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  1. @NongpeeP and @gumtaek he said he found JH’s determination and manner of protecting SH very impressive and cool. The MC used his real name and he corrected her saying he was talking about JH and not PBG himself otherwise it would sound like he was complimenting himself :lol:


    In the second clip he said he didn’t have time to practice for the fanmeeting since they were busy with the drama. He feels apologetic towards the fans as he wasn’t able to devote more time to practice.


    He’s really modest! It was reminiscent of how Kyo was teasing him of practicing by himself in Cuba without telling her, maybe that’s the reason he was jumping around in that alley.. boy was practicing. :D

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  2. @gumtaek The kiss that JH gave JM in the playground was an ad-lib. Bogum decided to kiss him, P.O didn’t move during the scene and stood still during the kiss which made it weirder. When the MC teases P.O, he said it’s because he likes kisses. 


    While showering he washes from down to up. He prefers mother’s cooking, pears over apples, snow boarding, cards over cash, dogs over cats chocolate, chicken over pizza and jajangmyeon over jampong. 


    He sang drunken truth to one lucky member in the audience, he was singing over the phone while she sat in her seat. He didn’t use the mike so that only she could really experience the drama moment. :wub:

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  3. 1 hour ago, nikir said:

    Does this have English subtitles? 


    This doesn’t exist yet :D , the production company will not start working on a director’s cut DVD unless they are happy with the number of interested queries.


    This is just a fictitious demand survey it is not a formal sale, so no exchange of money. They are just collecting information. 


    English subtitles available for 16 episodes, I don’t think they have subtitles for the extras i.e unseen videos, behind the scenes, commentary and interviews. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, bubblechoco said:


    Script book... novel book... photobook... COME THROW AT US!


    I posted the link about 3 weeks ago, they are still taking pre-orders. It was limited to domestic shipping but now they are offering international shipping.





    @tlireal all international fans don’t have to fill the survey just send an e-mail .

    I had posted this information about 2 weeks ago. :) You still have time to contact them. 


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