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    2NE1 to have first comeback stage on Inkigayo




    Having revealed yesterday that 2NE1 was in the midst of filming for their comeback MV for one of their title tracks, Go Away, more information about their comeback stage on music shows were revealed today as the countdown to their comeback in two weeks time draws near.




    According to officials from Inkigayo, 2NE1 will make their much anticipated comeback first through SBS Inkigayo on September 12th where they will perform their 3 title tracks.




    There is much anticipation as it has been a long time since 2NE1 greeted their fans on stage with new music after their single albums. Their first studio album will be out on September 9th.




    The two remaining title tracks for 2NE1’s comeback have yet to be decided.










    They both look gorgeous for Etude. Especially CL! I want a HQ pic of CL-roo.




    English Translations for the ETUDE BTS/interview





    ETUDE BTS & Interview vid




    Thanks 2ne1andme@youtube for the upload




    Voiceover: With explosive charisma, 2NE1 is a talented group that makes people look out for their next transformation! Let’s meet them now!




    Interviewer: Is this a study? It really looks good!


    2NE1: Yes.


    Interviewer: What are we filming today in this beautiful place?


    Dara: A cosmetics commercial that only beautiful women can shoot. *laughs*


    Minji: I’m so honoured. From today onwards I will take more care of my skin.




    Voiceover: Before the shoot, CL intently listens to (an explanation of) the commercial’s creative direction.


    Text: It’s a cosmetics ad, but looks very casual!


    Off-camera: Is your hair now ready?


    CL: Yes?


    Off-camera: Is your hair now ready?


    CL: Yes. *laughs* This is my hairstyle today. It’s complete.




    Voiceover: (This is) leader CL, who has explosive sexiness on stage, but who is a cute young lady today. Looking at her, Sandara doesn’t know what to do.


    Text over Sandara: *shy*


    Off-camera: Isn’t she very different from her onstage sexiness?


    CL: Yeah. Are you disappointed?


    Off-camera: No.


    Dara: She’s an aegyo queen. Normally she won’t do this. She’s puffing her face up.




    Interviewer: Can you puff your face up like you did in your solo shots?


    *CL covers her face*


    Voiceover: We’re seeing the aegyo queen’s cute expression again!


    *CL does her aegyo thang*


    Aren’t the members embarrassed?


    CL: How embarrassing! *covers face again*




    Voiceover: Now it’s maknae Minji’s turn. Here comes her unconcealable cuteness! How about the unnies (Dara and Bom)? Yeah, they look very at ease.


    CL: They really look like they’re comfortable, as if they’re at home. It’s inappropriate for me to stop them. But once you start shooting them, they’ll do very well.


    Text: The trusting leader!




    Voiceover: Park Bom leaves her comfortable bedroom to shoot (the commercial) seriously.


    Text: Once she starts shooting, she’s professional; the first take is OK!


    Voiceover: Sandara is just as serious.




    Interviewer: Now it’s time to understand the members’ inner selves. Everyone close your eyes. (When I make a statement), if your answer is YES, blink thrice. “2NE1′s centre of unity is me.” 1, 2, 3!


    Bom: *blink blink blink*


    *camera pans to the left, Dara laughs*


    Interviewer: Okay. “When holidaying with the members, if Sandara drives, honestly, her driving skills make me nervous.” 1, 2, 3!


    Bom: *blink blink blink*


    Interviewer: Okay, got it.




    Interviewer: “Actually, I’m continuing to do my solo preparations.” 1, 2, 3!


    Bom: *blink blink blink*


    Interviewer: Okay, got it.


    Dara: Bom! I heard the sound of you blinking!


    Bom: What sound? I don’t get it. *acts confused*


    Voiceover: Even though you’re acting confused, you’ve been discovered!




    Bom: Each of us four in the group want to have different characteristics. So I will sing and train my voice by myself, and practice dancing. That’s what I mean.




    Interviewer: Okay, got it! Just now, Bom also blinked at the statement about your driving(, Dara).


    Dara: What is this? I think my driving ability…why are you protesting? *Attack!*


    Bom: I blinked to make things more interesting.


    Interviewer: Okay, got it.




    *commercial shoot*


    Dara to Bom: Your eyes are now bigger. Happy? What if I smear this on your nose?


    Bom: My nose bridge will become higher, huh!


    Voiceover: Can the girls do aegyo like this? (Looking at their aegyo,) Sandara can’t stop laughing.




    *the rest of the interview is about MBLAQ, CheonDoong and “Dog Poop”




    Source: 2NE1′s baidu forum thread


    Video source: 小猫猫小小@youku


    / 21impact forum


    Chinese translation: 老卡


    English translation&cr: Letsplay2ne1






    The other week I went shopping at Best Buy, in NC, with my guy. I heard something playing on the LG t.v. in the home theater section and guess what it was...









    It was "I Don't Care"! I took this picture with my cellphone, I was so excited. Has this happened to any of you guys?








    Really? NC? I'd never expect to see 2NE1's MV in NC. That's awesome!




    Minzy's Cut: Legend Worthy Best Dancer Idol – #1 Minzy



    Their skin looks really beautiful for the allure shoot. I love the photos!







    2ne1′s STAR CALL is coming~










    2NE1′s star call is coming!


    Full of characteristics the 2ne1 girls are coming to star call!


    Aren’t ya all excited?


    The excitement of waiting for 2ne1′s star call is about to start right now!!




    <Be friends with 2ne1 star call>


    1)How to receive star call from 2ne1


    Necessary to select 2ne1 as receiving star then wait with excitement!




    2)How to send video fan letters to 2ne1


    First, dial 2ne1 star call 010-4193-0021


    Second, press video call button and record the message for 2ne1


    Third, be done with the recording and send it!




    <Event Prizes>


    Prize for randomly selected participants ->> 2ne1 star call JOIN


    Due date: 2010-8-23 ~ 9-6




    Translated by: Alex Seo aka BluebirdJay2010 of Lets Play 2ne1







    This may only be for kBlackjacks



    Wow wow wow. The girls look great and I'm glad to see that they changed their hair! It looks like Dara went lighter and shorted. CL dyed her hair jet black (finally!) and I hope she keeps it. She looks great with black hair. She should have worn a hat though, I couldn't see her face =\. Bom might have changed her hair color and cut it. It most-likely will be shorter than before. BOMMIE looks gorgeous, btw. Minzy does look like she might be wearing a wig or her hair could be black with bangs. I'm not quite sure yet. This just adds excitement to their comeback! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!



    Complete schedule!










    7일 2NE1 TV 첫방


    9일 엠카 컴백


    11일 음악중심 컴백


    12일 한류드림 콘서트 / 2NE1 TV 첫방(재방 2회)


    14일 2NE1 TV


    16일 엠카


    17일 뮤직뱅크


    18일 음악중심


    19일 인기가요 / 2NE1 TV (재방 2회)


    (22일 추석특집으로 한류드림콘 방송은 레알임)




    Rough translation:




    September 7- 2ne1tv Season 2


    September 9- 2ne1′s comeback


    September 11- Something in music show; I think Music Core


    September 12- Wave Dream Concert / 2NE1 TV (revisited 2)


    September 14- 2NE1 TV


    September 16- M! Countdown


    September 17- Music Bank


    September 18- Music center; I think Music Core


    September 19- Inkigayo / 2NE1 TV (revisited 2)


    cr: Letsplay2ne1










    2ne1's album under TOP Hip Hop/Rap Albums in Itunes is #8 in Japan!









    2ne1′s first mini album “2ne1″ marked as one of the TOP Hip Hop/Rap Albums in Itunes 8 Japan during August 17-August 30.


    cr: Letsplay2ne1



    I know some ppl are a bit apprehensive with Will working with 2NE1 but I think it's a good thing because Will is very popular in the US. A lot of ppl in the US love his songs. He has had many hits for BEP and many other artists. The man knows how to make a catchy song despite crappy lyrics. But I read the Teddy has been working with Will on 2NE1's US album so hopefully, the lyrics won't be bad.




    YG said:





    if I had to pick one producer among famous Western ones out there, it would probably be Will.I.Am.




    It's because, as everyone knows, in 2009, the he recorded many hit singles with The Black Eyed Peas including "Boom Boom Pow," "I Gotta Feeling," "Imma Be," and "Rock That Body," in their album <THE E.N.D>. In addition, there was "Satisfaction," by John Legend, who actually visited Korea, "in the ayer" by Flo-Rida, and Usher's "O.M.G." among others.




    This is understandable why he would want to work with Will.







    August 18th: G-Dragon’s 22nd Birthday (Korean Age: 23)

    August 19th: Big Bang’s 4th Anniversary, Big Show 2010 DVD, & Taeyang’s International Album w/ release of “I’ll Be There” song & music video

    August 20th: 2NE1 @ Pink Play Concert

    August 21st: 2010 Big Bang LOTTE Premiere Talk Show

    August 22nd: SeungRi’s 1st episode of MBC “Enjoy Today” airs

    August 29th: Taeyang @ Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 concert

    So I'm really depressed right now..








    I'm not really upset. I expected the last week of aug or first week of sept for their release of a song. YG can be UNPREDICTABLE. For all we know, he can throw something out between aug 22nd and 29th or after the 29th. I expect something from 2NE1 the first week of September though. I'd be really surprised if they performed the same songs from 09 a the Dream Concert.



    I wish MNET would start 2NE1Tv just to give the fans something. I'd be sooo happy with 2NE1tv b/c I would finally get to see their silliness. I have a feeling that 2NE1 won't start promotions til mid-late august b/c Se7en is promotion through August. I also think that YB will wrap up his promotions of INAG soon for BB's comeback and/or their Japanese promotions.







    The piece that I was warmly working on right now!!! ^.^v CL-ah.. I prepared this for you!!! ke Kya~! Artist Dalong ke ke ke






    Was it 2 years ago..? I spent a week in Daemado to film "The Return of Iljimae". During then, I was never apart from my family, so I really want to see them now, keke. The 2nd child especially wants to see our makdoongi, keke. I took a picture of him sleeping without him knowing, keke. It's Soondoong makdoongi who always suffers from the old nuna and little nuna. Kekeke, how cute!




    © gee @ygl






    Hahah CL fangirl!




    I thought that was a stuffed animal but it's Dara's sibling. lol.





    2NE1 first mini-album still charting~!! they rank 4th on the weekly Gaon Chart from July 11-17 here's a pic:








    This is totally awesome!! Their mini-album is a TOTAL SMASH HIT! ^^




    credits to bigbanghaven.blogspot.com






    Wow, they're still charting? Nice! But it tends to happen when something big/new is coming up with them.


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