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  1. Totally didn’t realize until now that I mistranslated part of the beginning!! Here is the correction...
  2. Okay so it happened soon after I posted... here is my version of the translation of her post on my Twitter
  3. WOWOWOW... I AM STILL ON A HIGH. I was literally grocery shopping when shippers DM’d me. The irony... #InGroceryWeTrust!!! I honestly didn’t think they would be the Dispatch couple, but I’m so happy I was wrong and that they are!!!! We all knew, but it still shook me to my core. I am all about BINJIN controlling their narrative and protecting their privacy so I really believe they gave permission to Dispatch. Also, If HB or YJ decide to post or write a letter, I will definitely be bawling while translating it...
  4. Just dropping in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I love BinJin and being part of this ship. Hope you all find moments of joy despite it being a difficult year and time.
  5. You’re right. He was one of the gangsters and in his Instagram caption he says that they both (him and this other guy) worked together with senior actress SYJ in CLOY. I don’t think the couple in the back is them... it doesn’t really look like them either
  6. Hi friends, a few errors because I was trying to be quick, but here is my translation for the full Netflix Japan video.
  7. I translated their parts! They’re definitely in the same room... they look so good wow
  8. @QueenieBee @Beadharmony piggybacking off of your posts... Supposedly this is the dog she bought from Baby Mong... What this person pointed out is that his name is “노을” which means sunset. It’s the same name as the title of the CLOY ost by Davichi... *crying*
  9. I haven’t been visiting here as much, but dropping in to say hello! This Twitter user created a FMV and it is so good... Will CLOY and BJ ever not make me emotional?
  10. Nothing insightful to say... I just want to take some time to appreciate this Twitter account whose video edits are wild, weird, creative, and extremely hilarious. Enjoy.
  11. Wow. YJ was seriously glowing at her FM!!! And sure, there were some parts of the meeting that I would have fast forwarded LOL, but overall, I liked it. She had good chemistry with the actor who played Pyo Chi Su and she even talked about things that were new to me like admitting she lacks patience sometimes, wanting to be a bread baker when she was young, how introverted she was, how acting can be really hard for her sometimes, the legacy she wants to leave, etc etc. I went in with some hope, but also did not expect any BJ crumbs because this is YJ's fan meeting (I'm sure HB will
  12. My CLOY inspired birthday post Dear Hyun Bin, Next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, it will be a good day. Because we will be thinking about you. We will be thankful that you were born. You came into our life like a gift. And we hope and pray that whichever train you take, that you would reach your destination.
  13. THE HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO HYUN BIN!!! WE, ALONG W/ YOUR SONFLOWER, ARE SO THANKFUL YOU CAME INTO OUR LIFE LIKE A GIFT. 10 nice words (HB characters) from YSR/SYJ (so cute!) Some moving pictures!
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