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  1. Korean reporters picked up on all the unnecessary speculation by people on IG and for once the Korean netizens took the reporters to the cleaners. 



    Where's Song Hye Gyo's wedding ring?


    ArticleSong Hye Gyo, no wedding ring on her ring finger

    Source: Asia Today via Nate

    1. [+1,086, -45] This is such an unnecessary article

    2. [+939, -64] Do you all wear your wedding rings every day? Do you keep track of your co-workers wearing theirs? I don't get why people put such huge meaning behind someone wearing one. I get that it's the culture overseas but our country doesn't wear it on the regular unless you're dressing up for somewhere. Mind your own business, tsk tsk.

    3. [+778, -43] How is this news...??

    4. [+48, -5] There are so many people who will cheat with their wedding rings still on, there's no meaning to wearing one or not ㅋㅋㅋ

    5. [+44, -3] No one cares whether other celebrity couples wear their rings or not, it's always the Song Song couple that people are obsessed with the ring over...

    6. [+44, -7] Since when did actors wear their rings all the time? ㅋㅋ

    7. [+40, -4] I'm traveling for work and I left mine at home in case I lose it

    8. [+37, -3] People aren't like this with other couples, only Song Hye Gyo and Song Joong Ki ㅡㅡ

    9. [+36, -5] I've never once worn my wedding ring since after my wedding

    10. [+31, -4] I wore it for a month or two after my wedding and then got lazy and stopped;;
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  2. Article summary 




    UAA has confirmed that Kyo has signed with WKW’s company and has expressed her interest to work on more films and Directors.


    UAA will continue to be her local/domestic agency. 


    This move on her part has generated a lot of interest amongst fans since WKW’s new movie, Blossoms is scheduled to start shooting by the end of this year. 


    P.s - In the article UAA does not confirm or refuse her involvement in the new movie. 



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  3. In case anyone is wondering why I mentioned Kris Wu and the possibility of them working together in the event that the rumors of her being a part of the multi ensemble cast of Blossoms is true. 


    This is is a weibo post in 2017 posted by Kris Wu’s manager.



    Today, Kris Wu’s manager Chris Chen posted a photo of the novel “Blossoms” on Weibo and left comments in response to netizens: Kris Wu will be participating in Wong Karwai’s movie “Blossoms.” Sina got in contact exclusively with Chris Chen and he has confirmed the news as well as denied the rumor that Kris Wu will be participating in the drama Fu Yao.

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  4. @stardustvoid it seems the Director has been mulling about actors since 2017, while Kris Wu’s manager announced his involvement since 217 and this was not refuted by WKW then but on March 19,2019 he stated that he has still not formally assigned any parts to any actor.

    The script will be co-written by him and the original author of the book but he is known to shoot without using a formal script and uses actor interaction on set to decide the final scene. The movie was officially announced on 19th March, it seems the entire film world is waiting for the release as WKW films are sure to make news, and the fact that Blossoms is a tie-up with In the Mood For Love and 2046, is even bigger.

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  5. Kyo confirmed her signing with WKW to the HK media. 



    this is so exciting!!!!


    Weird twist of fate that the first movie offered to her after DOTS was a movie with Kris Wu and now if she does WKW’s next movie then she will be working with Kris since he was the first actor confirmed for the movie.


    “The movie is based on an award winning novel by Jin Yucheng called "Blossoms". Here's the synopsis:


    Depicting chores and trifles of urban life, such as grocery shopping and hosting a dinner party, Blossoms provides a vivid image of the daily life of ordinary Shanghai people. Focusing on a hundred characters, and several main ones, the whole story is carried out over two time-lines: from the 1960s to the mid-1970s, the end of the Cultural Revolution; and from the 1980s to the start of the 21st century. As the two time periods alternate, the book unveils the two faces of the city: the Shanghai of old and the modernized metropolis it is today”


    More pictuRes


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  6. Raymond’s caption has so many tags and it says - “she’s so pretty today” “hair and makeup is perfection” “my sister is looking beautiful today” “why am I feeling so good” “beautiful girl” “today’s look is the best”


    seems he likes the look as much as us fans!


    these close up fan taken pictures are amazing and do even more justice to her beauty! She has no bad angles!!



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  7. Please everyone spread the news to vote for Kyo and PBG. 


    This could be a good way that we are able to force the Studio to release the Blu ray/DVD. 


    We are way behind, lagging really poorly at this stage considering the massive fandoms that both these stars boast and I would really appreciate it if we fans of this drama make this happen. 


    It’s already known that PBG is the host, so he will definitely be there. Fans seem to be apprehensive that SHK doesn’t attend many award shows, don’t let that be a deterrent because nobody thought she would attend award shows in 2016 but she did! 


    This could be the last time BF/Encounter fans can let the entire team behind this wonderful drama know how much we support them. So please vote!!!!!



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  8. I think these fans want to drive away all of Kyo’s fans until it’s actually just her and JK. Only this will fulfill their fantastical imaginations.


    I actually know for a fact that it’s Ock Joohyun’s bag but I know if we post the source then the next person to be harassed will be her. :crazy:


    @dukesa1122 Cth says the scene might look fun but it wasn’t fun to shoot, Kyo says it was a scary scene to shoot but Cth made it much easier for her. Then he talks about his finger pads getting rubbed off because he had to constantly touch something rough.


    @stardustvoid according to those people every ring she wears is a wedding ring and she has been pregnant since 2016. :rolleyes:

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  9. 14 hours ago, rainy12 said:

    what about 착해 (her IG reply) ? thank you

    I’m sorry I didn’t understand your question. The word means kind. 


    5 hours ago, dukesa1122 said:


    Whoever is the owner of that ig account who is spreading rumors that Kyo is preggo is bound to deactivate her/his account.


    Why do people keep speculating!. I saw another bunch claiming that the Hermès belonged to Kyo and the reason she put a “J” accessory is because of SJK. 


    Ehh.. if they bothered to look around it’s actually Ock Joohyun’s bag and the “J” is actually an “OJ”. 


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