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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this cos I literally just came across something on IG earlier today about somewhat the understated chemistry between HB and HJM, which was probably the first I've heard of. The clips they showed did show some friendly BTS (but I didn't really wanna watch it lol but it showed them laughing and holding hands etc and I don't know the extent of whether they were BTS or the scene etc). I took it with a grain of salt though (and also it's not a crime that he was laughing with another woman, you can't expect him to be looking serious all the time haha and plus it was pre-TN ) but just surprised me a little cos I've seen some of what you spoke about that in one of the takes, they almost awkwardly just walked off separate sides after the cut haha. Of course I still felt certain that HB and SYJ are special just by the list of receipts that we have, but reading your comment today just reassured me more! Thank you again for the awesome insight!
  2. When I first joined this forum, I didn’t think there would be so much drama Thinking that the binding and overarching theme that unites us is BinJin as a couple, which meant cheering them on as both individuals and collective. I think that’s still the reason, it just seems that different people have different ways of expressing their support and sometimes can get taken wrongly. But when things get heated, we just try to get things back on track, it’s not that anyone is trying to stifle your views, just making sure that the appropriate context in this shippers forum to prevent unwanted things eg lockdown of this thread and fans fighting/unnecessary debate, which would sour the overall spirit. Anyway onto the topic, I remember reading wayyyy back into the early days when some shippers talked about Masters in the House epi of SYJ, and I recently just watched it. I can’t be the only one thinking when I watched it esp the parts at her house, “wonder if Hyun Bin has been here” It looks like an apartment compound and makes me curious of the privacy of the place if BinJin does a lot of sneaking in and out and then there was a little preview of her bedroom it was I think when she took her luggage out, I suddenly imagined another time Hyun Bin has been in there if he’s been to her house The epi was aired in Dec 2018, sooooo I dont know it’s possible. Or at least in my imagination It was also cute to see the guys sooo flustered around her, such a testament to the beauty that she emanates beyond her looks. She definitely shows a bright personality. Also made me think of the difference with HB, many guys can’t even pretend not to be flustered around her (even one of her co stars right when he said he was so taken by her beauty), but with HB, obviously he is charmed by her but he still puts that cool front yet is able to show that he admires her in a very classy way. Maybe SYJ is too used to having guys fawn over her so when someone like HB is able to be so cool, charming yet makes it a little obvious he’s paying attention to her intrigues her and sets HB apart from the rest of men who may be vying for her attention. These guys can barely stand to look at her for a long time and here’s HB who can have a staring contest and make it look like a movie on pause when he’s staring at her lol. Missing them a lot, I even rewatched their vid at the airport going to Mongolia which LITERALLY HAD NO INTERACTION, yet I could still sense their chemistry there, how is that possible
  3. This has been posted before on HB’s reaction upon SYJ calling him cute but here you can really notice the contrast in this video cause here the interviewer actually says he’s handsome and he was just smiling shyly. But then SYJ called him cute in the same interview and it was a whooolee different kind of shy. Really shows the difference between receiving compliments from people and from someone you really like. Hehe what a cutie!
  4. Aigoooo I was soooo excited when I saw them post after all this while, and my gosh I feel like they are me!! Couldn't help but relive those moments again with the BTS as if I hadn't been watching for like the nth time already lol. Love the added insights as well, particularly that part when HB was teasing SYJ about not looking directly at her, sounds legit when they observed he was aiming for her hands These girls are so precious, many thanks to them for uplifting us!
  5. Haven't posted in a while so just delurking a bit to share some of my thoughts after some good discussions here. I'm thankful that despite the drought, this place is still active, perhaps it's a place for many of us to recharge so it's important as well to maintain positive energy here and also as some have already said, a welcome source of distraction from the chaos that each and everyone is affected by, in this covid19 period. Some thoughts about the drama comparison but I'll hide post considering that it's not the most appropriate thread to detail it. Sigh this drought is too real, I felt it almost immediately after CLOY ended and I practically wake up each day hopeful of something haha. When I read others posts, I feel like we are in the same boat so I guess that's comforting in some form. It's definitely ups and downs, one minute I'm super sure, another minute I'm less certain about them. But I feel like I've already decided that I'm too invested not to have faith in them that even if this doesn't go down as anticipated, it's just something that we'd deal with later on. As for now, it's ON. I recently watched this FMV and it made me feel soooo thanks to the fan who made it! (p.s: btw, how perfect is this song for their wedding, it's so totally romantic) When I saw back how they first met in 2014 and think to where they are now, it does feel like some kind of fate and destiny. You can clearly see that back then, they did not know each other and they were just simply being civil as fellow professionals are. Then fast forward to 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, wow, the contrast speaks for themselves. It reminds me that sometimes it's all about timing and that their bond is not superficial to say the least. As an outsider, it feels that they developed genuine attraction over getting to know each other deeply through work that turned into something personal and intimate as they found themselves unintentionally falling in love. This also feels extra special because of how their characters in CLOY also were written, in that they met so many times before but fell in love once they had the opportunity to get to know the other. UGH my HEART. We obviously don't know them but like something just screams that they're meant to be, somehow, someway. And all the denials and everything, to each his own as to how you want to perceive them but I also think that it may be their way of maintaining control over their relationship. Maybe they feel that if they reveal it right now or back then, the narrative could have been taken away by the media or even the fans (even well-intentioned ones) because of the pressure we know that they are always submitted to. So maybe it's their way of doing this on their own terms and we can never truly understand it because we're not in their shoes, no matter how we imagine we can relate, because at the end of the day they know best their situation so at this time I will choose to trust them in this way and just be hopeful that one day, they will be comfortable to share with us their reality together because we wish them nothing but the best and certainly all the happiness in the world. Stay positive and keep it up, take care of yourselves. And keep being responsible shoppers, I enjoy reading most of your posts here, honestly if BinJin was a PhD, I think many of us would be doctors now.
  6. Omg have you guys seen this? TN promo tour is the gift that keeps on giving! What a heart fluttering testimonial from HB Agh, gosh, these two are the real deal, they must be. HB has referred to SYJ's eye smile on more than one occasion, I'm starting to think that it's one of his favourite features of hers, nyawwww SUCH CUTIES, I can't handle them when they are ready to tell us the truth I find it interesting though, I find that HB seems to be wear his heart on his sleeve more in terms of when being asked about his impression of her, what he thinks of her... while SYJ, when asked of him, she is very good at giving "shallow" answers so as not to give away how personal he really is to her. That said, since CLOY period, HB seemed to be better at it, and appear more cautious in his words (however, still get an "F" on the eyes department as he stares ahem lovingly and longingly at her way too many times for us to miss but hey we aint complaining ). Special thanks to the person who translated and shared this!!
  7. I haven’t been to this forum since a while but I still really miss CLOY I know I’m not alone, I’ve read from many that people just can’t move on from CLOY! On one hand, feels good that it’s quite a phenomenon. Wish there was more we could look forward to, now with the DVD news not happening, so bleak. Only positive BinJin news could cure this void lol. You guys are so right, CLOY set the standards so high I can barely go onto another drama, with the same feeling. I am currently watching Kingdom though, a whole different genre but it’s quality. And honestly, not only CLOY as a drama but it’s the HB and SYJ chemistry that also set the bar really high to other leads. They are just so perfect. I rewatch CLOY everyday tho lol like random episodes and not lying but they still make make my heart flutter! One of the things I observe that’s pretty sweet is remember how RJH just didn’t know how to “pat sweetly” YSR’s hair lol but once he realised he was in love with her like ep 7 onwards, he could not help play with her hair on so many occasions subtle character development, if you can call it that. @ElleSor I couldn’t agree with you more on HB’s manliness handsomeness! And he just ages so fine. Honestly compared to his past appearances, he definitely looks his best now, he had some pretty cheesy looks in the past though he’s always been beautiful. Lucky SYJ that she got him in his prime hewhewhew (I mean you know acting beside him, not sure what else anyone could be thinking........)
  8. I have watched this before, but I couldn't help rewatch it, one of the rare ones that we come across, compared to BTS and the swoon stuff. Apart from what you mentioned, even in the comments people are saying them bickering is even more telling to their closeness and comfort level. These two definitely have banter. But I also noticed on the question whether SYJ prefers dress or formal wear, and she said she prefers to wear casual clothes and he looked down and nodded. It made me think did he nod because he too prefers to wear casual (instead of dress ) oooooorrrrr he knows that she likes casual (because maybe he's seen her plenty in casual ). And briefly at about 6:01 in the video, she touched his hand while they were cutely arguing about which ones were the better photos. Little moments On another note, wouldn't it be funny/amazing if months or a year (hopefully not years) from now, when we actually get to see them together, we'd reminisce over this time and slap ourselves silly for ever even doubting their love. Let's wait and pray desperately!
  9. They so did, that was a little unconvincing and the way HB turned to her awaiting her answer so he could be on board with whatever she had to say and then the slight chuckle uhuh uhuh. I mean for cL0sE fRi3nd$ who went grocery shopping together in LA and then what didn’t talk to each other months leading up to the project? Technically, she didn’t lie... “Not really. We both knew each other were given the script.” Ahem, sure, sure, we believe you
  10. I totally thought of something like this when I learnt of who the little kid was! Like it's quite an intimate thing to be close to your friend's child and let alone your co-star seems also comfortable with him?? It's so sweet though. It could also be that the little boy is the super friendly type and can warm quickly to people he hasn't met before, but I don't know.... In any case, it's still super sweet and quite telling how open and comfortable SYJ was to important people in HB's life I can imagine that could only make HB fall deeper for SYJ seeing that
  11. UGHHH I agree with everyone here, so upsetting to hear that. Of course things are really difficult right now, and there are more priorities for us to think of but I can’t help but think like could we not have this one little thing to cheer us up in such tumultuous times? To cancel it altogether is so disheartening. They could at least postpone it or even attempt what everyone’s trying to do right now which is WORK FROM HOME. I mean surely they can record audios or whatever not in separate rooms wherever they are, or WHATEVER IT TAKES!!! Come on
  12. @Ambivert Honestly, initially I thought it was SYJ that was more obvious being into HB. But I changed my mind after getting to know them as a fan whereas I dont doubt who’s more into one another (because to me, they are both into each other), it was only a question of who seems to be better at making it less obvious. So, I deduced that it was SYJ that was more expert in poker face (she’s quite excellent actually, because even if she seems to make it less obvious, we can still see the warmth, she’s not being cold) whereas with HB, people may mistake his action of not making it so obvious as being cold. i observe that yes there are some differences in their interactions FROM WHAT WE SEE at least, during TN and CLOY, in which HB has somewhat learnt to be less obvious than before. So I see a little where you’re coming from, but I suppose this is where we can “exchange notes”. Because what I can observe is that this is due to him pursuing her more seriously and as many shoppers have expressed that the denials etc are really more of him protecting SYJ from the rather unreasonably unkind misperception of romantic rumors or scandal that negatively affect women more than men. I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about because I am only seeing this from afar and with no knowledge of their actual personal lives! But that’s where I stand at least, I could be right or wrong, that’s just what it is. And SYJ appears to be a very smart and sensible woman, and seems to have a good eye on people? Like this long in her career, it’s very hard to believe that she has kept it free from dating scandals. So it seems that she does not fall as easily as people seem to fall easily for her - I think she would know if someone was playing her and I trust that she has assessed HB’s sincerity herself. I’m pretty positive about these two right now. That said, yeah I’d be open to hear your concerns as well.
  13. I'M SOOOO HAPPY THAT THIS THREAD IS BACK ON!!! Times are so hard right now, fear and anxiety surround us, it's important to keep positive vibes in the midst of it. On this note, I hope everyone and your loved ones as well as those around you are safe and healthy, and if otherwise, hope you will grow stronger and more resilient and pray each day that this difficulty will pass and be replaced by much relief soon. I haven't posted in a while but reading your posts make me feel better, and I feel like we are mostly in the same boat. It's been a long month since the end of CLOY and I hope the crumbs that we have will last us until something positive new comes our way. In the mean time, let's reminisce the good times they've shared with us! Have you all seen this? Of course you have! But it's a different version to the zoomed in one that we saw I think and this shows like almost a minute before and it's sooo If you look at it, it starts with HB coming out first and he went to the side near the bus it seems, possibly waiting around and YJ went over to some fans first and as if RIGHT ON CUE, this man just turned slightly around to catch her before she got on the bus and reached out for her hand and patted her back too (is it me or is this becoming HB's thing). But he proceeded to only nod at the Director who was there too at the time, and they just exchanged a respectful nod to part ways. I mean, it's just too cute how HB does these so-called little things. I was happy that we got this shot because the previous angle was a close-up but it was blocked by some passerby lol. I was also watching the beautiful video that was posted previously that showed their timeline and based on their outfits, this was dated at the later part of TN promo and they were also seen in some selfies in such attire, which made me think that it was also the time that they got close and the comfort level increased to more than just two co-stars promoting a movie together. That video is so great, thanks for making it whoever you are and for sharing it, it puts some perspective in terms of the timeline! I look forward to more BinJin analysis, and honestly even if you post it multiple times and talk about the same thing, it makes me feel like it was just the first time reading it and still so heart fluttering haha! Keep this thread alive and well please!!! You guys are wonderful
  14. When I saw that vid, I kept replaying it, there's something kind of telling about that little gesture for some reason! Like supportive much?? Maybe HB is just like super polite buuuuuuttt honestly, he didn't have to do that, did he?! And the way he was gesturing to SYJ as well to confirm who they were, ughhh I agree with the twitter user who posted it that said it's such a husband energy. Also, I started wondering about SYJ's Christmas photo, all this while I thought that they were in Switzerland when she posted that, that's why she said they were still shooting. But now I'm realising from previous posts here that they were there way back in September?!??! And she chose to post that in December WHYYYY??? If she wanted to promote the drama, she could've chosen real time photos when they were shooting then, right or a group photo or whatnot. But she chose THAT ok ok cool cool cool cool cool.
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