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  1. @dukesa1122 ia. It’s ridiculous that even in 2019 some people think it’s okay to tell a woman to get married and stay at home. It’s insulting not only to women who want to work but also belittles homemakers , comments telling Kyo to “be happy and content in raising a family”  make it seem like women who raise families just relax and laze around at home while the husband works to provide for them. :crazy: 


    LVMH had reported Chaumet’s sales for 1st Jan-11th April in China and it’s good news! Definitely the Kyo effect once again helping sales considering  their sister brand Bvlgari was not able to achieve the projected growth. 




    The company has outperformed their competition so far this year, as shares in LVMH have surged 29 percent from the start of the year to April 10. The only negative in the earnings report is that Bulgari’s jewelry sales in the Chinese market slowed more than analysts expected, according to the research of investment firm Morgan Stanley. But the company’s premium jewelry brand, Chaumet, experimented with sales via a WeChat pop-up store earlier in the quarter, and some of those products sold out almost immediately, said the Chinese fashion news media luxe.co.

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  2. That video snippet in Gigi’s post was posted by a Korean employee of Chaumet who was there and it tells us how a real proud Korean would have reacted to the reception that Kyo received. The man in video is the Chaumet CEO 


    Caption - The biggest welcome by Maison Chaumet. The only celebrity who was greeted with bursting cheer. My muse . #chaumet #Songhyekyo #chaumetmonaco #President’s two handed gesture shows lot of gratitude #eveyrone’s pride.




    Gorgeous Kyo!!


    We need to leave lots of likes and comments on this post to show our support! Everyone let’s show them our fandom power!!.:thumbsup:



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  3. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000138569


    < brief summary of this article>


    SHK seated at the head table with Vodianova, acknowledged by Global Fashion.


    The gathering of Goddesses representing America, Europe and Asia; Hollywood Star Natalie Portman, Supermodel Natalia Vodianova and Song Hye Kyo .


    WKorea posted scenes from this meeting on their SnS account on the 12th of July.


    The most notable part of the event was the meeting of the “Fashion Muses," representing Asia, the Americas and Europe. "The combination of people at the head table was the most impressive," said a fashion official who was at the scene at the time. "It was Song Hye-kyo, Natalie Portman, Natalia Vodianova, Arnold Arnault LVMH's general communications director. SHK shone at the head table in her capacity as a Chaumet’s Asian Ambassador, which covers all of Asia.


    According to the official, SHK especially attracted attention with her friendship with Natalie Portman.  Prior to the event, she and  Natalie Portman had met several times  through another luxury brand, Dior.


    There is to be a series of interviews that SHK will be giving global fashion magazines in Monaco as the representative of Asia, Chaumet Ambassador. She recently attended a Sulwhasoo event in Sanya, China ; continues her move overseas. 



    Waiting for the interviews and the Suecomma Bonnie campaign that she shot in Thailand.



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  4. Kyo is living her best life which made the trolls come out, please help us report these to UAA.


    They’re bitter that she is being treated like a VVIP,  want to continue dragging her name through the mud with crazy allegations.


    Kyo and money hungry? Some people have done more than 20 cfs in a year to make money and there is nothing wrong with that but it’s not Kyo’s fault that prestigious brands want to associate their name with theirs.


    In fact, it’s high time we started a campaign to get Dior to formally announce her as their ambassador. This match has been years in the making. 








    credit koreaboo translations 

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  5. HK Tatler posted an IG story with Kyo, please check out their Ig profile if anyone is interested.


    23 minutes ago, thepixies said:


    YAY! FGM finally posted! :wub:


    Small gripe:  Why couldn’t Hyunk just take in the sides of Kyo’s bodice for a better fit, though.  It’s ethereal but a bit too loose! 


    IA. I though it was Kyo and Jenie who styled the look so I didn’t point it out but it Hyun should have made it more fitted. 


    Ethereal is the right word, I was checking out the dresses of the other celebrities .. while everyone looks beautiful, Kyo’s looks less formal and more effortless with a touch of whimsical beauty. 












    bjoeun reposted WKorea’s video with the caption 모나코 쇼메 행사 -아름다운 나라 모나코에서 더 아름다운 교언니 <Monaco Chaumet Event -  In a beautiful country Monaco with an even more beautiful Kyo-Unnie>

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  6. Some people are wondering who she was seated with. 


    1. Opposite her is Natalia Vodionova, A Russian Supermodel and Philanthropist- if you read her private life story, it’s very touching.


    2. On Natalia’s right is her boyfriend  Antoine Arnault- he is the CEO of Berluti and more importantly he is the son of Bernard Arnault, the Chairman and majority stockholder of LVMH < 70 brands under LVMH including Chaumet, LV, Fendi, Dior, Celine etc>


    3. Next to Antoine Arnault is Natalie Portman, Oscar winning Hollywood superstar who has been the face of Dior for a looong time!


    4. Jean Marc Mansvelt, CEO of Chaumet since 2015 is seated next to Natalie.




    Was this shared? Raymond posted it on his IG story. Glad that her squad always has her back.


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  7. @rosiepeonie188 they didn’t disappoint us... almost all of the stupid titles mention divorce and things like wedding jewelry brand in the titles. :rolleyes:


    Her gala dinner gown is :w00t: , she looks gorgeous. 


    KyoXMonaco is a compete success!!!


    I got all my wishes... well except one. 


    1. That she actually went to the event, I’ve been hoping for weeks this would work out! 


    2. None of the looks are her more usual Avou avou dresses < I’m sorry Hyun Kyoung, the brand is okay for normal day to day formal occasions but let’s please try to explore other brands!!... In fact I am curious who styled her three looks this week, it wasn’t Hyun Kyoung since she didn’t travel with them so I am curious... did Kyo style herself?? >. 



    3. That was seated on the right table, or rather the right place. Last time the Prada event in NYC was horribly managed! She was seated with Natalie Portman, Natalia Vodianova and the Chaumet Bosses. Natalia Vodianova is one of my favorite supermodels and a re-union with Natalie!!!!! :wub:


    I just wished that she and Liu Yi Fei had taken a picture together! 

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  8. Please help us get MBC to change the title of their video, the news is about both of them but they captioned it as “a divorced actress appears in Public”


    The news section reporter said fans were curious about the estranged couples first public sightings after the divorce announcement.


    SHK was beautiful and smiled brightly in a white dress. Fans showed their unwavering support with messages on their placards. More coverage of the fangirl who made Kyo laugh. Her appearance was a hot topic on the Chinese portals and one site reported her saying that she wanted to greet everyone more often in the future, with better works etc. They reported on her 19 year relationship with Amore Pacific.


    The reporter also stated that he was seen with cast members for his new movie.


    They needed the report by saying - even though the couple has split up, they continue to receive love and support from









    A Ent also covered the news of their separate appearances.


    The reporter said his fans were happy to see him looking relaxed in the new picture.

    She added that this might come as a surprise to viewers but his picture with his cast was taken on the 26th, the night before he made the divorce announcement which made fans realize that perhaps he isn’t really as affected by the divorce.


    The reporter said there was a lot of support for Kyo in Sanya. Fans with placards showing their support and they even mentioned the fangirl who screamed and made Kyo laugh. The reporter joked that like all women Kyo must have enjoyed being complimented like that when the fangirl called her pretty.




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  9. Some fans are asking why we are focusing on Kyo showing cleavage, actually last week “three men” did a livestream which got them more than 500,000 views where they discussed her body and one tried to body shame by calling her fat and short. Then one guy said guys like her because she has big breasts and they they laughed at that.


    So we’re glad that Kyo is not letting herself get bullied by such opinions. 


    Got it so flaunt it!


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  10. This is a list of people- Actresses, Editors of fashion magazines and bloggers who will attend the event today, I am listing their IG accounts.


    We can leave comments asking them for

    selfies with Kyo.  


    1. Liu Yi Fei - Chinese Actress and fellow Brand Ambassador for Chaumet.

    2. Honda Tsubasa - Japanese Actress. 

    3. Salma Abu Deif - Egyptian Actress. 

    4. Hyejoo Lee - Editor in chief W Korea and friend of Kyo.

    5. Charlene Anco - Editor for HK Tatler

    6. Crystal Wong - Editor Harpers Bazaar HK

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  11. I got my wish!!!!


    Marie Claire Korea confirmed Kyo is in Monaco, this is the jewelry she will be wearing. Other celebrities like Chinese actress Liu Yi Fed who plays Mulan in the uplcoming Disney production will also attend.


    Jewelry that will be worn by Song Hye Kyo tonight #Chaumetmonaco






    The necklace she will be wearing is called the 

    “Les Fulgurances du Ciel” <Piercing brilliance of the sky> and pays tribute to the essence of High Jewellery, to the art of highlighting gemstones that make women glow on festive evenings. A motif that has been present for over two hundred years in the Maison’s creations, the star is adorned with the purity of diamonds. The dancing undulation of a starry cascade, the perfect positioning of stars on a tiara and the luminous caress of these earrings illustrate the mastery of a Maison that is faithful to its tradition of excellence. Like comets streaking across the sky, emphasizing its immensity with their luminous glow, the Passages jewels reinterpret these fascinating heavenly bodies with extraordinary black opals from Australia. In their wake, trails of pastel tourmalines add a finishing touch to a virtuoso creation and reveal the queen of the night with their brilliance.


    Necklace in white and rose gold, set with 6 oval-cabochon-cut black opals weighing 28.11, 6.96, 6.84, 2.91, 2.12 and 2.07 carats from Australia, an oval-cut Paraïba tourmaline weighing 4.34 carats from Brazil, 17 fancy shaped multicolored Paraïba-type tourmalines for a total weight of 41.57 carats from Mozambique, fancy shaped multicolored Paraïba-type tourmalines from Mozambique and brilliant-cut diamonds.





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  12. Find someone who looks at you the way Jeongeun <female MC> looks at Kyo.


    Her IG caption:


    Goddess HyeKyo-nim, Audience <the MC uses the korean word 알현 which is a term used for meeting a Formal head of state or a religious head like the Pope>

    so many people attended the event.

    It was so brief , I wish there had been time for a selfie but because I didn’t have a handphone in my hand I was content with the handshake

    Happy tears ______  I was so happy!




    PS: many of her friends wrote sort of negative comments about Kyo, no need to get into fights but let’s leave positive comments about Kyo on the post.



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  13. If it’s true that she has left for Europe, I really hope it’s because she will be attending the launch party for the Chaumet exhibition in Monaco. 



    From July 12 to August 28, 2019, Chaumet will present at the Grimaldi Forum an exhibition devoted to the art of the diadem, this cult jewel, a symbol of power and sovereignty that has become the symbol of the sublimation of femininity. Placed under the high patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, this event will highlight outstanding women, empresses, queens and princesses of the European courts, as well as the jewels created for them by Chaumet for 240 years. The curation was placed under the responsibility of Stéphane Bern, a media personality, journalist and writer, along with Christophe Vachaudez, a jewel historian, both specialists in the Royal Courts. Separated into six major themes, the exhibition will take you on a journey into the heart of the creation and symbolism of head jewelry. Based around Chaumet’s rich heritage collections, but also on the generous participation of prestigious museums, great European families and many private collections, this unique exhibition will be a hymn to the splendor of Parisian jewelry from the 18th century to the present day.


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