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  1. Spoiler


    CSH thanks KJH for taking her to the restaurant but asks him what’s the real reason for him bringing her there. He says something about their time spent together. 


    Most pivotal moment of the episode, he works up his courage

    KJH  “ I have been wondering, what would you call our relation?”

    CSH “Our relation....your and my relationship is that of any employer and employee”


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  2. Spoiler

    They go on a drive, CSH asks him if it’s okay to roll down the windows. KJH teases her, tells her that it’s her car so she can do what she wants but only opens one window because he doesn’t want her catching a cold. 


    KJH says he is going to consider this the first day, CSH is taken aback and asks him first day of what. KJH says it’s the first day of his relationship with the rice cake which is a speciality of Sokcho. He was soo close to telling her his feelings. 




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  3. Nam driver to the rescue 


    Nam driver meets KJH at the office and asks him to eat a meal with him. Nam driver then turns up in KJH’s neighborhood and takes him to the Sokcho resort, KJH is confused why he is calling him and Nam Driver says something like CSH must be getting bored by herself. KJH is all smiles. They reach the resort and Nam Driver tells KJH to do some sight seeing. He is taking some pictures, CSH happens to be walking in the same direction sees a familiar looking person and is surprised to see KJH there.


    She apologizes for the paparazzi mess and says she is sorry she didn’t call him to find out how he’s dealing with things but she was worried that they might trace the call and find out his real identity. He hands her the picture he took in Cuba in a book, she says the picture came out well and KJH tells her read the book(?) when she feels bored.


    CSH asks him if he likes to read. He says he  spent a lot of time in bookstores and libraries as a kid because his parents were busy with work. Nam Driver calls CSH and asks her if it’s okay if he meets up with a friend in Sokcho. CSH tells him there is no need to hurry and he should take his time, KJH suggests they do some sight seeing of their own so ghat they don’t get bored.


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  4. Spoiler



    KJH counts the floors of the hotel and tries to telepathically send a message to CSH, tells her not to read the articles and to be strong. 


    CSH meets her ex and she asks him why he’s still single. She says she stepped aside to make way for the other woman. Ex husband seems pleased that she is showing interest in his single status, CSH says she wants him to openly meet the other woman. 


    She talks about MIL running interference in her life and how she is worried that KJH will be seen in the wrong light thanks to MIL, ex husband says he is surprised to see such a strong emotion from CSH. He seems to imply that she doesn’t show emotions easily. 



    KJH is worried about CSH 

    CSH is worried about KJH.

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  5. Spoiler . Just sharing what I can understand 



    Evil mother in law has dug up information on KJH. CSH is very nervous but says she has done nothing to be ashamed of herself, evil MIL says she ought to be ahamed of her behavior as a married woman. CSH says she no longer has any ties to Taekyung group. Evil MIL says CSH knows what went into her father reaching where he is today and says CSH will FOREVER belong to her family, even if CSH dies she will still be daughter in law of the family. 


    KJH’s friend has guessed the identity of the man, she confronts him on the swings. He admits to it and tells her that he met CSH in Cuba but says they’re not dating. The friend says it’s Weird that they were eating ramen at the rest stop.KJH says he’s worried about CSH, his friend gets angry and says that CSH is used to public scrutiny, that he ought to worry about himself. KJH acknowledges their friendship , extends fist for a fist bump but continues to worry about CSH.


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  6. Hopefully the behind the scene video gets subbed. Cast and crew seem to be having a blast and extremely impressed with PBG’s hip rolling even SHK looks genuinely amused when he was dancing in front of her. Very cute moments between the two main leads. 


    @kdramalover12 sorry, I tried shazaming the song but couldn’t find the name. I am trying to find the song too.


    edit - 8 month baby in love with CSH


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  7. Is there a way that foreign viewers can contribute to the ratings, livestream doesn’t count right? 


    Have the sole rights to broadcast outside Korea been given to VIU? Going by the extremely positive ratings it would be great if the two leads would do a press junket outside Korea!


    The drama has not finished shooting so is there a chance that it might get extended beyond the 16 episodes since the ratings look so promising. I would really prefer it if the slow burn could continue for another 2-3 episodes at the very minimum , not yet ready for the angst. 

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  8. Just finished watching the two episodes today there is a Westworld feel here except that the game venue is a real city and not a man made theme park. 


     I’m a little confused by a few things. How did Seju create a game that is compatible with the lenses? Wouldn’t he need complete access to the technology behind the lenses in the first place? When Seju is shown watching Jun Woo at the expo in Barcelona it seems like the lenses are just being launched and not yet commercialized , so how does Seju a 17 year old living in Spain know so much about a top secret product created by a multi billion corporation in South Korea? Why does Jun Woo seem more shocked that Cha Hang Seok is part of the game considering he knows Seju was already in touch with his rival and not by the fact that he has a pair of those lenses not yet in the market? Even with these head scratchers the drama does look interesting and I hope things will get more clarity as the story progresses. 


    I think it might be that the episode 3 preview of the lady with the red veil and guitar who looks like Heejoo is supposed to be a character in the game, Seju probably used his sister as an inspiration for a character within the game. Interestingly in the last 5 minutes, so it’s a year later, JW is fully immersed in MoA world and the game is commercialsed judging by how nobody on the train reacted to JW flaying around? 


    What were the ratings for the second episode?


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  9. Agree with all the others, never heard that rumor. I only read that SHK and PBG had considered working together but later turned down the first drama that was offered to the two of them - Temperature of Love in March of 2017. It’s cute how things work out, PBG would have been her last male lead pre marriage if they had done TOL but now he’s her first male lead post marriage. 


    I don’t think personal friendships between SJK and PBG would be of any consequence to SHK refusing to work with him, she’s said Yoo Ah In is like a younger brother to her despite that both YAI and she have evinced a desire to work opposite each other. YAI said he wanted to be play the romantic lead opposite SHK during her fan meeting and she posted a picture on her personal Instagram with him post her marriage saying she wanted to work with him in the future. 


    A lot has been said about the two evil mothers but after re-watching the 2nd episode , I think CSH’s dad is the bigger villain. It’s his personal political ambitions which have been the problem all along, the mother is merely someone who lends her support and facilitates things for him.He never acknowledges his daughter’s hardships and makes impersonal small talk about meals and her trips to Cuba, it really put me off when CSH apologized to him in the 2nd episode and he accepted her apology. What makes it worse is that CSH seems to be genuinely fond of her father!


    On the topic of the ex husband, I hope the drama gives us more details about the divorce. Was it him or her who initiated the proceedings? Unlikely that it’s him because his mother is so controlling, even if he wanted to re-marry like CSH says in the 1st episode he couldn’t have done so without his mom’s permission and it looks like CSH is her first choice for daughter in law which is why she continues to cultivate their relationship by expecting CSH to turn up at family events. 


    If it was CSH who wanted the divorce then she probably did care for her ex in her own way. Given that it was a marriage of convenience why would she expect him to remain faithful to her? A few dalliances on the side could surely be overlooked in a loveless marriage. 


    Edit: what’s the age gap between the characters? He’a 29 , if she got married right after university that would be about 22-23 and  it doesn’t seem like they were married too long. CSH gets the hotel as alimony and made it a success in 4 years and conversation with her ex makes it seem like the hotel’s success is quite recent. She must be around 32-33?


    @gumtaek hi! I had been checking the TVN Korean site and it was just about a week before the drama released, they had the older dramas and the new weekend drama posters as their bulletin banner. It seemed quite odd to me that Encounter was left out but I haven’t been regular with Twitter, so it’s great if they’ve been actively promoting the drama. 

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  10. Why isn’t TVN doing a better job promoting Encounter, can’t help feeling like there is some kind of disparity is the handling of promotions for the dramas being aired right now. No pre promotion activities of any sort, no behind the scenes videos and now their official Instagram account makes a post about their weekend drama’s first episode ratings but I didn’t see any posts about Encounter’s ratings. <_<


    Edit: my heart skips a beat when KJH tells CSH she’s pretty after the claw machine date, something about his gaze and voice. That scene felt so real!


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