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    I am super freaking excited! I think the whole concept that Dara has totally fits the Halloween theme. Clearly they are going for something dark since the song is It Hurts.






    BTW, YG said it would be off their current album so people should have expected the song off their album and not a brand not new song. I would have loved a new song but I expected this since he said it.







    2ne1′s Park Bom featuring in Bigbang’s New Album Exclusive Video to be Released











    Big Bang fans, be sure to look for the October 26th broadcast of Mnet’s ‘2EN1 TV‘, as you get to hear a sample of Big Bang’s new song!




    G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Park Bom was shown working away on a collaboration track. Park Bom repeatedly sang “Don’t go home baby~” in order to find the best voice, as G-Dragon took in the various sounds with a contemplative look.




    As he watched her from outside the recording studio, G-Dragon commented, ”For any song, when Park Bom’s voice is added, it becomes a better song. It’s a great voice. If nuna doesn’t do it, our album can’t be released.”




    In addition to the recording for Big Bang’s new song, the episode will show 2NE1’s recording story in London.




    Source: Star News




    Photo: Mnet Media




    CREDIT: MeeyaMia @ LP21+ AKP

    Info from: Newsen












    Dara: 2NE1tv preview- 2NE1 recording








    Translation: Right now we’re at Namyangju, on the set in the middle of shooting but I also find Mnet there~! As seen on 2ne1TV~~~! ke Ah! Today we see what happens on Strong Heart, right?!? ^_^ Aigoo.. ㅠㅠ ke ke kyak!!! wait wait!!



    Source: Dara’s me2day

    crL LP21








    That's what I'm wondering. Didn't they just move into their new apartments this year? I can't understand why they would move again.






    Maybe the moved to be closer to the scheduled events or a bigger place...who knows. BB moved along with them. I read YB's tweet about living in Seoul now.



    2NE1 (투 애니원) - Clap Your Hands 박수 쳐 (JTLeung ROCK Mix)










    2ne1′s Album: To Anyone Trend Report by Mnet








    The typhoon of a girl group that is 2ne1 has taken the world by storm with their first full-length album: To Anyone. Thousands of fans all over the world have talked about the album that has defied the Kpop Girl Group norms. These charismatic girls with their androgynous feel has captured the hearts of Korean bigshots and celebrities in the west as well. From Will.I.Am to Jeremy Scott, the list goes on. But let us look at the Korean market. How popular is 2ne1 among the ordinary Korean population?








    According to Mnet, one of Korea’s top networks, 47% of 2ne1′s fans are male while the remainig 52% are female. It has been evident and emphasized that 2ne1′s niche market has always been the female population because of the ‘Miss Independent Theme’ that is engraved in 2ne1′s style. As the popular Gag Concert character Wang Biho implied: Other girl groups beg guys to notice them yet 2ne1 tells them “I Don’t Care” and “Go Away.”




    What is more surprising is that majority of 2ne1′s fans are from the 30 – 39 year old age group. The number of single women from this age group has been steadily increasing in Korea as it has become the perfect environment for a woman to pursue her dreams. Women in Korea have chosen to reach their dreams, and 2ne1 songs with lyrics like “Can’t nobody hold us down” (Can’t Nobody) or “I’m busy, let me go! Let go of my hand please, I’m really not interested” (I’m Busy) encourage these women to go and not let gender hinder their pursuit of success.




    In relation to that, the teen market comprises 25% of their fans. 20-29 year olds are 26% of their fan base and 18% are 40 years old and above.




    CREDIT: near @ DC2ne1, MeeyaMia @ LP21





    cr: LetsPlay2NE1




    And people say 2ne1 doesn't have many fanboys.



    THye perfomred at M*copycat*o after the G20 event.








    Can't Nobody

    Go Away




    Source: Nate


    Credit: scarlet_cryssie@YGLadies.com


    Reuploaded by: crazyxcami@YGLadies.com










    2ne1 Sends Vanness Wu an Autographed Copy of To Anyone!








    Thanks girls~ God bless you all on all your future endeavors~!








    CREDIT: Vaness’ Official Twitter+ LetsPlay2NE1





    That's really sweet of the girls.



    Not sure if you guys are familiar with MTV's show America's Best Dance Crew but a crew from season 1 Kaba Modern, danced to 2NE1's Can't Nobody.




    starts @ 6:31


    Kaba Modern at Enkore 10/16/2010




    This was the cast that appeared on the show










    I was surprised that they used 2NE1's song but Mike Song is part of KM (a choreographer and dancer) and he also choreographed Beast's new song Soom with a member from Prepix so maybe he discovered the song while in korea.




    cr: hwangssabu@yt






    BTW, does 2ne1 have new hoodies? I ask because of Dara's me2day pics:
















    2ne1 in Japan?… Maybe








    The girl groups’ Japan debuts are a hot topic here. There are Girls Generation and Kara in the front, while many other girl groups are preparing for their stages in Japan. Even from the groups, which are not that famous, are working their ways to Japan due to having offers from the biggest entertainment companies in Japan.




    How about 2NE1 who is right on top this fall in Korea? YG Entertainment informed with a serious consideration saying “They will just focus on the domestic markets and consider to debut in abroad after they are fully prepared.”




    One of the parties, from YGE, said, “There are many suggestions offering a contract with huge amount of money from many entertainment companies from Japan to 2NE1, but we kept on refusing them”, explaining the present situation, saying, “The domestic activities are the priorities and there’s a plan for the US debut, so we think it’s not our time yet.”




    Also, they are being very careful on the money issue. A YG representative added, “If we get the money first, there will be a hard situation to keep the good structure of cooperation and we may have to follow what they want us to do most of the times”. He also said, “2NE1 has never had the official debut in Japan, but they are receiving very high responses, so we don’t need to offer that kind of unfavorable conditions by ourselves.”




    The international markets watching 2NE1 is so hot. The music videos of the 3 title songs of the first full album of 2NE1, which costed of production of a one full movie, was chosen to be the most watched video on Youtube, the world famous video site, with the 500 thousand views only on the day it was released. Plus it ranked no.1 on the Japanese chart, nevertheless they haven’t even had an official promotion, not only for once.




    The very first one who is performing triple title songs in the domestic musical industry history, 2NE1 is sweeping all the charts with their 3 songs, “Can’t Nobody”, “Go Away” and “Clap Your Hands”.




    Also their ringtone downloads are over 600 thousand, showing off their power to be the top street popular music in this fall.




    So what is so special about 2NE1 that they are becoming popular on both of domestic and abroad markets? The critics are saying that they are unique on both music and dance. They stand out beyond of all the whole girl group patterns which were just exaggerating the cute Barbie doll types or sexy voluptuous figure types.




    Last year, they’d already expressed their genre-free music that varies from hip hop to electronic within the image of unique artists with their debut music such as “Fire” and “I Don’t Care”.




    They are also receiving huge support from their company, YG. Compared to some girl groups, busy with all the shows, TV programs, stage showcases with a very small popularity as if they were such money making machines, 2NE1 has shown the leading system of separating the terms of preparing, performing, and resting.




    CREDIT: Osen


    Translated by: HuisuYoon@21BANGS.com





    cr: letsplay2ne1




    This makes me really happy. It's not solely about money for YG. He really has the girls best interests at hand. Why many groups are branching over to Japan, YG wants to take his time and focus on what's most important right now.




    HMV Online issues apology for misinformation on 2NE1




    Last week HMV Online posted information about a potential controversial track title for 2NE1 and their upcoming Japanese album. The information posted proved to be false and was quickly taken down from the website. HMV Online has now issued a full apology on their website.





    “先日、『HMV ONLINE 韓国・アジアメールマガジン 2010年10月8日号』の件名にて お送りしたメールマガジン内に掲載された情報、






    2NE1の日本盤に関する情報は、発売日/収録内容/楽曲名など、 正式な情報ではないものを誤って掲載してしまったものです。








    今後このようなことのありませんよう、社員一同、再発防止に努めると共に、 サービスの向上に誠心誠意努力をしてまいります。




    今後ともHMVをご利用いただけますよう、心よりお願い申し上げます。 ”




    “Invalid information was posted on our site and mail magazine “HMV ONLINE Korea, Asia mail magazine” on October 8th 2010.




    We published wrong information about 2NE1’s Japanese debut. The release date, track list, and title of the songs were posted by accident.




    We are terribly sorry for this mess.




    We will do our best to prevent such an occurrence from happening again, and will try our hardest to improve our services.”




    Well, there you have it. We’ll now have to wait and see for the official information regarding 2NE1’s potential Japanese debut.























    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20101013n02541


    Reuploaded by GEE @ ygladies.com



    2NE1 in U-Weekly Magazine Singapore








    Cr: Vic @ Big Bang Updates




    Source: V_TOP0916 @ 百度+LetsPlay2NE1






    So I read this:




    It has been garnering attention that 2ne1 might break records and win 4 weeks in a row in SBS Inkigayo,




    It has been announced by SBS that “Can’t Nobody” is still eligible for this weeks mutizen. They have won 1 mutizen for “go away” and 2 for “can’t nobody”, they have not won three weeks in a row for the same song thus they are still eligible for the mutizen this week.




    No one in the history of SBS Inkigayo has won 4 weeks in a rown with the same artist, thus if 2ne1 wins this week in Inkigayo, they will be making a new record in the history of kpop after they already made a record of the first to have 3 title songs at the same time.




    Can 2ne1 win this week in Inkigayo? Stay tuned.




    Source: Starnews


    Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net+LetsPlay2NE1




    So they're still eligible to win for Can't Nobody? Should we be streaming that instead? Well CN and GA.









    Watch 2ne1 on Win Win ENG SUBS:)


    Part 1:






    all other parts are on their channel:InfiknightsSubsTv8 << credit for subs




    i loved watching them on this show! their best talk show appearance to date, in my opinion:)


    All of them shined:) must watch!:)











    Thanks for participating guys!






    About promoting a new song... I agree that I'd prefer new songs, but it seems most kpop groups start out translating their old hit songs now. I am assuming this may be the path YG chooses to follow with 2NE1. It isn't necessarily a bad thing since it did wonders for a few other groups. I just hope it comes out sound right.



    Since it's a bit slow right now, lets talk about 2NE1's possible debut in Japan next year.

    What song do you think they should promote for their debut?

    -I think they should promote Go Away or Fire. GA has a great melody and great lyrics. I'm only a bit hesitant about this song because of the autotune (though it's only used during the rap portions). You know how people like to think that autotune=can't sing. I don't want that impression to be given off on their debut. I suggested Fire because it's catchy and they always perform this song with lots of energy and sass.

    What do you think of their chances in Japan?

    -I think their chances are 50/50. Their image is pretty different from the girl groups I've seen, so it could work against them or for them, but lets hope for the latter. I think it definitely helps that CL knows some Japanese already and that 3/4 the girls know English. Minzy has already started to learn Japanese since their break. I believe they'll all learn Japanese near the end of this year in preparation for next year.





    Sharing some remixes

    My Fire [2NE1 vs. B2Y]

    I Don't Care What Love Is... [2NE1 vs. Tiara]




    2NE1 - Go Away, It's Friday [Mashup Remix]




    This is a really great mix of most of their songs to date:




    2NE1 megamix II short ver. freaky remix






    let's go party




    pretty boy


    in da club


    i don't care


    please don't go




    날 따라 해봐요


    you & I


    can't nobody


    박수 쳐


    go away


    난 바빠


    stay together.










    2NE1 members rank their looks








    As you guys know, the girls of 2NE1 recently made their first ever talk show appearance on KBS2TV’s “Win Win.”




    During the show, the girls revealed their thoughts about their looks by ranking their looks within the group.




    The first place was none other than CL, who showed her confidence, saying, “I love myself.”




    The second place went to Park Bom, and the fourth place went to Minzy, who showed her humble image.




    The third place went to Sandara Park, who is known for her young and flawless skin that make her look younger than her actual age. She commented, “I am jealous of my fellow members’ volume. … I’m too skinny.”




    Regarding Sandara’s method of taking care of her skin, she revealed, “I don’t put on makeups a lot, and if I do, I only use mild cosmetics.” Park Bom then brought the cast into laugher, saying, “I only use cosmetics that are made with strong components.”




    Meanwhile, the girls of 2NE1 talked about various stories and episodes that they encountered throughout their journey to stardom.


    cr: AKP




    Ugh. Now people are going to start thinking that CL is conceited. If they saw the show, they would see that the other 3 left the 1st spot open which she took.


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