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    Hey guys. So the Can't Nobody MV comes out today, technically, because it's already September 12th in Korea, right? Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong.




    And since I live on the Eastern time zone would that mean it comes out at 9 tonight? I really hope so.


    I can't wait, I think it's going to be the best one because I like to think they saved the best for last.




    I've been listening to the album nonstop, I think Love Is Ouch is their best song. It's so mellow and sweet.




    Inkigayo tomorrow, SO EXCITED!!!






    Can't Nobody comes out today and their performance on Inkigayo is today as well so don't miss it!







    AND OMG, I literally LMAO after reading this comment:

    Question: What did CL say to that guy?

    (Very creative) Answer: she said ''is there a bug on my face?" and he said ''yea hold on bro, ill get it.. *slap*..wait..*slap*... hold still.. *slap*... wait its still there..*slap*... oh btw have my jacket, its versace.''






    Lol. BTW, what about Lotte Duty Free Concert? They're performing that today.



    OMG I think I have an idea:




    I think that she really does want him to go away because she was hurt but it's hard for her to let him go becuase she was in love and now he's breaking up with her in a very harsh way.




    You can apply these lyrics to the ending of the MV:


    Don’t worry about me and go away

    I’ll disappear, no strings attached

    You thought I’d hang onto you

    It’s disgusting, don’t misunderstand

    I’ll meet someone so much better

    I’ll make you regret it all

    Sadness is only for now, boy

    Cause love is over

    Love, love is over tonight




    After the crash, she can move on. She doesn't hang on to him anymore b/c sadness is only for now. She's ready to meet someone better and he'll regret it b/c he's dead, lol.





    I don't know but watching this storyline, you could see CL is doing the exact opposite of Go Away's lyrics. She was humiliated and looked pathetic. He cheated on her, yet in the beginning she confronts him to get back with her. Then she went to that guy's house late at night and got beaten up. I think she's setting an example of what not to do for all the ladies out there -- Like don't hold onto a guy that ends up treating you like mini cooper.






    Agreed. That was the first thing I noticed about the MV. It's opposite to the lyrics. Why is she going back to him after all the crap he said to her? Like WTF?! The song is about telling HIM to go away, not her. That bothered me the most. This is why I want the director's point of view with this MV.




    let's brighten this place up a little.




    Honors for this video (61)


    #12 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Hong Kong


    #9 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Taiwan




    #1 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Hong Kong


    #1 - Most Viewed (Today)) - Music - Taiwan




    Sorry to cut your post, but I'm starting to realize that 2NE1 is popular in China, right?


    I remember "Fire" was used in a Chinese commercial last year.





    I didn't really pay attention to promotion pictures prior to the release of the album/music video so this might have been covered previously but was anyone kind of disappointed that Minzy was wearing a wig? She looked really good with the long hair.








    Overall I really enjoyed the new tracks, some more than others but that's to expected. Are the girls' doing three songs on each of the music programs or is it just SBS Inki Gayo?






    Minzy has extensions but I think she will have them for their comeback stage.




    Looking at their schedule, after Ink & MCD, they are going to be promoting 2 title tracks on the other shows but switching them up each day.




    September 17th – Music Bank [CAN’T NOBODY] [GO AWAY] FULL SONGS


    September 18th – Music Core [CAN’T NOBODY] [CLAP YOUR HANDS] 6 MINUTES














    Don't they have a performance today? The Lotte Duty Free Concert! What time is it at?









    why did YG autotuned their whole CD? i like their voice without autotune... definitely not liking this CD as much as their 1st single




    I'm gonna go listen to Fire, I don't care, Pretty boy, & Stay together... this album was such a letdown :tears:






    Did you listen to the whole thing? All the songs did not have autotune.



    Here are the translations






    English Translation of Clap Your Hands




    Clap your hands, clap your hands


    Clap your hands, everybody clap your hands


    Clap your hands, everybody clap your hands




    Let go of your worries, concerns and such


    And everybody clap your hands




    Now let's hold our hands up high (uh-huh)


    People who clap loudly are winners today (uh-huh) (2NE1)


    Let's play together, hurry and call out everyone who's alone




    Let's break free from this suffocating city, everyone go with the beat


    We, we are lions that have broken free


    I wanna rock your body




    Go crazy just for today (oh)


    Run until your body feels hot (oh)


    When we meet (A-yo)


    Hit your hand against mine




    G-g-go crazy just for today (oh)


    F-f-forget about greed and things like that


    When everyone is excited (A-yo) We like a champion


    We're all ready (uh-huh)




    Clap your hands, clap your hands, everybody throw your hands in the air


    Strike up a conversation with the sky




    Clap your hands, clap your hands


    This is the beginning












    Translated by elise & GEE @ ygladies.com





    Love it.



    Lets Play 2NE1 conducted an interview with 2NE1's choreographer Mari Martin.




    These are just excerpts relating to their comeback:






    What is your basis in creating a concept for choreography? Like in 2NE1’s upcoming album? Do you base it on their personality or what?


    Mari: Well, it was very difficult to prepare something for 2ne1 when I worked with them because I hadn’t met them yet. All I had to go off of was the internet and some info from Shaun. I had ideas before we went to Seoul, but when we got there we ended up changing things around, making things work for them and highlight them as individuals. I definitely learned how important that is. I’m so used to just dancing for myself, but working with 2ne1 I had to be making stuff for them both as a group and as separate personalities and strengths, so it was different.




    What can we expect for 2NE1’s comeback? Is it different from their previous choreography and style?


    Mari: I would say expect great music, a lot of 2ne1 attitude and character and some new style in there from me! Girl power!




    The rest of the interview here




    cr: Lyna@Letsplay2ne1





    I ain't feeling the teaser.

    It sounds so pop-ish.

    I want 2NE1 to do more hiphop/R&B since that's their genre.

    But, YG has been moving onto more mainstream/pop music lately, which is disappointing.

    I'm not worried though, I'm sure the other songs will be fiercer.






    I see what you are saying but I'm not too worried. I'm sure the other songs will stay within their genre but YG did say that he wanted to show different sides to 2NE1's music. Plus, Teddy did a lot of work on their album so I expect their style to still be there with the other songs.




    The teaser really isn't bad but I think people were expecting something different. But full judgment can be made on the song when it's actually out so what you say now may be different after you hear the full song and/or see the MV.





    ^ I thought CL being a racer is for the 'Go Away' MV too since it was the first track to be revealed and saying they are currently filming the MV for it. Probably the titles were just mixed up by the poster.




    The teaser is good. I'll patiently wait for the full one to get released. I love LEADA's solo shot. She looked fab!




     And I'm still confused where to pre-order their album. Which  will be better? DVD Heaven or Yesasia? 






    I  think the one singing on the teaser is mainly CL. unsure.gif






    As Black Stones said, buying from DVD Heaven counts towards the korean charts.









    YG-Life's Note about 2NE1 Album Advertisement Plans






    - Will be released on 2NE1's YouTube artist channel (MV will be released first online)




    - Includes CGV-screen advertising and photography in cinemas (2NE1 album to have 30-second ads before movies, 200 million KRW equivalent)




    - CGV theater's in major metropolitan areas - 2NE1 albums sold with a popcorn combo set




    - 3 CGV 4D screenings for the MV (CGV 4D PlEX in theaters, MV will include 4D effects such as chair vibrations and winds)




    - 2 45-seat buses and 10 BMW MINIs will have vehicle wrappers promoting 2NE1's album




    - Music stores nationwide and Etude stores (cosmetics), Bean Pole Jean stores, CGV, GS25, VIPS, Twosome will promote distribute brochures about albums.




    - Album will be available in major music stores on 9/9, 2NE1 DAY, along with promotional t-shirts.




    source: http://www.yg-life.com/


    translated by: nathaniel @ ygladies







    YG is seriously going all out. Yay!


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