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  1. Let me just post this here before I go to sleep. Flowers were intended for HB but ended up on YJ's IG...guess the florist sent them to the wrong address? Why would they? That's just terrible service... Or did HB/Vast give them to her? ICBM Update: ICBM
  2. Yes! CC is just like us. Trying to be rational but also can't hide her emotional side that really wants BinJin to end up together. There is no way she is also a clown or delusional LOL Right?! It's so cool listening to BinJin stuff without needing translations. I chose to translate the Feb 28th first because I thought what CC said about Yejin was really the highest praise I have ever heard anyone said about her acting. She pretty said her acting is TEACHING MATERIAL. These are words coming from a celebrated veteran actress! They really carry a lot of weight. I was so touched by her words. Another thing is that scene she praised YJ for in ep 5 was THE scene that made me fall in love with YJ. I'm no expert in acting or filming but I knew that was a hard scene to act out. So this is why I had to translate the Feb 28th one first....not gonna lie, I did it partially to f-l-e-x. lmao. You know what? I'm gonna send MSTeam those translations. This level of praise should not fall on deaf's ears. Well Yejin's ears. If anyone can translate it to Korean, that's even better. This is also why I really really want CC and Yejin to meet one day. I am hoping CC will interview YJ. All the interviews I've watched or read of YJ...I hate to say it, I don't know why Asian entertainment media like to ask so much fluff - like what's your favorite food? Favorite color? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you want to get married? etc. Lol I like those questions too, but it seems like they like to ask celebs those same questions at every darn promo event. So I think if CC interviews her, assuming her BinJin shipper side won't come out lol, I think she'll ask YJ some really good questions on acting etc. Fun fact: CC had almost similar thoughts as YJ on CLOY's ending. CC felt that the ending's emotional impact wasn't enough and we all read tht YJ (along with the cast/crew) realized a reshooting of the reunion/kiss was needed. CC also noticed that they weren't wearing their rings in the ending (something they promised they will never take off). She knew they shot the Swiss scenes first, so there's nothing you can do about the absence of the rings, but she was critiquing the discontinuity. She was speaking not just as a mere viewer, but as an expert. " I had to laugh at what CC did NOT say about it, cuz that means a lot based on her tone of voice, the way she said that she won't say anything more and just the whole vibes." - LOL! It's what she DIDN'T say and her TONE that kind of told me MORE. Of course I really wished she had spilled something or said her thoughts but good thing she didn't, otherwise she'd definitely have haters going after her. As for translating that segment more in-depth - GOOD NEWS! sara @binjinsyjhb on Twitter is going to upload a word-for-word translation of the June 9th clip. We actually talked briefly on Twitter to see how to translate it....because of that 'sensitive' part that TotoroSY and I mentioned earlier LOL Just FYI everyone - it's nothing bad. Nothing bad was said. So don't expect anything earth shattering lol But it was more of the avoidance of the (reconciliation) topic that gave it more away. It was CC's tone, voice, word choice and avoidance of talking about a certain party involved in the reconciliation fake news that made me go . Anyway, we'll see what sara on Twitter does. As for whether CC has insider scoop on BinJin, I'm not really sure. In some of the radio show episodes, she seemed genuinely clueless about whether they're together. Some background: she invited an NK/SK cultural expert (male) who's been to NK no less than 7 times to talk about CLOY etc. At one point, she was pressing him about whether BinJin is real LOL He said he doesn't know. but he said even if they are it's better/makes sense that they don't confirm in case the relationship doesn't work out in the future. This was in February or March, by the way. So it's not recent. I would also argue that expert doesn't actually know enough about Binnie or Jinnie like we do. So I'm not really sure if CC is insider info. Even if she does, I don't think she'll say it openly? But I'm on the side that she doesn't have insider knowledge.
  3. I always have trouble doing multi-quote from different pages, so I have to make another post. Yep! Carol Cheng is a multi-awarded, veteran actress from Hong Kong. She came to fame around the early 80s and has starred in many hit-dramas and some movies that were box office hits. Her most notable onscreen partner is Chow Yun-Fat. Many people thought they were dating that time or wanted them to date. I guess this shipping business thing has existed since the dawn of time lol CC hasn't filmed anything since 2002 because she thinks there aren't good scripts anymore (at least for her) lol so her focus has turned to hosting variety and radio shows. I think any Cantonese person who has seen her host a show knows how quick witted she is. I've only seen a few of her works since she's more of my parents' generation, but I've always admired her hardworking and no-BS attitude (she pretty much learned English on her own and she is extremely fluent). CC may not be as internationally recognized but she's even more senior to big names like Tony Leung, Andy Lau, and Maggie Cheung (she did a couple of movies with MC) so she is very respected by her peers and audience. In the recent years, she started to "keep up" with the trends and got really into K-ent. She even went to BTS's concert and Gong Yoo's HK fanmeeting in 2017: https://hk.celebrity.yahoo.com/化身粉絲上台-嘟姐冧爆孔劉-坐咁近-佢仲靚仔呀-125100414.html https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20170506/1494075300474/【香港見面會】do姐驚喜現身撐孔劉 She's also invited several Korean stars (mainly boy band members I think) to her radio show. She's said on her radio show that she really wants HB to have a fanmeeting in Hong Kong again and she'll definitely go (and I saw on IG that she'll definitely go and meet YJ too). The funny thing is, I read an IG comment saying that many years ago, she refused to watch MLFTS because she thought the plot was "childish" LOL But her stance has obviously changed, as it's pretty evident from her radio shows that she's watched it (when the other female co-host compared CLOY to MLFTS as they're both written by Park Ji-Eun). Anyway! I'm saying all of this to emphasize that we have a famous, veteran actress shipping BinJin just like us and OPENLY talking about them on her radio show. So when people call us delusional, I guess she's delusional as well? And just like us, she knows about BinJin's TN collaboration /promo days/grocery shopping so I'm sure she knows their love didn't start from a love drama and isn't just shipping them because of CLOY's chemistry. And if in the end we all turned out to be clowns, I guess I'm happy that a veteran actress and I were once clowns together. By the way, this is one of the few BinJin things the radio show's official Facebook page posted: The caption (in the screen shot) says "CLOY Season 2, Do姐 thinks they are a match made in heaven, Hyun Bin plus Son Ye Jin!" (FYI - Do姐 aka "Sister Do" is her nickname and pretty much what everyone calls her by). I follow Carol Cheng on IG. At one point after CLOY, she even followed at least SEVEN BinJin accounts hahaha She even followed their hashtags. I think she's since unfollowed the accounts and hashtags (prior to June 9th) but she still talked about them on June 9th, which means she didn't drop shipping. She just likes to follow whatever she likes at that moment. Like she was also following the timotheechalamet hashtag but she no longer follows it lol Yep! Although CC said on Feb 18th that she didn't believe BinJin would get married, she was coming from a very rational, practical perspective, especially one as an actress. It is certainly a perspective that we, as shoppers, need. There was one line she said that stuck out to me. It was "you have to calculate love." I would agree with that statement. There's definitely a lot of things to worry about as A-listers. HB and YJ are probably the celeb that is the most famous in their respective agencies, which means they also pull in the most revenue. Also they have a whole team of people working for them. They can't afford to act irrationally. This is why I laugh at those who make fun of us for the denials etc. It really means they don't understand the industry at all. Of course, CC's stance has changed and she is now a full-fledged BinJin shipper. This means that she must've saw something in them that made her throw in her full support. @/binjinshearteu on Twitter (and IG) translated a segment from Feb 18th. This is how much she knows about BinJin LOL she is totally a shipper. By the way, I just want to make a slight correction to the content above. Valerie isn't the second female host. The second female host is called Ma Lei. Valerie is CC's gym buddy whom CC recommends dramas to. CC played a voice message that Valerie left her which said her husband and kids thought they lost a wife and a mother because she was so invested in CLOY I think forget whether it was from the voice message or CC said it herself that Valerie was running and crying on the treadmill while watching CLOY hahaha. I have played the June 9th part at least 5 times...because it was just so good. Especially in light of the....ahem shipping wars that happened in July and second round of fake recon news, listening to that segment was just medicine for me after all that crap haha. That June 9th segment is so great because you can tell CC was just as anxious as us, dissecting and analyzing YJ's liking spree. Also, although the other hosts were pretty much useless, @Wol-sook pointed out to me that Ma Lei did say that "doesn't liking mean confirmation?" to which CC replied "but as long as they don't confirm, it's not official." hahahaha But CC hasn't talked about BinJin (not that I know of) for a while. I was worried she would drop the ship because of the second round of fake news that happened in July. But since she knows about the liking spree, I'm pretty sure she's read HB's denials as well. I almost wanted to DM CC that this ship is still sailing! But I didn't because she's much older than me, I'm sure she'll figure it out. Also she's inside the HK industry where there's lots of interactions with Korean stars...if anything I'm sure she gets inside scoops about celebrities that us commoners don't. I firmly believe there are no secrets in the entertainment industry. Even though she has never met Binnie or Jinnie herself, she knows people who have. It's just a matter of how much they can keep it from the public. Anyway, it as actually on my bucket list to translate those interviews for everyone hahaha But I kept putting it off. when I finally had the time, I translated the Feb 28th one where CC praised YJ's performance first. It was only a 2-3 min segment but it took me a whole hour to translate everything word for word. I commend @TotoroSY for your efforts!
  4. Omo.....I had feeling that was you @TotoroSY. That twitter user.... is me. I learned about Carol Cheng praising SYJ on Feb 18 through some Weibo YJ fans. The other dates I told you about where she talked about CLOY, specifically on June 9th, were shared to me by @Wol-sook. On June 9th, she talked about YJ's liking spree.....and briefly mentioned reconciliation news. LOL If I have time I'll translate it. CC is just as anxious as us about BinJin confirmation. And there was one bit where the ex was mentioned....was seriously the highlight of the whole segment for me. I'm trying to see how I can translate it and share it without breaking Soompi rules hahahaha EDIT: oh nvm @TotoroSY I didn't see that you translated the June 9th one in the last page. Awesome! lol good job in avoiding the reconciliation news....
  5. i'm a bit skeptical that a person's first post here mentions the other ship and antis. If you are writing with good intentions, then please kindly edit your comment. If you are purposely trying to violate Soompi rules, then please spend your time wisely elsewhere (forgive me for assuming this, we've had trolls and antis visiting this thread before). ------- Anyway, I found the Facebook post of that lady who owns the Chinese restaurant that HB and crew visited in Jordan, the one that @TotoroSY translated here a few pages ago. (Am I allowed to share the FB post here? I see people sharing it on Twitter). I kind of stalked that lady's FB account (because I'm just naturally curious about Chinese/Asians living in "non-traditionally" immigration countries, like the Middle East) and saw a post she made in July when she found out that HB was going to Jordan. She hoped that HB will visit her restaurant, and voila! She got her wish a month and a half later. Lucky her!
  6. See...it's really hard to explain. But it seems like a few people are interested so I'll try my very best to describe my journey on how I almost became and recovered from becoming Kari's Such a Hack and a Maniac aka KSHM. Looking back, I don't even know how the whole thing happened. It was so surreal. Here goes: It might be this whole pandemic and quarantine that caused me to become delirious. With delirium came the delusions. I'm not sure, I might've smoked something too which caused all the delusions. I got really insecure seeing that Yejin is actually super happy with HB and vice versa. Hmmmm maybe I was a possessive, insecure fan-girl all along and I was just pretending to be a BinJin shipper? I don't know. But I just couldn't stand the site of BinJin, specifically Yejin, being happy. They make me realize how miserable my life is...okay, no I don't actually live a miserable life (thankfully) but you know, those delusions could really remind you of the worst things. Yejin reminded me of what I don't have - talent, recognition, beauty, money, and a loving partner that's soooo supportive and hot and rich and famous and loving and sweet and tall and OH MY GOD oooh and ahhh. (Alright alright, no, I've been fortunate in real life but I was in a state of ecstasy. So just play along, okay?) But of course, I would never admit to how I truly feel. I rather kid myself: So I opted to cope with my feelings in the worst way possible - spread FAKE NEWS about BinJin and Yejin. I wanted to ship Yejin instead with an EX-COSTAR of hers and found the BEST candidate. The ONLY MAN in the entire K-ent that is on her level. It is none other than: Thankfully, I didn't do it. But I almost did. I wanted to. It was the only coping mechanism that I knew. Then on that one stormy day, I looked at my reflection in the window and fell into another dimension.... ....and I met Yejin. Right after that I came back to the reality. I realized what a mistake it was to even think about jumping ship and spreading fake news about BinJin. I realized how wrong it it was to be a hack and a maniac. I did not want to be called Kari's Such a Hack and Maniac. I did not want to be called KSHM. As soon as I got a grip of myself I looked outside the window. The skies had cleared up, just like my mind. So that's it. That's my story. It took a lot of effort to not be a hack and a maniac, and I hope no one here ends up as what I had almost become, a KSHM. -------- Anyway, I think I've tired this whole KSHM journey out here. I think this is the last time I'll talk about it because I don't think any of us wants this topic to dominate discussions here. I'm just happy you're all willing to listen. As the great philosopher Son Yejin once said: Thank you sooooooooo much!
  7. My thoughts on The Negotiation after having watched it twice. It's late where I'm at so I might be rambling a bit here. I should really go to sleep but I saw y'all talking about TN and I couldn't help it. If you really loved TN, I advise you to skip this post: I think SYJ did justice to her role HCY, but I rate her acting in TN as just above average lol Okay, she's my bias so of course I think she's never had a bad performance, but I rank her acting in different projects from "best" to "good, but with some flaws." I count TLP, CLOY, TTB, MWGM as her best performances. I have only a few of her shows left to watch. Her role in TN was limited by the script. HB's character MTG had more opportunities to shine because he was the villain. And I think TN was one of his best performances. Full disclosure, I haven't watched most of his shows, but I think he really shined in CLOY, Swindlers, TN, and MOTA. I think TN's topic was actually really refreshing, especially having a female negotiator as the center of the film. But here's the my frustration: the script wasn't really written well and Director LJS was just too green. As much as I love him for being BinJin nation's matchmaker so he should pretty much be King in our hearts, I have to give my honest opinion. See, I grew up watching a bunch of Hong Kong action films, especially police/crime films. HK crime films were REALLY good (I use past tense because I now cry over the dismal HK film industry lol). When I was watching TN, my thoughts were if this was a HK film the writer/director would've changed the pace in the middle of the movie and introduced a twist or more. Instead, Min Tae Gu asked for person after person and killed that corrupt police hostage and brought in a family? Lol And the police side just kept acting "surprised" each time. This whole "negotiating" dragged on until the end of the second act, and when MTG asked to meet another person for like the 3rd or 4th time, I just felt bored. Throughout the whole movie, he was definitely a step ahead of the police but it never really felt like he had the upper hand. Like if you have to make that many requests and kill some hostages AND bring in a family, dude, you're not scary, you're just throwing a tantrum and desperate. The police, especially a top negotiator, would've/should've saw through all of that and thought of creative ways to counter him. SYJ's character HCY could've been fleshed out more. Should've at least showed us examples, at least in mentioning, of what successful negotiations she's done in the past. But all we got was she could speak English better than her boss lmao. Her character pretty much stayed stagnant starting in the second act. And of course, MTG's purpose was to avenge his sister - a generic trope we've seen many times. And this was revealed near the end? Is this a last minute save to add humanity to his character and make us swoon over a hot and loving, family-oriented arms dealer? I mean, he trafficked arms, not little girls, so I guess he's fine! Plus he was avenging his younger sister! *swoon* I think this detail should've been revealed in the middle of the movie or towards the end of the second act, at least to us audience. By the time we found out the purpose (ok it's not like it wasn't a bit predictable that his actions had to do with the opening hostage taking scene), there was just so much to take in, too much happening, but too little time to process. The third act/ending was really rushed. By the time we gushed over how noble MTG actually is, we get a very brief encounter between HCY and MTG, and BAM, he died. and it was HCY who indirectly helped kill him girl, why did you have to stop him? he was burning those politicians' a**es. By the time MTG reached those politicians, there were only 18 mins left in the movie. So in the last 18 mins of the movie, we learned about MTG's true intentions through HCY, that he was actually in SK all along, he almost kills those corrupted officials, he expresses remorse for involving his sister (aww), HCY tells him to stop, BAM he dies, the officials get away, we get a very angry HCY trying to arrest them by yelling "you have the right to remain silent..." (LOL), and finally, a HCY swearing her oath in court (girl, you got him killed ) but we never got to see if those corrupted politicians got their deserve sentences... So, what's the takeaway? Oh right, corrupt politicians bad. But we don't know if they're going to pay their way out of going to prison... Obviously, the real saving grace is HB and SYJ's chemistry through the screen. Their chemistry was the only thing that supported me through the long, dragged out middle part of the movie. Yes, I know it's called The Negotiation...but are we really supposed to sit there and watch over an hour of negotiating through a computer screen? It would've been more tolerable if there was new information being given, but it just felt like a rinse and repeat thing disguised as new information. I'm also fully aware that this might've been a budget issue, as it was LJS's first film. So keeping our two main (probably expensive) leads in the same film setting was probably the best, money wise. But as a result, a good 40-60 mins of the movie suffered. In conclusion, I think TN had a good and interesting first act, very long and dragged out second act, and a very rushed and unsatisfying third act/ending. It was LJS's first film, so a lot of elements of the film definitely felt like he was doing everything "by the book." BUT, TN was no where near terrible. I still liked it. I think for his debut, LJS did a satisfactory job. I hope he is given more chances in the future. If he does he'll definitely improve. I mean, even Bong Joon Ho's first film was pretty bad, according to him. Haha I hope no one starts hating me for this. I'm open to criticisms
  8. Ok I don't want to take away from the news that HB will be in YJ's arms in no time!!! I'll just say this @itspeanutbutterjellytime @PrettyNoona @Krystal. @eLizza and everyone, I won't jump ship. I have so much faith in them. You really have to be delusional and insecure to not believe that BinJin is real. And to those who jumped ship and are being so loud about it...lol yeah we get it. you want attention. sure, we'll give it to you. but make sure you can handle the result in the end. i'm in this for the long haul. i got time lol BinJin fandom is literally full of intelligent and witty people because we are JUST like our presidents: HB and SYJ. Anyway, in case I start acting up again, feel free to slap me, Kari aka KSHM, back to my senses: https://imgur.com/a/Bwac9h5 A side note: If you haven't watched this movie, I highly recommend it. As a long-time Yejin fan, I think The Truth Beneath is her best movie to date. I hope she stars in something like this that's so excellently written and filmed. Yejin's acting in this scene is *chef's kiss* No wonder why she won FIVE Best Actress awards for this movie. No wonder why our boy HB is so whipped. He loves her not only because she understands him and makes him happy, his feelings for her were first born out of pure admiration of her talent and acting. EDIT: YESSS HB is back!!!! I'm sure Jinnie has a delicious Korean food meal cooked up waiting for him because he couldn't get much of it in Jordan. Then sexy time....muwahahaha actually, I don't know if they can quarantine together but I can delulu.
  9. deleted https://imgur.com/M2Qeykz
  10. I so agree with what lovelyz posted of how rumors can start anytime and anywhere. "A lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth." Especially with SNS these days. One can post a blurry photo of two people and say they are dating, and people will quickly believe it. It's how it's always worked in political news, and it works in entertainment news as well. With that said, my friends, I need to rant (again). Sorry, I feel like I just come here to rant. But please bear with me one more time (and probably many more times to come). Actually, this is more of an emotional and psychological journey that I experienced recently. Lately, I almost gave up on BinJin. With virtually 2 months of no news, I wanted to give up. You know, I'm a long-time Yejin fan after all. And I will stay a long-time Yejin fan. But then on one stormy day, I saw my reflection in the window and said to myself, "Kari, you can't give up! You can't jump ship and seek refuge elsewhere! If so, then you're a hack and a maniac! Might as well call yourself Kari is Such a Hack and Maniac, or KSHM for short!" In that instance, my friends, I woke up. I gathered myself and realized what a mistake it was to give up on BinJin. Immediately after my realization, the skies outside cleared up. I was so scared that I almost wanted to spread fake news about BinJin everywhere to feel better about myself. But alas, I don't want to be a hack and a maniac. I don't want to be called KSHM. That's all I have to share. Thank you for all for reading about my emotional journey.
  11. I'm not going to type a lot because I don't have the patience or energy at the moment lol so I'll just cut to the chase. I'm a bit puzzled because I haven't seen any direct comparisons here. Nor has there been any direct mentioning of anybody. If antis can continuously drag BinJin, specifically SYJ, then I don't see why we have to turn the other cheek. If anyone's not aware of it, feel free to visit Twitter or DM me for receipts. The amount of damage done by antis to Yejin is at an intolerable level. Anyone is entitled to feel annoyed, but please do so by expressing it here first or reaching out to those posters who you feel annoyed by, not tagging mods. It really feels like those goody two shoes in class who tell the teacher on their classmates for every little thing.
  12. Thanks for sharing this, @itspeanutbutterjellytime ! It seems like HB has worked with actresses who are from Daegu in the past, but he went out of his way to say our Jinnie is the BEST ACTRESS from Daegu! The admiration he has for her, and he isn't even afraid to show it in public. Yep, it's been two years, and she's still his pick. And two years is definitely more recent than 10.
  13. omg @sharluvsenergy are you in Asia? how did you buy them? specifically the ones with Yejin's faces? are those skin care products or just cards with her faces on them? lol thanks!
  14. Hey everyone! Can't exactly file this under the "fate" or "destiny" receipt but it's worthwhile to fawn over during this drought, especially in light of the fan meeting postponement. Sooooo both Yejin and HB attended the Busan International Film Festival in 2010! Since I'm a fan of both YJ and Chinese actress, Tang Wei, I decided to look their names up together. I know they both attended the 2015 Busan International Film Festival, but I just found out that they both attended the 2010 one as well. And I found out that HB also attended the event in 2010! Both YJ and TW attended the opening ceremony on Oct 7, 2010: https://www.zimbio.com/photos/Son+Ye-Jin/2010+Pusan+International+Film+Festival+Day/I30ixbG5vDy https://www.zimbio.com/photos/Tang+Wei/2010+Pusan+International+Film+Festival+Day/zLwobflLsNi And TW and HB had their Late, Autumn movie screening on Oct 8, 2010: https://www.zimbio.com/photos/Tang+Wei/2010+Pusan+International+Film+Festival+Day/qZ4GVudme1D https://www.zimbio.com/photos/Hyun+Bin/2010+Pusan+International+Film+Festival+Day/1uG1hJ1wLKe http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2017/03/173_81203.html https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/entertainment/2010-10/09/content_11389118_4.htm So seems like YJ and HB missed each other by a day. But who knows, maybe they were both there for a few days and were in the same vicinity? Maybe they stayed in the same hotel and ran into each other in the elevator? Feel free to delulu yourselves
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