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  1. I have sooo much to say about BinJin but let me just reply to you real quick, @TotoroSY. The radio show is called When I was Young I Listen to the Radio, but in Cantonese it is literally "saliva more than spray." The meaning is that because they talk bunch of random things on the radio show, there is a lot of saliva spray going around. I believe you brilliantly translated the correct meaning to English once but I forgot if was it here or when we talked elsewhere. I'm soo happy because that post is Carol Cheng's FIRST NEW YEAR post! Can't wait for her to talk more about BinJin on
  2. Wow some new posters suddenly because of an education topic. Welcome! Uhhh I think some people are a bit mistaken here. This is a BinJin forum and not "everyone" is free to post. Only BinJin shippers are free to post. Now, that doesn't mean we all have to agree on the same thing. We don't kick off shippers just because they don't share the same views. But at the very least, everyone here has to believe in BinJin. @inBinJinitrust yep! I think Zhou Xun and Yejin are pretty comparable in terms of talent, looks, prestige, and stature. Both have box office hits and are very
  3. Since some of us are still on the education topic, allow me to add more to my post on the previous page. I'm also writing not to prove to antis but because I've wondered about how different her career would've been had she opt to finish her degree. Firstly, this is just me so please don't take offense. I'm not a huge fan of citing Zuckerberg, Gates, etc. because for the most part, they were born into well-to-do families. The tech sector has many barriers for people of certain backgrounds but are not a problem for people like Gates and Zuckerberg. As opposed to Yejin, who's in an i
  4. I wrote this on Twitter. Let's stop focusing on that toxic, hate account. Don't even give attention to it. And if anyone is curious (wink wink, admins), that account is someone possibly from this toxic ship who is apparently super obsessed with hating on Yejin. Yejin lives rent free on her mind hahaha that account is so obsessed with YJ's bed scenes (calling her a porn star) and lesbian rumor that at some point, you wonder if that account is just trying to tell us something. I mean, you have to realize the irony of being obsessed with someone being naked AND her possibly being a lesbian....LOL
  5. Hi everyone! I haven't posted in here for sometime. But I just saw this on Twitter: Omo....what do you think? It's generating some buzz already on Twitter. I'm really hoping to see BinJin in one frame! Though I'm not holding my breath because I don't want to be disappointed
  6. funny you mentioned that! I was thinking of a crime-thriller or something more serious for them and they play as colleagues etc. Definitely NOT lovers. haha
  7. I'm sooooo happy we got a BinJin update, even though they were in separate frames lol I'm also happy to see them in the same video as Seo Ye Ji and Kim Soo Hyun - my other faves. I want to say a few things: 1. Omg, BinJin's speeches are so coordinated in this video, just like their thank you speeches at Baeksang both on stage and backstage. And HB said "our" drama. This reminds me of when him used the pronoun "we" during the backstage TikTok video. 2. Look how happy Hyun Bin is in the video talking about CLOY. Where did the idea that he hates or wants to be
  8. I purchased hearts and actually sponsored a few fans... There are some voting polls that I just don't bother with , like that metrostyle beauty poll (though I did vote a few times). The winner wins nothing. It's just to help generate traffic/revenue for that website. But this time, my attitude's a little different. The stupid thing about the voting process for APAN and AAA is they clearly made it for their advertisers. You either watch ads, play games or take quizzes which are full of ads, or purchase hearts or merchandise that come with hearts. I don't have time to watch ads, so I
  9. Alright, I'm back again. This is gonna be a little preachy and a little rant-y and LONG, so read at your own risk I'm kind of on a high right now because I got a new phone last night (yay!) and I just completed a mandatory ethics training course that my workplace requires employees to take annually LOL so I'm kind of tired which means I might not even get my point across. So last night I was transferring data from my old phone to my new phone. Of course, I prioritized the important apps like Twitter, messenger apps, work stuff, and....Weibo. Yes, the infamous Weibo! The Chinese T
  10. I haven't been on this page for a while. I just want to drop in and say I'm ecstatic for all the recent developments and celebrations! Huge congrats to Hyun Bin for his award! It's definitely been a long time coming. He worked so hard and he is so deserving of the presidential award. I'm sure all his fans, shippers and solo fans, are happy for him. Most of all, I'm sure wifey - Yejin - is the proudest right now, watching both her lover and best friend receive such prestigious award. Congrats to CLOY for winning Overseas Drama Special Prize award at the Tokyo Drama Awa
  11. That cake in MITH was definitely store-bought, since like @slowpoked said, she took it out of a box. I don't know if Jinnie is much of a baker though lol Anyway, I haven't been on here for a while. I'm ecstatic to learn that SYA liked a shipper's IG post with a caption that says this ship is sailing! This means A LOTas we all know SYA is close friends with Jinnie and the actress from another ship. Lol anyone who still can't see the obvious at this point is just self-delusion. Well, whatever helps you get by in life, right? Who are we BinJin shippers to tell anyone how to live thei
  12. Let me just post this here before I go to sleep. Flowers were intended for HB but ended up on YJ's IG...guess the florist sent them to the wrong address? Why would they? That's just terrible service... Or did HB/Vast give them to her? ICBM Update: ICBM
  13. Yes! CC is just like us. Trying to be rational but also can't hide her emotional side that really wants BinJin to end up together. There is no way she is also a clown or delusional LOL Right?! It's so cool listening to BinJin stuff without needing translations. I chose to translate the Feb 28th first because I thought what CC said about Yejin was really the highest praise I have ever heard anyone said about her acting. She pretty said her acting is TEACHING MATERIAL. These are words coming from a celebrated veteran actress! They really carry a lot of weight. I was so touched by her
  14. I always have trouble doing multi-quote from different pages, so I have to make another post. Yep! Carol Cheng is a multi-awarded, veteran actress from Hong Kong. She came to fame around the early 80s and has starred in many hit-dramas and some movies that were box office hits. Her most notable onscreen partner is Chow Yun-Fat. Many people thought they were dating that time or wanted them to date. I guess this shipping business thing has existed since the dawn of time lol CC hasn't filmed anything since 2002 because she thinks there aren't good scripts anymore (at least for he
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