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  1. They’re on a date, SH likes the deserts at stamp cafe. JH worries that Sec Jang will have her hands full because of all the pictures that people will upload on sns. Sh tells him that she hopes that the pictures capture her better this time. JH is surprised and tells her she has become much cooler, SH says the previous pictures makes her look so stiff she wants to look like she is having fun in the new pictures. 


    I think she isn’t doing this to create memories with him, it’s what his mom said. That JH will become some sort of joke for the public and people will think him stupid for chasing a rich ceo, she is going out of her way to appear in public so it seems like she is the one who likes him more. 


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  2. WS’s ex meets SH and gifts her the painting. She tells SH that she wanted to meet her to apologize to her, SH tells her there is no need for apology since she doesn’t care about WS’s life and actions. The ex explains to SH that it was a sham relationship, they did nothing except share a few meals and go out. She was envious towards SH because of WS’s feelings towards SH. The painting is her way of making an apology to SH. 

    Sh is very taken aback and meets WS, she asks him the reason for his actions. He says he did it to give her freedom back to her, that she was suffocating in his house. She says she thanks him for his actions but it didn’t make things better for her. WS says that was the best he could do given his circumstances, SH says she understands why he thought the way he did. 

    WS says it seems like he made a mistake again, he had always intended to keep her happy even when they got married.

    SH thanks him and repeats the line from the preview and walks off.

    JH appears .... LAG!

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  3. Major lag


    JM apologizes to JH for creating an issue, JH tells his brother that he didn’t do anything wrong. JH tells him to take some time and make things better with his friends, he reminds JM that these people are his old friends. JM tells JH that he doesn’t want to think

    About that , he tells JH not to start entertaining strange worries. JH tells JM to listen to him in case he doesn’t want JH to think strange thoughts. 

    JH decides not to tell mom and dad.

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  4. JH and SH are in the car, they’re discussing her dad. JH tells her that she hooks concentrate on being happy that is what her father would want. 


    JH suggests they do to moonsnail restaurant, SH insists she is too busy. 


    JinMyung is eating dinner with his friends, they make inappropriate comments about JM not needing to worry about getting work since his brother seduced a rich woman. JM tries to change the subject but they keep talking about it and ultimately starts punchinhg


    he calls LDC from the police station , not wanting to call JH but our lead couple walks into the restaurant and they find out. 

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  5. SH meets the old widow

    She asks her if she can confide in her, widow promises never to tell anyone. SH tells her about meeting JH’s mom. 

    SH says the day JH asked her to be in a some relationship with him, the first thought that crossed her mind was if his parents would be happy to accept her. She says she didn’t think of  the hotel nor her circumstance, just his parents. 

    SH is crying and she wonders if there is anything even possible for her to change their mind 

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  6. JH sulks to SH that she should demand that he take her out when she wants to go out, she is about to go to a gallery so he accompanies her.

    when they reach the gallery, she gazes at a painting of a headless woman. JH observes her and then walks up to her and aka her is she likes the painting. SH says she likes the colors.

    there is another woman in the gallery, it seems she is a novelist/writer. 

    JH notices SH is very quiet. He gets a call from the widow, she wants to meet SH alone. JH tells her not to go alone, that they will think of a way to go together. SH keeps quiet.


    JH is talking to his mom, his mom asks him if he isn’t worried about dating someone so far apart from him. 

    JH says SH makes him a better man, that is the sort of woman she is. 

    He says there are only two women in the world he loves, SH and his mom. He says he love them both and the mom says it’s different because a mother’s Love never changes while SH’s love might change. 

    He says SH’s love will never change.


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  7. SH’s dad is paying respects to his dead friend’s urn and talks about him being the reason for entering politics. He promises to visit more often. 

    Driver Nam and PR team leader arrive and they’re surprised to see him. They have a meal together, SH’s dad suggests they drink some makkeoli. 

    JH is making a leather case for the camera that SH gave him. 

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  8. I could say so much about the double standards at award but I would get into so much trouble.


    @caileysmiley all credit for that daesang goes to the fans, they kept writing to KBS. Earlier that year even KBS was pretty shady, they acted

    like it was just SJK’s show. Remember that news interview where they kept making SJK choose women other than Kyo. :huh: It’s only over time that they realized Kyo’s worth. 


    Raymond Chae sent her a coffee truck and her other friends sent her churros, she has got such a good and supportive group of friends. 


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  9. 58 minutes ago, dukesa1122 said:

    Is BF considered 2018 drama or 2019? Mr. Sunshine is a 2018 drama right?

     I think it depends on each award, if a drama was released after the award ceremony in 2018 then it will be considered for the 2019 edition. 


    P.O says Kyo’s beauty is on another level on radio star.



    I can’t find a video link, anyone have one? 

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  10. @dukesa1122 they did one two years ago but that was a 10 year special. I think the only hope is Baeksang and AAA, both these award ceremonies love lee Byunghyun and since his drama was a success it will probably sweep all the awards. Kyo and PBG might win popularity awards but that’s not the same . If she doesn’t work after this drama, I doubt we will see her again this year - she won’t attend award and doesn’t attend any events in Seoul. She will go back to being a hermit ninja. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, ohnoitscindy said:

    Anyone else tried to google the name of the place on the piece of chocolate? lol


    It’s from Hauer cafe in Budapest.


    All the best to Hyojoo, I’m a fan and am really rooting for her.

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  12. @gumtaek no exaggerations, watch it again when the subs come out and you will know what I mean. 


    @gumtaek you mean 얼굴 천재? He’s actually deserving of more praise because face genius just means being blessed with great looks, what makes him stand out is that he isn’t afraid to actually emote. Sometimes that’s the problem with really good looking people, they are acting but being conscious of  their own looks gets in the way of giving it their hundred percent. 

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