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  1. SH pushes him away, she says his mom isn’t the reason for their breaking up. She tells him not to feel sad anymore.


    JH asks her how he can stop hurting when he can’t see her anymore, he says they didn’t have enough time. He asks her that they need more



    SH tells him how the gift from his mom is so precious that can’t be bought with money, how can she refuse the orange preserve. She tells him that she and her family is tabloid fodder, even when they eat ramyun his name will get dragged in papers.


    He tells her that their families being different

    isn’t any reason to break up.  


    SH tells him that she isn’t strong enough to continue. He lets go of her hand and completely breaks down. 

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  2. JH’s mother is a crazy womn!

    dad tells her that she should have stayed out of their relationship if she couldn’t support them. 

    Mom says she has no regrets, she says JH will get over it once he gets married and has

    kids of his own.

    She tells him that she wants JH to have an ordinary life, Father tells her that she doesn’t even know her own son’s Personality. 

    Dad tells her that she made a big mistake 



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  3. Subway ppl at the moon snail restaurant, DC and JM. 

    JM calls JH, asks him if hea feeling really unwell. Tells him to come to the restaurant instead of sitting around by himself. JH says he will come out after resting for a while.


    Sec Jang buys a cake for SH, when SH eats the cake she talks about being sorry towards her dad. Sec Jang screams at her, tells SH not to blame herself for everything - her dad and JH’s mother. SH stops eating, Sec Jang tells her that she will stop shouting and SH should eat more cake. 

    SH asks Sec Jang if she wants to come to Cuba for a month with her, Sec Jang agrees.

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  4. JH looks horrible, tells his mom that he won’t have any breakfast because he needs to leave immdiately after getting in the shower.


    SH calls her dad, tells him not to skip any meal. She asks about her mom, dad says she is resting in her room. SH asks if mom is giving him any problems, he apologizes to SH again. SH tells him not to apologize, instead she tells him how she understands his heart. 


    JH replaying last night’s conversation, Pr team in meeting. He is so lost that they all suggest he take a break for the day. 


    Dad tells him to come to the fruit shop. 

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  5. He tells her to stop saying such things, they have many more memories to make. She tells him that she has given it a lot of thought. 

    He apologizes to her that he is  not in a position to help her but he wants to stand by her and protect her. She tells him that like how she is precious to him, he is also precious to her.


    he breaks down and asks her how she could throw him away. She tells him she could never throw him away, it’s her letting him go. 


    She says she is going to get up and leave. He grabs her hand,she slowly pulls her hand away.


    JH my poor baby!:tears:

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  6. SH has locked herself in her office, WS comes by to meet her but he realizes it’s best he meet her later. 

    SH leaves office after getting word that her dad is out of the courthouse. JH walks up behind her and asks for her car key. 

    She tells him that they should get some tea, he thinks she is too tired but she tells him they need to talk.

    she tells him it’s too late for him to be at the office, he says he waited for her.

    She thanks him for worrying about her he tells her that he’s upset that she would thank him for that.

    she tells him that she wants to break up, it’s not because of something he did. She asks him to help her to break up with him. 

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  7. JH wants to go skating next, SH says it will be cold. He tells her everything will be done if they use a hot pack. He does aegyo and she agrees. 


    Eating together, she says she needs to say something. he gifts her the the case and says it came out better than he expected. He has engraved her name on the case, he asks her what she wanted to say. SH says it’s nothing important. 

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  8. @leedonghaek that place is one of several moon villages in Korea. It’s called a moon village because it’s on a hilltop and can be used to view the moon easily. 


    The most popular mural in that village is the “Before I die” mural which is part of a worldwide artistic movement, 75 countries have participated in this projects. People write their hopes and aspirations on that wall.


    I think that wall mural is similar to that wall in Cuba, so it would make sense for them to shoot there.


    The layers of meaning in this drama .. mind blown... again. 



    @utkim @stardustvoid the moon.... again.


    @gumtaek I will try my best, just hope the stream holds up. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, sugarbunnee said:

    The brand uses a PR agency in the US and they might be the ones running the account. They rep a bunch of different beauty brands which would explain why it’s all over the place. They really need someone dedicated to Sulwhasoo. I think this may account for their slow growth in the US market even though their products are actually really good.


    I wish they would do a promo with Hye Kyo in NYC. I would definitely go and promote it as well. Sulwhasoo invited me to a brand event in NYC last month but it was something hosted by these local bloggers and let’s just say they are from aspirational. I did not attend.


    I figured as much, I think that same agency handles all the AP pacific brands which is why the AP - US IG account is also such a mess. 


    I think Sulwhasoo’s brand concept/quality could be compared to SK-II but despite being a billion dollar line Sulwhasoo unlike SK-II doesn’t seem to believe in celebrity ambassadors and promotional activities until last year. I think Kyo being the rare combination of an A+ list actress, extremely gorgeous natural beauty, hallyu star and having a massive sns following made her the natural choice for Sulwhasoo. Having done only two events for Sulwhasoo since becoming their muse one in Korea and the other in HK, it would make so much more sense to have her go to markets where the brand isn’t popular already like the US. More people in the west seem to be curious about k- beauty so they should push and promote like now



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  10. I wanted to post something and see what everyone thought but I’m going to wait till the drama gets over so that we have something to discuss after (dreaded) Thursday. <edit - nothing bad, just something about the drama>


    @bubblechoco will you be doing live recaps? If you are then I might pass on live recaps this time, last 4 episodes I keep getting kicked off the stream. :tears:


    @stardustvoid :tears::tears::tears:



    @dukesa1122 Thanks, I’m fine just bummed out that the drama is getting over. 


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  11. @dukesa1122 I was too depressed to post here, the thread reminds me that it’s the last week.


    @bebebisous33 yes, I thought the same after the first episode. There is so much focus on her consumption of sleeping pills that the possibility cannot be ignored. Don’t you think that the show suggests SH suffering from depression, it’s sort of implied but not yet confirmed. Someone suffering from depression could overdose on medicine without intending to kill themselves.


    In high school someone in the year above me overdosed on sleeping pills and was discovered dead by his mother the next morning. Turns out he was suffering from depression, he also had a bad case of insomnia which was aggravated by his depression. :tears:


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    Lim Hyoseon has joined the rest of the drama team to play with our heads. <_< 



    Does the cross  mean that they are wedded in the eyes of god?


    Or is it symbolic of sacrifice- crucifiction where SH-JH will be wrongfully blamed and have to sacrifice their love.  


    The cross is also placed as a tombstone above Christian burial sites, the angle of the picture here looks like it’s above JH.


    have some pity on us BF team and stop playing with our heads, we’ve been so good.





    I so know that’s we are getting a happy ending so stop this!!! 

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