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    Dara ME2DAY









    We’re practicing for the YG Concert now… First night of band practice..^.^ Ah!




    Dara posts teaser videos from the YG fam concert rehearsals




    Dara's Video 1





    Kya… Live concert!!! It’s going to be different on stage! A live band will be performing with us~!!! Anxious, anxious anxious~?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! It’ll get better!!! A little better!^.^



    Dara's Video 2





    It’s a beautiful night!!!^_^ I’m delighted~! Just finishing choreography practice!!! Practicing in order to perfect our new steps for the stage! Who with? Which song? How? Calling..ㅋㅋ Really anxious! Will release more~ later! Good night!^.^




    Source: Dara’s me2day

    Videos uploaded: mnzj @ YT

    Translations: AA-Chan

    Credit: LP21










    Miss Korea’s Honey Lee almost debuted with 2NE1?








    Actress Honey Lee recently made an appearance on MBC Radio FM4U’s “Blue night, this is Jung Yeob” and made a surprising confession.




    She stated, “When I was in college, I dreamt of becoming a singer and was a trainee in an entertainment company. At the time, I was preparing for an album with the 2NE1 members.”




    She continued, “But I was forced to put my singing dream on pause in order to prepare for Miss Korea. I still keep in contact with the 2NE1 members today.”




    Source + Photos: TV Daily




    Source: TVDaily








    Wow. Miss Korea? Couldn't imagine her in 2NE1 right now.





    Hello guys :)

    I want to ask, [i know I'm wayyy late] but about 2ne1tv episodes uploaded on 2ne1's YT channel,

    is this meant to eb teh first episode?


    the 2NE1_TV_SEASON 2_E01-1 ??

    so it goes like E01-1, E01-2 and so on? When does E01 finish? how do the numbers go??? :

    thanks <3333333333333






    Yup. It's E01-1 & E01-2, E02-1 & E02-2, E03-1, etc. The episodes usually have only 2 vids to them.





    2NE1 Fashion Store in Vietnam







    Credit as tagged + lollikate@tumblr

    Re-uploaded by: nyxtime@YGLadies.com





    That's so cool.








    Which Top 10 chart is 2NE1 on now?




    2NE1′s official FB Page reports that the girls have hit the TOP 10 once again!


    This time our ladies are #2 of the Top 10 PAID tracks on the popular iPhone game, Tap Tap Revenge 3.




    The pack includes the songs Fire and Can’t Nobody.








    I’d get their track myself if I just had a credit card >___< – renKa002




    Source: 2NE1′s Official FB Page


    Caps by truthaboutheaven@tumblr






    cr: LP21














    2NE1 delays their debut Japanese release






    Via tokyohive:




    Girl group sensation, 2NE1, amped up their Japanese fans with their plans to enter the Japanese music market. After announcing that they were signing under Avex Entertainment, fans waited patiently for further updates.




    Unfortunately, Avex recently posted a notice on 2NE1’s official homepage, and said the following:




    “We have an announcement about 2NE1’s Japanese release.

    First of all, we received an overwhelming response after announcing 2NE1’s Japanese debut with us, so we would like to thank you for that.

    YG Entertainment Japan and Avex Entertainment have decided to delay the release of 2NE1’s Japanese album, originally scheduled for December 8th, in order to meet the high expectations.

    To be more specific, we wanted to make sure the content was absolutely satisfactory for their debut in Japan.

    It will make the fans wait a little longer, but the company asks for the fans’ understanding, patience, and continued support as they prepare 2NE1’s Japanese debut to meet everyones’ anticipations and expectations.“







    Avex also advised fans to disregard any declarations made by “outside sites” about the album being “cancelled”.




    Could the girls be planning a completely new tracklist for their Japanese album? Or are they simply perfecting their Japanese interpretations for their previously-released tracks? Either way, we know that with the delay, the anticipation has just increased tenfold!







    New songs maybe?





    Sandara Park says Taeyang and her aren’t meant to be









    Sandara Park described her relationship with Big Bang’s Taeyang on this week’s Strong Heart. The charismatic 2NE1 member talked about her friendship with Taeyang and expressed her honest thoughts.




    She stated, “I don’t know if I should call it an ill-fated or an incompatible relationship. Taeyang seems really nice and suave on the outside but in reality he’s just a rascal that doesn’t know much about women. He usually pinches me and rolls me around on the floor in the practice room to tease me.”




    She added, “One day, I wasn’t feeling well but he didn’t even notice and started to roll me around again. I started crying and ran to the bathroom. I know that he’s just being friendly to his noona but it catches me off guard. Taeyang is becoming really popular amongst the female fans but to me, he’s last on my list in terms of Big Bang members.”




    Source + Photo: OSEN






    Hmm, I wonder what he thinks...








    Sandara Park confesses to using butt padding in Taeyang’s MV









    Apparently 2NE1’s cute member, Sandara Park, had a lot to say regarding Big Bang member Taeyang, as she revealed a secret about filming for his MV, in addition to her previous confession of being frustrated over his random childish moments (jokingly).




    On her guest appearance at SBS Strong Heart, Sandara revealed the secret to her great looking voluptuous body in Taeyang’s I Need a Girl MV, as she confessed, “At the time, I was trying to match the concept of being Taeyang’s partner, so I prepared my own little secret. The secret was butt padding.” The female idol apparently debated between her pride or achieving a great looking body and in the end, decided to wear butt padding to look great.




    Thankfully, no one noticed Sandara’s little secret and YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk, complimented Sandara by saying, “Sandara your body looks good today. This is the first time I noticed that you could pull off the sexy look.” Although in the end, none of the YG family members found out about Sandara’s butt padding, the female idol stated that there were several dangerous moments. For example, during the scene where Taeyang had to pretend to play the piano on Sandara’s belly, the Big Bang member asked, “Sandara noona why is your belly so hard?”, to which Sandara passed off, “Every girl’s belly is normally hard.”




    The 2NE1 member then concluded by saying that this is the first time she confessed to using butt padding to her YG family members and sent a message to them saying, “Taeyang I’m sorry. I did it to look good in your MV and everyone in YG family! That day my body was fake!”, causing the guest members to break out in laughter.








    Butt pads, really? Lol, Dara. I'm sure she's not the only one that uses them.






    Hot Anticipation for It Hurts MV on SBS Let’s Go Morning Wide







    The video talks about the interesting teaser picture that YG released with regards to 2ne1′s It Hurts MV. The host says that 2ne1, a dance group brings something new to that table by releasing a ballad. She says that Member Sandara Park will be the focus of the MV alongside a male lead. She tells the viewers to wait for the music video release.





    Reuploaded by: LP21the3rd







    SBS News mentions Will.I.Am working with 2ne1





    SBS News reports about BEP Leader Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj’s MV Check it Out has gathered interest in Korea because of the use of Hangul (Korean Characters) in the music video. The video also mentions the rise in fame of Korean-American Hip Hop group, Far East Movement, who topped the Billboard Hot 100 Charts.




    More importantly it mentions that Will.I.Am is currently working with Korea’s representative girl group: 2ne1





    Reuploaded by: LP21the3rd @ Youtube



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