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  1. 14 minutes ago, cheekychipmunk_stv said:


    Aww... I'm so disappointed that Jun can't play piano nor guitar in real life. :joy: I thought he really know how. Oh well... got fooled by drama god.


    Love that Rara can play piano for real. Love the Richard Clayderman piece she played at the end.


    I also thought he would at least know one instrument but when I watched their Swoon interview, that's when I learned about it.


    Yeah, I always knew Go Ara knows how to play piano because she played also in her drama Miss Hammurabi :)

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  2. @partyon I chose both happy endings for both couples. I wasn't about to vote yes for Hae Su and Moo Jin, but then I remember when she wear the necklace. So even if I may not be 100% sure, but if they're happy with each other's arms, who am I to complain? :coolshades: Everyone deserves a second strike in life ~


    Also about Hee Seong, can't believe I voted for the first option even though he was really creepy in the drama... but then I remember the director saying in the BTS for him to tie his hair because he likes it when he ties it, I have to say, I agree Kamdong-nim :hahah!:

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  3. 14 hours ago, violina said:

    So many highlights right! The other one for me is when Kim Moo Jin came through with the truth tea


    Its a never ending debate. Someone asked, I cant remember who in the previous pages. Was Baek Hee Sung born a psycho? We can also ask does Do Hyun Soo have ASPD? Despite him having great personality traits which have allowed him to function well for 14 years and not doing something drastic like murder. He does have a very dark side. It that flairs up when Jiwon and Eun Ha are at risk. He tortured and almost killed Kim Moo Jin and Baek Hee Sung because of them. He was cornered twice by his wife(ep 7 and 13). His impulse almost made him hurt her not only once but twice.


    is evil a product of your environment or is it actually innate? Studies say brain activity of dozens of people thought to be psychopaths, found that there tended to be reduced activity in the areas that play roles in regulating emotions, impulses, morality, and aggression. So maybe it could be said to be innate like in BHS's case? He threw a rock and killed a dog just like that. Some kids hurt animals even when they are raised in good environment. Bully other kids. That could be innate evil. But then again, am leaning towards evil being a product of your environment. BHS was raised by narcissist parents. Gong Mi Ja pushed her son to get better grades in school. The image of having a brainy math genius son was more important to her than anything. The Grandpa Baek is verbally and physically abusive. This guy slaps his wife, slaps his adult son who just came out of a coma. I dont think he had an emotional bond with BHS because he is so focused on his medical career. Maybe thats why he readily accepted to be groomed by Do Min Seok. He got the attention and approval that his father didnt give him. DHS's "evil" streak was definitely a product of his environment. He was failed by pretty much everyone from childhood. His parents, his doctor, society, media. He was not born evil.


    Oh, yes, that part too.... that was such a good scene ~ Even though I don't like the way the father had been acting, but then when he broke down, I just felt so bad for him and his wife. Only shows how far can parents sacrifice for their children.


    That topic about evil always interest me... sometimes I do lean more towards a product of the environment as well, however after some years of deliberating, I also think it's innate. That even though if you're surrounded with good people, it doesn't guarantee you'll be as good as them, what if it's simply your nature? It might have to do with one's mental state as well. Though I'm not really an expert on that area so can't say much about it.


    14 hours ago, thesuitelife547 said:


    That part stuck out for me, too, when I watched it. I thought it was really brave of her to choose try to save DHS instead of having him go after BHS, who put her through all sorts of torture. And even when she was on the phone with the police, she asked for them to save DHS rather than immediately ask them to go arrest BHS. She was worried about him and perhaps a part of it may have also been with her wanting to break the cycle or maybe, because she already saw that DHS was a good person, she just wanted to save him from being a murderer as best she could.


    That was such a powerful scene for me... it's when I started just bawling my eyes out until the ending scene of the episode. If I were her, I'd do the same in a heartbeat, I wouldn't even care if Hee Seong gets away as long as I can save Hyun Su.

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  4. O.MI.GOD. First off, I want to applause LJG, MCW, and all the cast and crew for this wonderful drama again and a congratulations for breaking the 5% rating for a Weds-Thurs drama. clap.gif 


    How I missed Soompi. I've been held back by work and been so busy these past few weeks that I couldn't watch the episodes and come here to discuss with you guys. I MISS YOU ALL ~ I hope you have been well 60.gif 


    It was not the best decision for me to watch all the eps at one sitting because I've been bawling my eyes for how many hours now. And I might have a puffy eyes after this ^_^. Ahhh, my head hurts after that Ep. 15...


    Man, what can I say, this drama just doesn't disappoint. I just love everything about it. One of the highlights for me would probably be Jung Mi Sook trying to prevent Hyun Su from doing something he'll regret.


    Even though the other person is someone who ruined her life and all, but she's willing to let him go to save a good soul. It takes such a great and big heart for someone to do that. When she told Ji Won that if Hyun Su end up killing him, they won't hold him accountable, I was about to agree as well. But then I was like Ji Won, you can never justify killing... a murder is a murder.


    I guess one thing this drama portrays, at least for me, is the question, is evil a product of your environment?.... or is it actually innate? And don't you ever try to mess with the good ones, because, who knows, they might end up even worse than one might think. 


    Kim Ji Hoon is so good at being a villain in here. I only remember him from Flower Boy Next Door having that innocent unrequited love for Park Shin Hye's character... LOL... 


    Lastly, please, I just wanna see Hyun Su, Ji Won, Eun Ha, Hae Su, Moo Jin happy. We've never even seen them smiling after Ji Won found out Hyun Su's identity. It's been an endless crying and roller coaster of emotions so I just want the best for them. Man, if I could give the whole world to them, I would. They deserve it. I still can't believe this is ending next week yociexp20.gif. I still vividly remember when I was so excited about the casting of this drama and the second pair up of LJG and MCW. Time has gone by so fast. But I'm glad I was able to come back here before that finale :blush:

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