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  1. @Peony @QueenieBee Yessssss, I totally echo your analysis on how stark the differences are between those rumours with Binjin. Those two other rumours were mostly based or if not completely based on on screen chemistry and this is nothing out of the ordinary as it happens all the time. But with Binjin, they practically fuelled the rumours themselves off screen on multiple fronts i.e. reported sightings, photographed sightings, IG selcas, promotion tour, interviews, SYJ's liking spree, HB's EYES. As HB has said before, "It's Son Ye Jin, what else is there to say?" And the CLOY Pres
  2. OH WOW. Would you look at that... The recognition that CLOY has been getting left right and center outside of SK. No main feat as well with this one. Guess haters just gonna have to watch us keep winning.
  3. So I am trying to look respectfully and I don’t know what are in those luggages but it looks like this man packed for SYJ some of these: What else is there to say? SYJ, you are one lucky peach.
  4. There has been so many things going on here and most importantly SYJ is Hallyu Best Actress and HB is Hallyu Best Actor PERIOD and also DVD or NO DVD, CLOY continues to be on everyone's mind, I've even heard on so many occasions from so many fans that it's their favourite HB's project, so obvious why! I am pretty sure CLOY is dear and special to HB's heart for very obvious reasons. But sorry I digress I just need to slap some urgent reality on this "fellow shipper", cause she clearly and obviously NEEDS HELP. @Kari or KSHM (btw please be careful not to get attached to this nickname
  5. Phew thanks @Kari for confirming. You really saved me from looking stupid there, you would think everyone would know basic math and all but you'd be surprised at how many people get confused between the past and present, that's why I had to check. Oh so that's right, there are other actresses from Daegu too, how did I not think of that, that's why he had to single her out for being the best DUHHH.. I'm so silly omg guess too many delulu crumbs make me miss the real and clear facts that are staring right in front of me. So thankful for intelligent Binjin shippers who always make sen
  6. Can someone edit SYJ's Wikipedia Awards list??? Apparently she received the Hyun Bin Special Award for BEST ACTRESS FROM DAEGU in 2018! Uwuuuuuuuu..... We heard it from the man himself, she's his pick from Daegu since 2 years ago Wait just checking for a second...... I think 2 years is less than 10, right? Someone, help me out here, I'm bad at math. cr. soonye0nie for the translation!
  7. cr. eclairsart. Oh my gosh!!! The talent in this fandom! This is so beautiful, it feels like a deleted scene from CLOY Brb Imagining the real life version that we are going to get...... sooooooon.......
  8. https://twitter.com/yejinshoe/status/ 97809407024095232?s=20 Does anyone know which part of the PC is this again? Why does he turn to her and what is he mouthing to her and them laughing like that? Is this one of the pink bubbles moment?
  9. Ahhhh plz stop shading my beliefs guys! It's just that I can't help but feel excited about the crumbs since it's drought season ya know! But I know, I know, I really only have myself to blame for having such poor logic and judgments and low standards I guess. I only ask you not to shun me, I'm a LONG TIME binjin fan you know (like early 2020) so pls let me continue to ship Binjin happily with all of you.. otherwise I may need to find refuge in another ship to board huhu
  10. @slowpoked HUHHHH whut im confused.... Cause people who i follow and follow me on instagram know the intimate details of my life and vice versa... I mean it is INSTAGRAM, that's a big deal at least in my circle. So they can't be close friends then... OH DANggg you're a better sherlock than these kpop publications.
  11. Wooooowwwwww.. not sure how legit this website is, as usual, take with a pinch of salt but oMG crumbs alert!!! i really had no idea! no idea that a stylist could be so close to more than one celebrity at a time and that she could say so much about their status. hehe keep the crumbs coming
  12. @Peony that part about him looking forward to lunch time with her gets me. I think we've heard something like it before, but it's my first time reading it in those words? I kind of miss the times when he spoke almost uninhibitedly about her, the early days. His words sound so pure and genuine, sweet and not over the top. It's also a bit cheeky on some level, in a very cute way. It makes me think when exactly it was that he realised that his heart skipped a beat seeing SYJ teehee
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDpTqPkpNS2/?utm_source=ig_embed So I came across this video above and found the translation of HB addressing their rumours at the PC different from what I've watched (this version is extracted from the Korean media talking about it but shows the clip of him talking), particularly the line "...I've never been uncomfortable with her...". Whereas on Youtube the translation reads as "We laughed it off, it did not affect or inconvenience us in choosing work... we worked together and we were friends because of the work." or "...the rumour did not affect our d
  14. Thank you for this but ESPECIALLY the part I bolded. I keep thinking about that but you articulated it well. Although maybe some of us still wish that they had more in TN, perhaps it was because of that beginning which allowed their relationship to flourish so naturally. They did not have to create an attraction for their characters but it just basically happened for themselves as HB and SYJ, as you said due to the emotional and personal connection UGH LOVE!!! I truly truly believe this that they fell in love once they discovered who the person was behind the image they perceived in the indust
  15. JFJEHDHDHDBHDHD hadn’t noticed this before but just lookit these two who evidently cant help it at all, their bodies and whole being are in sync without even trying. In conclusion, Binjin... close friends.
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