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  1. The painting that RG drew of DM reminds me of this artist’s work! The artist is a Korean American who acted as the main character’s brother in the movie, “Searching,” starring John Cho. I love his style of painting portraits so I was delighted to see something similar when RG revealed it!
  2. Thank you for sharing this article! I appreciate that KJW and PMY took the time to share their favorite scenes with us. So beautiful. Definitely some of my favorite scenes as well and I really enjoyed reading both of their explanations on why they chose those scenes. I haven’t been able to be as present here, so there’s a lot to catch up on in this thread (you are all amazing lol) and a lot to say about episodes 13-14... sorry if I echo thoughts that were already shared... I was pretty nervous about how Ryan’s past with his mom would unfold because I felt that it could easily become cliché and dramatic, but I am mostly pleased with the way they handled it. I definitely give a lot of credit to KJW because of the way he portrayed the emotional scenes... that’s what grounded the particular storyline for me. It also allowed RG-DM to really shine as a couple. I loved seeing them listen and process, console and be comforted, and be supportive and supported. Navigating through hardships/trials together and carrying one another’s burdens naturally deepen relationships and cultivates a stronger bond... they definitely used this storyline to highlight that. I loved that they were on the same team the entire time, seamlessly working together to sift through all the pain. I also liked how he was able to share a little bit about how loving and supportive his late adoptive parents were. It made so much sense that despite his childhood trauma, he grew into a rather healthy individual who is able to love and receive love. And so many memorable scenes in this drama, but the drawing/i love you/kiss scene at the end of episode 14 might be one of my favorites. Its definitely one of the most moving “I love you” confessions in a rom-com for me. Art has been an aspect that’s brought a spoken and unspoken bond between RG and DM throughout the drama as a way for them to share their perspectives on life and how their experiences have shaped those perspectives. I think back to their conversation at the end of episode 3 when RG first shares about his past with DM... for RG, not being able to draw/paint has been debilitating because he felt like his art gave him worth and value. However, DM has shown him that she loves him for who he is at what he feels like is his worst state. His value and worth is not in his ability to draw/paint, and so her love frees him and empowers him to overcome his paralyzing fear. She calls him an artist, and you can tell at that moment how much they respect and admire each other. And so when they shared their I love you’s amidst the silence and loving gazes, it was so meaningful and beautiful. It was such a moving and intimate scene. Not to mention, I really loved the silhouette concept because watching her shadow move against the canvas was inspiring even for me. I have read some people complaining about how the drama has lost the fangirling aspect to it esp since it’s been focusing on RG’s past, but I would like to humbly disagree. I think the context has just changed. The title of episode 12 was: “Being your fan means being on your side.” I remember that title because the way it’s written in Korean flowed really well phonetically and mainly because it describes our couple perfectly. I think the past few episodes has brought to light that RG and DM are each other’s biggest fans. DM is such a fan of RG that all of her actions have been for RG’s benefit in his time of need. And seeing how amazing she’s been, further makes RG a fan of DM. So for me, this drama is still about fangirling/fanboying. I am so sad that this drama is ending. Feeling torn between excitement for the new episodes and sadness because I have to say goodbye. I’ve been watching it with my husband and we’ve been enjoying how despite the somewhat dramatic storyline (childhood connection is our least favorite), the couple is drama-free. They are one of the most healthy couples we’ve ever seen in a drama and it’s been making us feel giddy about our own relationship. We will miss them so much!
  3. @haelan I see that we continue to be on the same page! Couldn’t have said it better. This was definitely one of my favorite scenes from this episode as well and I completely agree with your thoughts. I mentioned that I wanted to see a scene where they created art together and so I was very satisfied with this scene. The fact that Ryan can’t even trace something when he used to be heralded as a genius painter is such a point of insecurity for him and the fact that he was able to show this to her and not only feel safe and accepted by her but helped by her was beautiful. I wholeheartedly agree with you about loving the connection between hands as a way to communicate safety, trust, and intimacy and so it was a perfect to use that as the first thing that he’s drawn with with the help of DM. I agree that they are both so observant and in tune with one another. Ryan was this way when he was protecting DM behind the scenes with her sexuality and also her fangirling. And now DM as she helps Ryan heal from his past. I do think DM is especially good at it and I agree about her being able to empathize so well. I realized that she’s really good at initiating conversations that lead to people opening up. For example, at the end of episode 12, before Ryan finally shares about the paintings and his mom, she just simply asks when he first saw the paintings, which leads to Ryan sharing. In episode 5, when they’re at the writer’s cabin, she simply states to the writer about hearing that him and the photographer were very close friends, which leads to the author sharing more about their history. She’s not pushy but creates open-ended conversations that allow people to share on their own terms. Love that about DM. I also loved the scene where DM says, “Hello, Heo Yoon Jae.” It reminded me of their conversation at the writer’s cabin. And I’m a firm believer in fostering and adopting, so I would love it if they decided to adopt a child from that orphanage towards the end! I doubt that would happen lol, but it would be awesome. I am honestly not that excited about this whole mom storyline and even their potential childhood connection, but like I said, I am all in with this couple and so I am okay with it as long as they handle it well. Episodes 11 and 12 were really great in delving into Ryan’s past and allowing him to finally be vulnerable with DM, so I’m hoping they would continue to handle everything in a similar manner. And echoing everyone else, I loved the recent BTS so much. I am enjoying them as much as the drama. LOL. I’ve never shipped a couple from a drama in real life, but I agree that they have such good chemistry off screen, that I can see why people are shipping them!
  4. @cenching @TheRoadtoPMY @Lj Glad to be of some help to clear it up! I think for translators, it’s always difficult to either go with the direct translation or stick with the essence of the phrase! The thigh/high combo is hilarious though @haelan Hahahaha! So glad to find a kindred spirit that’s of the same mind! I love how you touched on the fact that SA comments about how DM is able to capture sides and expressions of him that he wasn’t even aware of. It’s also shown in the way she was able to see the meaning of the self portrait of that late artist from ep 5. She’s definitely someone who is acutely aware and sensitive to others and it helps her to sympathize and empathize well. I am also impressed by TVN! They definitely followed through on that promise! I’m replying to your comments under the spoiler tab...
  5. So in Korean, thigh is “heo-bohk-ji” and you could translate “welfare” as well-being/blessings too. Welfare is translated to “bohk-ji” in Korean. So in Korean, the phrase rhymes and is basically saying his thigh is so sexy that it adds to her well being LOL.
  6. Hi everyone! Just another lurker outing herself... *raises hand sheepishly* I’ve enjoyed all of your thoughtful and fun posts! I just want to apologize beforehand for this long post... It has been a long while since I’ve fangirl’d over a drama... the last one was probably Goblin, which was over 2 years ago, mainly because Gong Yoo is my fav. And I don’t watch too many romcoms all the way through anymore. But this drama has me obsessed! As mentioned by all of you, it’s largely due to the undeniable chemistry of the OTP and the way their characters have been written. They are mature, flawed, quirky, and both so real yet unreal enough to squeal over. The narrative definitely still uses traditional tropes (childhood connection and trauma, frustrating second leads, etc) and I could see the ShiAn/Ryan connection from a mile away (could still be wrong lol), but because I’m head over heals for Ryan and DeokMi (both individually and even more as a couple), it’s so damn delightful and I’m absolutely all in with whatever this couple will go through together. I’m okay with tropes as long as they’re able to keep it fresh, and this drama manages to do that thanks to the two of them. I think I could go on and on about why I love KJW and PMY here as Ryan and DeokMi but I’m sure I’d just be echoing all that has been said about them already. I have to say, I didn’t think episode 10 could be topped (before ep 10, I loved 5) but I absolutely loved episode 11. I’m a Korean speaker so I was able to see it raw. They just seem like a real couple who seem to be getting to know each other and falling in love... it reminds me of me and my husband. Obviously very different circumstances, but even details like that short kiss in ep 10 after Ryan carries DM off of the table after their huge make out session... that was such an organic and realistic touch. The conversations, the banter, the trolling, the tension, the physical aspect all seem very realistic... so rare, for me at least, to see it portrayed so genuinely and with such earnestness these days in a romcom! But back to episode 11, I love love loved, their fight scene/makeup scene at Ryan’s house. It felt so organic and their willingness to communicate and support one another continues to make me so happy. I also loved that they made DM the one to do a wrist grab and a back hug in this episode... flipped the usual tropes . However, I think the thing I loved the most was the way episode 11 started and ended. It started (or ended last episode) with Ryan saying, “It’s okay... Shi Na Gil.” And it ended with DeokMi saying, “It’s okay... you can cry.” It was very touching. And a true sign of a deepening relationship when you can see that person’s deepest darkest secret and tell them it’s okay... that you see them and you accept them. That you don’t have to be embarrassed (for DM) and that you don’t have to suffer alone (for Ryan). I loved the way Ryan accepted DM’s fangirling, and without much judgement, and I think part of it is because he’s an artist himself and he sees her passion as something that is almost inspiring... in the same way he respects her parents’ obsessions as well. And with DM... although Ryan hasn’t told her in detail about the triggering paintings and his trauma other than from their conversation at the museum in episode 3 and the hand holding bit, she doesn’t push him to share. She senses how he’s feeling and reacts in such a reassuring way, such as the hand hold when they find the painting, and the hug at the end. And that last scene... it was very beautiful. I work with emotionally disturbed youth who tend to have trauma, and it’s heartbreaking. Those feelings of abandonment, of not feeling wanted or loved... that pain runs so deep. So the fact that DM hugged him without asking questions and provided a shoulder to cry on, was the most loving thing that she could have done for him. It was touching and moved me to tears and it will definitely be one of the most memorable scenes for me. Some observations and things to look forward to... – From ep 11, during Ryan’s dream, we were able to hear the voice of the lady who abandoned him and even though it was distorted, it sounded like DM’s mom to me... I definitely don’t think Ryan and DM are related, but I do think there’s some painful connection. Hopefully they handle this storyline well... fingers crossed. – From ep 12 preview, it looks like DaIn has one last thing up her sleeve and I’m going to guess that she’s going to try and find Lee Sol as a last attempt to gain Ryan’s attention. – I also feel like ShiAn may be looking for his brother, which could definitely be Ryan. Hope to see more scenes of them together. – I actually like and appreciate where SJ and her husband’s storyline is going due to their honest conversation in ep 11 because I was not as interested before. I hope that they will be able to work it out. – I also like what they’re doing with Sindy/HyoJin! My personal thought is that I hope Sindy ends up working with DM to run the fanpage and learn as a mentee to be a healthy fan and not a stalker. – I also really hope to see Ryan and DM create art together. I hope he will be inspired by her and that she could play a part in helping him overcome his inability to paint. Also a kiss somewhere in there? Again, I apologize for the extra long post! Thanks to those who read this all the way through!
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