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    |NEWS| The Reason Why Park Bom Cried on Episode 3 of 2NE1 TV Season 2








    In recent episode of 2NE1 TV aired last week, Tuesday, September 21, 2010, a teaser was shown towards the end about the girls’ trip to the US. It also showed Bom crying over someone’s grave.A lot of speculations came out especially that rumor that it was Bom’s dog, Choco who died. Everyone believed it, but just today, OSEN reported that it was actually Bom’s aunt. There was no translation being released yet but we are thinking that this could probably the aunt that raised Bom while she was in the United States.The girls went to the US to meet Will.I.Am of the Blackeyed Peas. They also did recordings as what CL revealed in the episode 2 of 2NE1 TV.Episode 3 of the said show will be aired today at 6PM KST. We will be uploading raw and sub versions as soon as they are available.




    source: news.nate




    credits: ygunited+LETSPLAY2NE1







    2NE1 members reveal their ideal types






    On September 27th’s radio broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” the girls of 2NE1 revealed their ideal types.




    During the broadcast, CL confessed, “Ever since long time ago, Teddy of 1TYM has been my ideal type” to which DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked, “If it’s Teddy, isn’t it easy to get close to him?” CL then replied, “We’re close, but our relationship is far.”




    Sandara Park meanwhile picked actor Won Bin as her ideal type, adding, “If it gets awkward between the two of us, I’m going to give him a signed CD and we’re going to listen to it together.”




    Maknae Minzy chose American popstar Usher, commenting, “If he asks me out on a date, then I’ll say ‘OK!’ and I’m going to marry him” which caused the studio to burst into laughter.




    To finish it off, Park Bom picked her ideal type explaining, “I like someone who has a style like Jay-Z. If they are very focused and hard working, then it doesn’t matter if they have money or not.”





    cr: AKP






    I thought their choices were interesting. It's cool that it has nothing to do with the current male idols in kpop. Bommie's choice surprised me. A focused and hardworker like JayZ, huh?





    i have a question..




    was it tru that sori of invicible


    youth was offered to be 2ne1's choreographer/


    trainer but then she rejected it..




    but she said that she wanted to teach minji


    some break dance...






    Yeah, it's true. I think she turned it down to focus on her solo career. AKP wrote an article on it.




    Hanteo.com user shn0718 said:


    * (Top 10 Highest Digital Sales Scores for Music Bank winners of 2010) *


    1. (24 September) Go Away (2NE1) 7729 Points


    2. (12 February) Oh (SNSD) 7442 Points


    3. (5 February) Oh (SNSD) 7399 Points


    4. (15 January) We Fell In Love (Gain&Jokwon) 7355 Points


    5. (23 July) Bad Girl Good Girl (Miss A) 7106 Points


    6. (19 February) Oh (SNSD) 6460 Points


    7. (2 July) Nagging (IU) 6242 Points


    8. (3 September) Still Eating Well (Homme) 5970 Points


    9. (22 January) We Fell In Love (Gain&Jokwon) 5919 Points


    10. (26 February) Oh (SNSD) 5609 Points




    * (Top 10 Lowest Digital Sales Scores for Music Bank winners of 2010) *


    1. (9 July) No Other (Super Junior) 1550 Points


    2. (21 May) Bonamana (Super Junior) 1791 Points


    3. (28 May) Bonamana (Super Junior) 1832 Points


    4. (11 June) Love Ya (SS501) 2175 Points


    5. (13 August) Lucifer (Shinee) 2460 Points


    6. (6 August) Lucifer (Shinee) 2567 Points


    7. (18 June) Love Ya (SS501) 2626 Points


    8. (4 June) Bonamana (Super Junior) 2657 Points


    9. (7 May) Without U (2PM) 3107 Points


    10. (14 May) Without U (2PM) 3301 Points




    @@ The first half of 2010 award on 25 June has been excluded as it is a different chart from the usual Music Bank.


    @@ "Can't Nobody" won number 1 with a digital score of 2843 points on 17 September, but has been excluded from the list as the release date was on a Thursday, meaning it only got 4 days out of 7 included.




    cr: Wahwah@AKP




    Not sure if there is an actual chart for this.



    Dara's ME2DAY made me lol.









    Whassup everyone~!^.^ Isn't it a beautiful night?!? After today's performance, we came to eat some chicken while feeling good~! For the sake of tomorrow's cool performance!!! Eating chicken that I like!Ke By the way there's a pair of hot looking twins serving here! *.* Ke ke Now~ everyone worked very hard so please~ get a good rest! See you tomorrow!^.^




    Those boys are getting really popular. I think Se7en even hired them to work in his restaurant now. Smart move. All the fangirls are going to start heading there I'm sure.




    Here's a pic of the kwon twins at Se7en's restaurant.










    And the man himself, Se7en


    -A pic of the twins behind him








    cr: ceciliase7en.wordpress+ganzi78@tweeter+YGLadies



    If you guys want to stream 2NE1's comeback you can view it here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/ygtoanyone







    2NE1′s 1st full length album ‘To Anyone’ MVs have garnered over 8 million views on Youtube.









    According to Youtube, the MV to the first title song ‘Can’t Nobody’ off the album released on 11th September has garnered over 2,108,486 views as off 5.45pm on 17th September. For the 2nd and 3rd title songs ‘Go Away’ and ‘Clap Your Hands’ have each garnered 2,576,139 and 2,631,329 views.




    The views garnered by all 3 MVs is 7,315,954. Other than the girls’ new songs, other MVs like ‘Try To Follow Me’, ‘You & I’, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Fire’ have garnered over 250K, 120K, 50K and 30K views on the girls’ official Youtube channel.




    Other than that, the girls have also sold over 100K copies of their album in just 5 days into its release.




    S: MTStarNews




    cr: KBITES







    Sori reveals Hyuna and Minzy as her favorite dancers











    After attempting her first variety show as a part of the G7 crew on “Invincible Youth“, Sori has returned with her latest track, “You’re Not My Style.”




    Even as she performed impressive breakdance moves on the program, viewers didn’t have the slightest clue as to who she was. With her new album release, Sori is determined to “make this album my representative and hit song.”




    “I wanted to just perform my comeback stage feeling at ease and truly enjoying it. How can anyone feel 100% satisfied with their own stage? It’s always going to be a bit lacking no matter what.”




    Sori claims her true colors to be of a hip hop style, having debuted with a powerful, boyish image. For this album, however, she’s opted for a girlier image. “I tried to restrict myself as much as possible. Most of my previous choreography required big movements, but I tried to cut that back this time around. My body wasn’t used to it, so it was extremely difficult. After a while, I started to learn how to move with emotion without having to dance as hard as I used to. I feel like that was an upgrade for me.”




    Sori’s also a rumored fitness addict, and her latest addiction is a type of exercise called ‘Crossfit.’ She first came across it after being introduced to Wheesung, and she’s now recommending it to others herself. ”It’s a type of exercise that American police officers and firemen train with. It hasn’t been that long since it became popular in Korea. It helps your stamina and weight loss. I try to stimulate the competitive side in me to train harder.”




    Her excessive love for fitness also unfortunately led to her injuring her back. After experiencing severe back pain, Sori visited her doctor and was diagnosed with laxity of the facet joints. “If I don’t use my back, it’s fine, but it hurts a lot when I do. It gets a bit better when I receive physical therapy and shots, but it’s not like I can give up dancing or exercising.”




    When asked whether she’d like to give other dance genres besides breakdance and hip hop a try, she answered, “I’d like to try songs that accentuate your cuteness like Hyori’s ‘U Go Girl’ and ‘Ten Minute.’ When I was young, I wanted to hurry up and get older to look stronger, but now it’s the opposite. I’d like to be younger and look cute (laughter).”




    Sori also once rejected the offer to be 2NE1’s dance instructor. On the topic of idol girl groups that caught her attention, Sori revealed, “I think there’s at least one member in each girl group that is good at dancing.”




    When asked to pick specifically, Sori answered, “Hyuna’s young but she dances with emotions. She’s able to exude a kind of sexiness that even older dancers can’t express. And Minzy must’ve received her grandmother’s talent, because she’s really a daring one. They’re both very talented, I’d love to teach them breakdancing one day.”




    Source: Newsen




    cr: AKP



    Just a reminder of their schedule:




    September 16th – M! Countdown [CAN’T NOBODY] [CLAP YOUR HANDS] [GO AWAY] FULL SONGS


    September 17th – Music Bank [CAN’T NOBODY] [GO AWAY] FULL SONGS


    September 18th – Music Core [CAN’T NOBODY] [CLAP YOUR HANDS] 6 MINUTES


    September 19th – Inkigayo / 2NE1 TV (rerun)


    September 28th – Chocolate airs




    Full fledged week of promotions.




    They have a big gap between Sept 19-Sept 28.









    So 2NE1 was playing in Best Buy.




    Here's this person's account of it:





    2ne1's Can't Nobody was blasting in Best Buy today...




    I strolled in to pick up a new DS lite charger and Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside StoryPosted Image




    and I hear something familiar. I look over at the TouchSmarts and I see "Can't Nobody" mv playing...and it's super loud...and people are watching (non asian...normal...probably not kpop follower...passerby people)...




    I think it's because it's the top music watch on YT today... anyway...when i say people were watching, i mean, they were genuinely intrigued...




    That was fast 0_o. Pretty cool =p.


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