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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDpTqPkpNS2/?utm_source=ig_embed


    So I came across this video above and found the translation of HB addressing their rumours at the PC different from what I've watched (this version is extracted from the Korean media talking about it but shows the clip of him talking), particularly the line "...I've never been uncomfortable with her...". Whereas on Youtube the translation reads as "We laughed it off, it did not affect or inconvenience us in choosing work... we worked together and we were friends because of the work." or "...the rumour did not affect our decision to be on the show or make us uncomfortable".


    Sooooo.... sorry if I'm putting you on the spot here but calling @celest1al, or maybe anyone else willing and able, can you pretty please help to clarify which one is more accurate! :please:


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