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  1. Awesome piece of fanart The suit JW wore to his interview Kim Hee Sun and JW's autographs - Um, is it just me, or do they coincidentally have really similar styles? And I'm also here to complete my take on the Musical Theatre Challenge - so here goes! 1. "Maria" from West Side Story Unlike with the girls, guys falling in love at first sight (or close to it) do seem to be a thing in JW's dramas , which means that I have a number of options to choose from. If I were to include the complex community dynamics and the way Tony puts Maria
  2. Maybe . I know some shows and characters have been repeated over time (as they were for the girls, too, in all honesty), but my memory is fuzzy on specific songs at this rate If so, then my apologies for the mix-up. Still, if nothing else, I think any repeats would have been from prior to when we watched Alice (at least in its entirety), which means that answers could still be different afterwards. Like, it'd be hard to assess Park Jin Gyeom to the level of depth you just did going solely by previews I also want to point out that this round was harder for me to put t
  3. And here I am with the guys round of my latest Musical Theatre Challenge. Will this one be as challenging as the girls? That's...hard to say (since it's all pretty subjective), but please feel free to let me know what you think. Okay, this may have wound up more angsty than the girls' version... But that seems to be a running theme in the whole "power ballad" concept
  4. All three Sams sing "Unchained Melody" from Ghost: I love how you could tell it's the same character throughout, but each actor puts his own spin on it. I love Jin Wook's (i.e. Maknae Sam) little "Whoo!" - it's so cutely boyish and a perfect fit for a younger interpretation of the character. As for JW, his overall delivery isn't much different from the 2013 version (clip below), but I do think his performance is a bit more nuanced this time around. It's like his 2013 Sam was a young guy new to romance, whereas his 2020 Sam is someone who's been at it fo
  5. And here I am with my own responses to the Musical Theatre Challenge. Like @kireeti2, I found myself having to stretch the prompts in certain ways in order to make my answers work, as most of the situations here don't really have direct matches in any of JW's dramas (which does say a lot about what other stories can still be told in future projects ). I'll do my best to explain my thought process in those instances, but if anything's confusing, please feel free to ask/disagree/whatever. 1. "In My Own Little Corner" from Cinderella This is the one where I'm
  6. Not to mention that she's pretty much the epitome of the "simple girl" meme that shows up all the time on YouTube (i.e. "I'm a simple girl. I see [insert bias name here], I click.") For me, I think it did end up getting personal for Shunji: he already hated Gaksital to begin with (because Gaksital killed his brother), but when he found out that that was Kang To...yikes. In addition to the politics they were dealing with at the time, Shunji seemed to take it as a personal betrayal, and that just made him even angrier. Oh, yeah - I though
  7. lol - That's because it's a snippet from an earlier fic in the series, when Yoo Jin was still relatively new to being Nae Il's boyfriend (i.e. nowhere near actually proposing yet). But yes, he does always end up a bit awkward because of how direct he is when he tries to surprise her So it's a good thing that Nae Il's easily pleased. Yeah. I actually changed my planning process a bit this time, where I just picked songs from musicals that were good character moments in and of themselves. So there aren't as many easy fits with the K-drama characters this time around, and
  8. So, I know that things have been quieter here than usual - although I do feel like we're on the cusp of things picking up once December comes around and the awards season really starts in earnest. JW's got the recent interview and magazine feature (both of which are awesome), but other than that, it's mostly just Ghost until either 1) it finishes its run next year (which we want ); or 2) it ends up closing early because COVID-19 finally manages to get out of whack in Korea (which none of us want ). So I've been taking advantage of this lull to get some fic-writing done (finally!),
  9. Tons of new pics from JW's recent interview (again, with the whole flurry of posts by different fans, forgive any repeats or missed shots): Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Post-Alice interview by Kwak Si Yang Part 1 Part 2
  10. Extra-special goodie today: the video feature of JW's DAZED pictorial! I think my favourite looks on him are the final one with the light-coloured trench coat and brown sweater, as well as both of the ones with white sweaters
  11. Comparing the 2013 and 2020 versions of "Three Little Words" from Ghost New profile pic - It's from this page in a database of Korean musical theatre actors @flutterby06 And I finally got around to watching the translated VLive broadcast - thanks to everyone who helped with putting that together!
  12. Oh, if I were to rank the boys on "Best Dressed", it'd be Cha Yoo Jin, hands-down for me as well But the ranking in that list is based on how much I thought each character cared about fashion/appearance/etc., and I just don't see Yoo Jin like that. I mean, some viewers would - and they definitely have good reason to - but I just don't. But, yes, the clothes that JW wore during Nae Il's Cantabile, like, really suited both the character and how he himself looked at the time. For example, JW as Yoo Jin could pull off a more "slim fit" shirt compared to how he's built in subsequent ro
  13. Haven't had the time to sit down and watch the V Live broadcast yet, but since you guys are sharing stories.... Generally, I think JW and his team do a great job figuring out a "look" that works for each of his characters, so I've never had reason to complain or go, "Um, what the heck is he wearing?" or anything like that. I remember writing up a longform post about this months ago while we were waiting for Alice news and I was scrambling to keep the content flow going - obviously, it doesn't include Alice, but if anyone wants me to do a similar blurb on Park Jin Gyeom's
  14. I don't remember if I saw the actual photos, but I do remember seeing footage of JW taking the pictures...which, as of right now, I haven't been able to track down again All I know is that it was one of the many little snippets from the Japanese behind-the-scenes feature that fans posted on YouTube several years ago; I seem to recall it being at some point while filming this scene, but I can be wrong. In the meantime, while trying (and failing) to find that clip, I did come across some other behind-the-scenes footage from Nae Il's Cantabile:
  15. Tons of new updates today! Photos from JW's upcoming feature in DAZED Behind the scenes from said photo shoot - Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 (Long story short: he's got a very excited staff ) JW's own newest Instagram update - His message is, as always at this time of year, a reminder for fans to dress warmly A compilation of comeback dramas - Which ones have you seen so far? The hat JW wore at the Alice reunion [EDIT] It seems like @flutterby06 and I were sharing some of the new pics simultaneously So there's
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