balancing out the rest of the ship who are at the bottom doing this ready to whip anyone at any moment with their imaginations hehe You all crack me up. The last few pages were HILARIOUS.
  9. Yes I was wondering the same! I reached out to Kim Goeun USA fan club and they said Variety is in touch with CJE to make sure we get the trailer and poster with Ggone in it for their new fan project. Hoping it's soon!!
  10. I personally think the Mind Bridge photoshoot took place before her birthday. The official photos were posted on July 8...that's a really quick turnaround for photos to be edited etc. if the photoshoot took place sometime between July 2-7. As for "silver day"...I'm not so sure if Arjenias celebrate "silver day" as their day. I feel like this was created by a few fans and then it kind of spread internationally? I may be wrong about this, any long-time Arjenia's have insight here? Arjenia's official IG page didn't post to celebrate it, they posted 5 days ago for her 3000th day debut. But who knows, I can definitely also see her posting on "silver day" to celebrate Arjenias too .
  11. KGE was not the one who said "I don't think we should do this." They translated something someone else sdaid in the background, which I've seen Swoon do multiple times now, and I'm not sure why they do that. KGE's lips are not moving when that line is said. LMH also did not say "what did you say" that's a mistranslation. The staff members were teasing them and saying "oohhhhh" and LMH goes "they're saying oohhh haha."
  12. This is a good point. Thank you ladies for all of your input - per your advice - I will not read too much into his latest post!!
  13. My personal opinion: Yes I understand the argument that it could be a random post, but that seems to bring inconsistencies in our assumptions and thinking. We think it was 100% intentional to post on her birthday with a romantic song, but days later, he posts another with a sad, heartbreaking song and we are saying it's just random? Just something isn't sitting right with me.
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