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    lol lil daddy probably got a warning from the producers for making yuri teary eye lol


    but damn i sure in the hell do miss my 2 girls from live in color! they were some fierce richard simmons dancers! and i dont care if yall say all they did was booty dance. bianca and trilliane along with cindy and takeo were the best female dancers on that show!




    i hope they bring all the groups back 4 the last episode to perform.




    I actually saw some girls from Fysh n Chicks in the audience at the end. :rolleyes:


    LIC should still be here....worse decision ever made on the show.




    I know you probably don't care what I'm 'bout to say since I'm obviously biased for Yuri (and I'm pretty sure you're biased against, no offense),


    but you wouldn't feel that great if you potentially stopped the dreams of your entire team in its tracks. (and even had your mistake pointed out on television)




    And I 100% disagree that Jabba vs. SQ would be better.






    I hope the finals are theme-less.


    Just let the crews go all out!




    Dont be dramtic Cripsy. She owuldnt have stopped their dreams at all. Most crews have messed up on the show and manged to move on with their dreams.


    I hope the last episode has a REAL battle. No themes or choreographed stuff...just dancing.



    TOTAL BS!! WTF?!?! Why was BSK8 and SQ put together?! I love SQ but I really expected them to be in the bottom 2.....I'm baffled! I dont get it. Everyone talks about Kabba and Jabba all the time...I'm really shocked. I think the show is trying to shake things up and not make it so predictable.




    Moving on...the challenged kinda sucked :tongue2:




    SQ: The things that stood out for me was the Head walk (or w/e its called) and the chair thing (thought that was cute). Overall: Ok-Good




    Jabbawockeez: The things that stood out for me was the car part, the guy who slid on his head into a freeze (one on the right) and the end was cute. Overall: Good




    Kaba Modern: Not their best but the thing I liked was the locking (which they got from last week's episode when Jabba did it). Yea Yuri messed up but everyone does so keep it going (didn't notice it till Lil Mama mentioned it). Overall: Ok (for me)




    BreakSk8: I liked the shirt part (reminds me of SQ). Everything near the ending was cool. Overall:Ok-Good


    Atleast Breaksk8 is gone...They came a long way though. Good for them.




    BTW Iconic would have KILLED this.




    Lil Mama confused me.... :blink:


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