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  1. Haven't visited in awhile here... but congrats to KKT for his best manager award, Kim Sun-young and Kim Young-min for supporting actress and actor, YJ for the SEEZN award, and HB for the Daesang... APAIN, I mean APAN, still sucks for all the other snubs (Best drama, Best actress), but I'm still happy that they got some recognition here. I've translated HB's speech on my Twitter: https://twitter.com/celest1al1/status/1353017706954461184?s=20
  2. Totally didn’t realize until now that I mistranslated part of the beginning!! Here is the correction...
  3. Okay so it happened soon after I posted... here is my version of the translation of her post on my Twitter
  4. WOWOWOW... I AM STILL ON A HIGH. I was literally grocery shopping when shippers DM’d me. The irony... #InGroceryWeTrust!!! I honestly didn’t think they would be the Dispatch couple, but I’m so happy I was wrong and that they are!!!! We all knew, but it still shook me to my core. I am all about BINJIN controlling their narrative and protecting their privacy so I really believe they gave permission to Dispatch. Also, If HB or YJ decide to post or write a letter, I will definitely be bawling while translating it...
  5. Just dropping in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I love BinJin and being part of this ship. Hope you all find moments of joy despite it being a difficult year and time.
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