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  1. Hahahaha! That's actually pretty much right. They usually use the phrase "love call," when an actor/actress is enjoying a lot of popularity and is getting a lot of offers! So for example, I read that the Hollywood director personally called SYJ to offer the role, so he made a love call to her. I bolded the most important part... she definitely received a different type of love call from HB. He offered her to be his wife I'm guessing? LOL. One of the most important offers/roles of her life imo.
  2. What a perfect throwback to that scene in CLOY! Hahaha Wow... just thinking about them on a Hollywood red carpet together makes my palms get sweaty in excitement... @Choisamsook @SHpectator @TotoroSY I completely agree!! No need to worry and be down in the dumps! CONGRATS TO YJ!!! Whether YJ accepts this Hollywood film (I really really hope she does!) or even accepts the other film to shoot later this year... If this ship is sailing and for real like we believe, I'm sure they've both talked about it and are deciding together on how to continue to balance career and personal life (marriage, kids, etc.). Who says they can't get married in the fall like some of us are predicting before all of that goes down anyway??? It's a win-win to me. I think @ElectricHearts may have shared this before? But I just want to re-share this snippet of an interview with HB back in 2015. It's translated from an interview in a Singaporean magazine, so I can't verify the translation unfortunately, but I credited the person who translated it from Hyun Bin's actor thread in Soompi: AMEN. I completely trust our couple. (But also, in my delulu mind and heart, praying desperately for a fall wedding... amirite? )
  3. In the words of @Choisamsook... KEEP TALKING (AND DELULU'ING)..... My gosh... Even though like you and @eLizza said... we still want to be level headed and keep in mind that there is a slight chance it's for PR or just appreciation, but I can't help but believe this is a huge crumb! I remember reading that she's been working with her team and jennyhouse people for almost her whole career right? (someone correct me or confirm)... they are people who are very close to her, so this recent activity is really something to take note of. to my sanity... What a sweet crumb to enjoy to celebrate 1000 pages!!! @wap I've read a lot of Korean comments on YouTube and Naver videos and 99% are positive and supportive of this couple. In the Swoon videos, Korean comments joke about how it's the only couple they've seen with minimal negativity towards the thought of them being married because usually when people comment those things, there will be naysayers that tell people to leave them alone. There are also a lot of Korean comments that say that no one would complain if they were together, most people would support them, they look so good together, they need to get married, etc.
  4. @Felizak@t I am sorry for making you emo, but also you're welcome!! (insert finger hearts) Heheh. You're a true senior shipper in that sense... What a long stretch of time it has been for you! Thank you for being faithful in this ship. You bring up a good reminder for all of us here... There are many distractions and detractors, but we are all here for the same reason. Let's continue to hold onto the abundance of candies/crumbs and look forward to the shore that's ahead! @mamipoppins Hahaha... oh man, I'd be unemployed if I sat there translating all of their YT videos... definitely a full time job! LOL. In that way, we are so lucky because there's just so much content out there of them in comparison to other ships. @CartPusherInLA A day in June indeed. Hahaha! Thank you for your warm wishes and kind words. I do always hope people take my POV with a grain of salt though, because although I try to remain reasonable, I'm still biased towards this couple. LOL. One thing that can't be denied though is that both HB and YJ really admire and cherish one another. Also I love what you said! In my 26 years of K-Drama watching... I would have never thought I'd ship a K-Ent couple this hard either. An unexpected romance indeed... not just between HB/YJ or RJH/YSR... but between us shippers and BJ as well! No one forced us... the evidence is just too compelling... @TotoroSY So sweet and true that HB is a lot like RJH in that he remembers all things said by the one his eyes are on... you only do that with people you really care about. Yes you're right... LOVE his smile and eye squeeze (?)... this man just can't hide how he feels! Hahaha. HB the actor needs to give KTP some acting lessons... but yes, I'm sure that was such a memorable time for them. They literally could not hide their affection and admiration for one another. @ElectricHearts Glad that the translations are helpful. and Hahaha! They do use the word shiny quite a few times! @cloyfan My pleasure! Thank you for bringing that interview back to my attention. Between your post and @RiRiGaGa reminding us of the Metro interview, I would not have caught that! Good timing. Indeed... we have to take good care of our teeth... too many sweets! And yes, that's exactly what I was thinking... she really is on his mind even more than I originally thought and that's so endearing. I agree that his answer was very straightforward and genuine. Like you said, since SYJ values honesty and hates exaggeration, I'm sure she really appreciates that about him. @itspeanutbutterjellytime So true that she must be dear to him... In all of his years in the industry, he's probably received so many compliments about his looks and yet he remembers her specific compliment. Smitten is such a great word for how he responded! And LOLLL. "must be thinking oh only if you knew what happens between my close friend and my nice skin and hair amirite" Literally laughed out loud at your comment. Even though she didn't say beautiful/smooth skin and silky/soft hair that first time... I'm sure she can say that now... @girlpepper I'm glad I can share the crumbs with you all! Hahaha... yesss. I guess we will never hear about those pieces though... but we will always have his response. *delulu imagination on*
  5. @RiRiGaGa I'm late, but thanks again for the sweet shout out my dear friend!!! Also going to piggyback off of your reminder about the MetroStyle interview and how HB remembered what YJ said 2 years ago... @cloyfan asked me recently to clarify what HB said about his first impression of YJ in this interview, and so I translated the parts that I felt needed to be re-translated. By doing this though, I came to an interesting and sweet realization! A small connection between an old crumb (this TN interview) and a new crumb (the MetroStyle interview). Bear with me here... NOTE: Words in Korean are sometimes hard to describe in one word, which is why I give multiple options for some words. MC: "What's your secret for being loved for so long?" YJ: "Ah hah... this question... how should I answer this? What could it be? HB: "She's pretty?" YJ: "Any answer will be cliche/conventional... I would probably give a boring answer..." MC: "HB... do you have a more fun answer?" HB: "I don't have a fun answer either... Maybe when it comes to YJ and myself... I think we try to show different sides to ourselves in small ways (in acting). So I wonder if people may see us in a good light because of that." ***I'm putting the next portion in the box and I've bolded the parts to remember for later... Who was cast first? YJ: "I heard from the producers about how HB was looking over the scenario, that he was interested in it, and that he might do it. I thought, 'HB is going to do this?' That made me interested/curious/excited. HB: "I did it because they said YJ was doing it." YJ: "Now it's finally been revealed." (laughs) And so here is where the old crumb/new crumb connection comes in! 03:48: You are known for your beautiful skin and silky hair. What's your secret? ***The Korean interviewer translating the questions to HB in the background says these specific words: "아름다운 피부와" (beautiful skin and: ah-reum-da-un pi-bu-wah) "부드러운 머릿껼" (silky/smooth hair texture: bu-deu-ruh-un muh-rit-gyul) I think the fan that asked this question, directly pulled the English translation from this version of the interview at 01:24, because those are the exact words that were used in the Metro interview, both in the English written version and what the Korean interviewer said (she was translating it from English to Korean and probably had no idea that he would connect it to YJ... LOL): So what does all of this mean? Well, what this means my fellow shippers, is that the exact words that YJ said originally in Korean were not used in the Metro interview... and yet he still related it back to her compliment! YJ literally just said that he had nice/good skin and hair (I don't know why these translations put beautiful/smooth skin and silky/soft hair... yes, I'm calling out these random embellished translations! LOL). We already knew that he had no reason to bring YJ up in his answer, but now realizing that it's not even the exact words that triggered it... HB either randomly watched this English translated interview of himself or he's a man who really can't help but think about and relate things back to his "close friend." + = ME
  6. @Intuition1 Fortunately, they did say that it was a post from a forum, so they did not take direct credit. But still think they should have at least given credit to your username here. I think after it was called out, I remember someone asking how they can credit people posts outside of the forum, and people commented that they should message users directly to get permission, so hopefully lurkers take note. @RiRiGaGa I laughed out loud for this...! He earned the nom for Captain Ri, but definitely failed to even get nominated as HB in the BTS portion... too obvious! Hahaha.
  7. Whoa this sounded familiar and I realized that @Intuition1 wrote this earlier in the thread! Unless that's her account, I wish they would have at least given her credit. Oohh nice! Thanks for describing the word "Ai-mei." They definitely showed a lot of that!! And that's very true... it's not easy to come upon that. And she has mentioned his sense of humor multiple times! You can tell even in the CLOY era, she appreciates and laughs at most of his jokes (she teases him for some LOL). Probably didn't hear it from other co-stars cause that side of him doesn't come out. I think you've explained why I was feeling a tad emotional... I was definitely looking back fondly at all of the times I saw those things... I always say this but we are seriously blessed to have so much content from our couple!
  8. @BJHopeI love your post, but I just highlighted these bits here! Love that they both want to build the other person up. They can depend on each other but are both supportive of the other's independence. And I bolded the two sentences because it was poetic and beautifully written. Thank you! @Intuition1 I am in complete agreement with you here. That they're acting not out of assumption, but by direct permission! @cloyfan I absolutely love your whole post, but I just want to take a moment to appreciate your seoulmates pun... @jacdayans I saw this too so I did some research and I am just confirming what @GogoRoboto already said before people start taking this too seriously. This Twitter account juxtaposed the English translation from the caption of SYJ's hairstylist's IG food truck post from yesterday and HB's assistant's IG story from today. It wasn't the same time. Also, HB's assistant uploaded a follow up IG story related to that D-day pic and it looks like he had a personal thing. So bottom line, this point is reaching and we shouldn't take it as a crumb.
  9. @Elle R @TotoroSY @QueenieBee (and others I've missed) Wow seriously, ya'll are amazing sleuths! That top left corner definitely seems to be "Jenny"... and I agree that she's probably one of the higher ups (possibly CEO). This second, unexpected liking spree is so good... so many crumb's ya'll! All this sugar is going to give me diabetes before the ship even docks...( @RiRiGaGa halppp! ) @TotoroSY Ahhh... the part where you were asking the consecutive questions has my heart fluttering!!! Obviously, I am not YJ and I can't fully know her heart... but I hope it's a resounding YES to all of those questions. One of the things I love when they're together is that they laugh at/with/because of each other so often! It's contagious even to people like us who are strangers looking in. From personal experience, my husband and I have shared-humor, and it has definitely helped resolve conflicts and has gotten us through some hard times, so I agree it's really important. I really felt her desire/longing for someone to understand and appreciate her "strange" humor and quirkiness. On the flip side, she also really seems to get his dry humor and find him to be humorous and fun. It's touching that they can provide that understanding, acceptance, appreciation, and laughter/fun to one another. And I love how you worded that!!! Colleagues ---> Friends ---> Kindred Spirits ---> Soulmates ---> Partners for life. = me from too much sweetness LOL @Choisamsook @junejune_16 @LovableBinJin_2Ri @TotoroSY @Pink_Bubbles4U @ElectricHearts @cgb1108 It was my pleasure! :') Yup... thankful I am not alone in feeling emotional because of that interview...
  10. Big special thanks to @lovelyz for asking me to translate a part of this interview because now I am feeling a certain way... HER IDEAL TYPE LITERALLY SOUNDS LIKE HYUN BIN... GUYS I'M DYING. I've definitely read versions of this before, but reading it in Korean and translating it for myself... I'm crying. Thanks to some of you, we've been seeing these old videos of HB talking about his type... someone who laughs often, eats well, truly understands his life as an actor, etc... and so we know that SYJ fulfills a lot, if not all, of the qualities he's looking for as well. I think even though you have an "ideal type", when you meet someone who fits that criteria, it doesn't necessarily mean it's a guarantee that you will hit it off or really connect/have chemistry with them. But clearly, for both SYJ and HB, they find qualities they're looking for in one another AND you can tell that they really hit it off... first as friends and then hopefully as lovers now. Now... I'm over here mulling deeply over this celebrity couple I don't know, convinced that they are indeed soulmates who met each other at the right time, and feeling pretty emotional about it... BRB
  11. @Elle R The master sleuth. Yes +/-2 days is more than acceptable!! Hahaha. I read the caption of the birthday cake post and it said that his fan club sent that to him. I wonder if he received it on set? Hmmm. @cloyfan Man, love how you summarized that!! Not much more to add really. I completely agree. It's awesome that SYJ sees and appreciate his hidden jam, since it only comes out with her @HappyForLove No he did not... "I really enjoyed it/I really liked it," is a more accurate translation. I think I've seen a version of this video somewhere with better subtitles/translations. This version is not very accurate even in what he says about her! @CartPusherInLA I definitely had to look up what post you were talking about! It's fairly accurate! "I'm sorry for being a blunt/stiff actress who can't express herself." She was referring to herself! I think she wanted to say more, but she had a hard time expressing it, so this is why she described herself in this way. @PrettyNoona Whenever I need a little pick me up, I just come here to read your emoticon conversations...
  12. @TotoroSY You've really outdone yourself today with the VAST-Kakao M-Mongolia info, and some of these old HB clips! Thanks for all the goodies!! I esp loved this video!! Just want to give a little more depth to the word he uses in Korean that is translated as "dull," in the video. He actually says two different things... the first part, he mentions he doesn't really laugh a lot so that's why he's looking for someone who does. And then when he elaborates... The word HB uses to describe himself is "무뚝뚝 (Moo dook dook)," and on Google it translates to "blunt," which actually isn't a bad translation. Good job Google! Haha. I'd further define this word as dry/stiff/curt/blunt/wooden and it can even be seen as seemingly brusque/cold/unfriendly. It's usually used to describe someone who doesn't show much expression in manner or speech, which may result in them coming off stiff/cold even when they're not that way. I think HB has an accurate view of himself, and even though he can be humorous and expressive at times, he tends to be more reserved, resulting in some people interpreting his actions as "cold," like what happened at BAA. He knew/knows this about himself and wanted someone who laughs a lot and is not like him in this aspect (or else he said it'd be boring)... so it's no surprise that YJ completely stole his heart! She laughs so easily and doesn't seem self-conscious about it because she always goes all out when she laughs. This is why we see him as such a fun version of himself when he's with her... @ElectricHearts Yes that's correct! She will be on the Lotte Home Shopping channel. It's not clear what it is (i.e., interview, commercial, etc.) exactly though? Also, where did you confirm that they both weren't spotted on set on his birthday?? @BinJin99 Hmm it would be interesting if you could confirm this information! Do you have any idea where you read this? Haha
  13. Somehow managed to fall asleep while still on a high, woke up with a few hours of sleep, had some caffiene and went straight into work meetings... still wearing rose-colored glasses, but feeling more level-headed today... I'm still sitting comfortably in the space between my rational side (it's click bait) and my delulu side (dispatch knows something)... I've laid out a blanket and brought some essentials.. so I'm pretty content and planning on staying here for awhile... @Nenski @Jhari♥자리 and @golding... WOW you all just pretty much summarized how I'm feeling about all of this! Thank you @Ahoymate Wait... THIS is new and such an awesome tidbit!!! Please unlurk more often!!! I did notice how they are the only ones with 4 Swoon videos! HB and SYJ were so generous to us.. we are incredibly blessed! They definitely wanted to milk their awesome chemistry... none of us are complaining @TotoroSY Thank you for sharing this!! Her friends' comments are so cheeky! Hahaha. And you were absolutely right... it was hard to sleep... the adrenaline... Thanks for reminding us again of the same-day COVID-19 donation! I was thinking about how he may have written the letter at a similar time as her Insta-liking spree, but I like your speculation much better! Yes! I read that about Dispatch as well! I for one am having a blast living off these crumbs with you all!
  14. Okay, so last paragraph was the only thing worth translating! Here it is for those who missed my edited post: MY RATIONAL SIDE: This Dispatch article seems like click bait... MY DELULU SIDE: Dispatch knows they're getting married and they're prepping us... @lovelyz I completely agree with you on everything... LOL! YES... It is 3 am here, and basically I'm going to be a zombie at work tomorrow........ BinJin is ruining my life...... but why does it feel so good?? #crazy Goodnight ya'll