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  1. Please everyone spread the news to vote for Kyo and PBG. 


    This could be a good way that we are able to force the Studio to release the Blu ray/DVD. 


    We are way behind, lagging really poorly at this stage considering the massive fandoms that both these stars boast and I would really appreciate it if we fans of this drama make this happen. 


    It’s already known that PBG is the host, so he will definitely be there. Fans seem to be apprehensive that SHK doesn’t attend many award shows, don’t let that be a deterrent because nobody thought she would attend award shows in 2016 but she did! 


    This could be the last time BF/Encounter fans can let the entire team behind this wonderful drama know how much we support them. So please vote!!!!!



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  2. I think these fans want to drive away all of Kyo’s fans until it’s actually just her and JK. Only this will fulfill their fantastical imaginations.


    I actually know for a fact that it’s Ock Joohyun’s bag but I know if we post the source then the next person to be harassed will be her. :crazy:


    @dukesa1122 Cth says the scene might look fun but it wasn’t fun to shoot, Kyo says it was a scary scene to shoot but Cth made it much easier for her. Then he talks about his finger pads getting rubbed off because he had to constantly touch something rough.


    @stardustvoid according to those people every ring she wears is a wedding ring and she has been pregnant since 2016. :rolleyes:

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  3. 14 hours ago, rainy12 said:

    what about 착해 (her IG reply) ? thank you

    I’m sorry I didn’t understand your question. The word means kind. 


    5 hours ago, dukesa1122 said:


    Whoever is the owner of that ig account who is spreading rumors that Kyo is preggo is bound to deactivate her/his account.


    Why do people keep speculating!. I saw another bunch claiming that the Hermès belonged to Kyo and the reason she put a “J” accessory is because of SJK. 


    Ehh.. if they bothered to look around it’s actually Ock Joohyun’s bag and the “J” is actually an “OJ”. 


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  4. The overseas culture and information centre conducted a survey of 8000 adults from 16 different countries. The subject was to identify who comes to their mind when asked for a  representative figure from Korea. 


    S.Korean president topped the list, followed by Psy. 


    Kyo was in joint 6th place (1.6%) with BTS, she is the top ranked female in the list and the top most actress. Lee Minho is in 4th place, so she is the 2nd ranked acting personality in the list.



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  5. Why do I feel like the book she is reading is reference for a movie adaptation?


    This is completely my opinion/hunch.



    Book title - La Jeune fille et la nuit 




    A prestigious campus under the snow Three friends linked by a tragic secret. A young girl taken at night.


    Côte d Azur - Winter 1992 A glacial night, while the campus of her high school was paralysed by a snowstorm, Vinca Rockwell, 19 years old, was one of the brightest class students. For the young girl, love is everything or nothing. No one will ever see it again.


    Côte d Azur - Spring 2017 Formerly inseparable, Fanny, Thomas and Maxime the best friends of Vinca have not spoken since their studies ended. They find themselves at a meeting of former students. Twenty-five years earlier, under terrible circumstances, they all committed murder and took the cadaver to the high school gym. The one that must be completely destroyed today to build another building. Therefore, there is no more objection to the truth. Dangerous. Double. Demonstrated... •



    the author’s books have been adapted into movies, one English and one Korean. His books deal with time, revisiting the past, love and have a thriller element. 









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  6. @gumtaek the height difference, she is on her tippy toes even with those heels and he’s spread his legs to make it easier for her to adjust to his height. 


    The BTS video is bittersweet, makes me realize that the DVD was never going to happen because the production company would never have allowed PBG’s staff to shoot such a video on the set and show it in a fanmeeting. 



    Was watching Princess Diaries 2 today and I realized why the scene where JH gave the ring to SH in the film canister seemed familiar. When the Duke of Kenilworth, Andrew Jacoby proposes to Princess Mia they’re under a tree and he hands her the film canister with a ring in it. Andrew is shown to be a man of integrity and loyalty, who wants to help Mia retain her throne. 


    Mia ends up marrying Nicholas Devereaux  who is also a  descendant of the Royal Family and through out the story attempts to assume and steal her throne. In all this Nicholas is aided by his pushy uncle, Viscount Mabrey.


    I can’t help notice the parallels and the differences, a 21 year old Princes Mia chose Nicholas Devereaux over Andrew Jacoby. I wonder if she would still make the same choice today? 


    Which also makes one wonder if younger SH had met both JH and WS around the same time -  they didn’t have the age difference and she wasn’t scarred by the memory of her first marriage , who would a younger SH have chosen?


    I say this because I was 10 when I watched this movie and rooted for Mia-Nicholas and now 15 years later I would have wanted  Mia to end up marrying Andrew over Nicholas. 


    JH and Andrew even use the same camera! A Nikon FM2n. Once again gobsmacked by the attention to detail and Easter eggs in this drama. 







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  7. Saw a snippet of an interview where they were discussing the latest trends in Korea. Apparently the “v line” face is no longer as popular. Instead they mentioned Kyo, Jung Yumi, Kim Taeri and Jennie as the new inspirations when it comes to jawlines.


    Another woman shared her experience of visiting a professional makeup artist to get the SHK look and she said it looked so bad on her because Kyo’s makeup is so minimalistic that it didn’t end up hiding the woman’s flaws and problem areas. 

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  8. Instead of missing Kyo, how about we start an online campaign for a KyoxSulwhasooxVogue video? 


    Vogue does a series with celebrities across the world called “beauty secrets” where they share their morning routine. 


    The collaboration makes sense on so many levels, first Kyo was the first korean actress to be featured on the cover of a Vogue Korea, Sulwhasoo is a billion dollar company which is trying to break into the American market and Kyo brings with her a huge sns following so it makes sense that she would take part in such a digital campaign benefiting Vogue.


    The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be in English so no pressure on her to learn lines. 



    If we generate enough buzz on social media this would be such a legendary collaboration! 

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  9. 6 minutes ago, dukesa1122 said:

    Im getting a headache reading comments about the ring.


    seriously, it’s slowly becoming the ring from LOTR. “The ring that rules them all”




    I take it you mean the comments on poor  Yusuke’s post? He must be confused why he is being left those messages, it’s easily the post with most likes and comments on his page. 


    The people obsessed with have ring will soon start resembling Gollum. 


    Harassing her friends is such a bad idea, that is her connection with the “normal world”. Fans should know that she might just cut all forms of contact with fans if this keeps happening, as it is she has the patience of a saint to still post on ig. 

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