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  1. I think "The Heirs" gets a bit of a bad rap for being a teenybopper sort of drama - i.e., that it's really shallow and just for teenagers, and that it became so popular because it was marketed to that particular demographic (who drive most of the "sexy Oppa" side of the Hallyu market). Not having watched it before, I don't know if it deserves that reputation - personally, I want to give it the benefit of the doubt and hope that it's got enough depth to warrant its popularity - but I do remember "The Heirs" specifically coming up in the comments on an Instagram post by a JW fan who was frustrated that "Bridal Mask" and "Good Doctor" were relatively underrated dramas. Okay, it took me way longer than it should have to track down that post again, but here it is (the mention of "The Heirs" shows up in the comments that other fans left rather than on the actual post, so you'd have to click through to see it): Point is: I figured out pretty early on that there's a bit of...not really hostility, but just a generally bad feeling from JW's fans on his behalf whenever they compare his popularity in proportion to that of actors in the typical "flower boy"-style dramas. I'm still not entirely sure what to make of that, to be honest, but I do like JW chooses roles that fall outside the box I should probably specify that I meant, say, casting two A-list actors as the male leads - an A-list actor combined with an A-list actress is very common. But when it's two guys, chances are there's at least a slight difference in terms of how popular they are, such as combining a more established actor with one who's starting to get famous. There are examples of dramas where that works out well for both of them, but I know that that's not a guarantee ("Cheese in the Trap" being one particularly infamous example where things went wrong). Personally, I don't mind seeing JW paired with an older actress, whether it's a noona-dongsaeng sort of story or not. What matters, in my opinion, is whether both he and the actress end up playing characters with a reasonable amount of maturity for their ages - which is where, I think, "Level 7 Civil Servant" fell flat, since not only was it hard enough trying to visualize JW and Choi Kang Hee's characters as peers who are close in age, but JW's character in particular was so childish that it made the age difference an even bigger deal than it was to begin with. (Yet, after seeing JW and CKH's interactions with each other on 1N2D, I thought they were really sweet as a noona-dongsaeng friendship - I guess their real-life personalities meshed better than their drama characters' ones did.) If JW does end up working with Kim Hee Sun, that's the same age difference (10 years). However, I'm way more optimistic about that working this time around, since I can see how JW's matured as an actor and as a person since 2013. Now, I can definitely see him portraying an older character if that's what's asked of him.
  2. "Kim Tak Gu" bakery - I think this is the actual one they filmed in, and it's been all fitted out to be themed to the drama since And you know you've been in this fandom too long when you can actually tell which shots each of these came from
  3. Just thought I'd share this: Grazia released the behind-the-scenes footage from JW's recent photoshoot. And we also have the B-cut photos from his stuff for Brentwood: Also, I want to give a quick writing-related update for those who are interested. I'd said before that I had ideas for an "Ojakgyo Brothers" story, and I am glad to say that it's coming along. It's not finished yet, but I think I can get away with releasing a short Preview - just so you guys can see in advance what it's gonna be about Yeah...it can probably use some tweaking In my defence, I've never tried writing in a child's voice before, so that's been the most challenging aspect of this so far. Still, here's hoping the whole thing will be finished soon
  4. I knew CJH by name, but after looking him up...I honestly can't vouch for his acting or compare him with JW, since, just by coincidence, I actually haven't watched the dramas he's in where he's played a significant role. I did watch "Pasta", but can't seem to recall who his character was - like, I know he was one of the cooks, but can't really visualize which one in my head. Which means, if nothing else, that I'm probably one of the rare handful of Hallyu fans who hasn't watched "The Heirs" I dunno - I think I outgrew the teen/high school drama by the time I started watching K-dramas, so it just never caught my eye. I do have my sights set on "Tunnel", though, so chances are I'll get a better firsthand look at CJH's acting eventually. Okay, if JW ends up taking on a role similar to Kim Tae Hyun in "Yong Pal", then I'm all for it. I both really liked what the role allowed for him to do in terms of acting, and what he ultimately did with the character to flesh him out. So right now, I am optimistic about "Hotel Alice" if he takes it. At first, the premise sounded really weird and out-there, but recent updates that came along with the rumours about who'd be cast for the female lead have added enough that I can honestly see JW playing the part now.
  5. Same here. I was initially hoping that he'd jump back in right away, because I thought that would give him a head start compared to all the Hallyu stars that were still doing their enlistment back when he was discharged in February. (Mostly because I still think JW is underrated and I wanted him to have that moment in the spotlight that his acting deserved.) But well here we are, half a year later, and still nothing confirmed. It sounds like "Hotel Alice" (or whatever other version of the title you recognize) is our closest bet, but that's coming out early next year and I keep hoping that JW would do something unannounced this fall as a surprise. I know for sure I'll be kicking myself when I get a response, but I'm gonna ask anyway: who are you referring to by CJH? I'm, like, 80% sure it's Choi Jin Hyuk, but I know I could be wrong..... As for who I'd want co-starring with JW...that's a good question It'd be really awesome if he ended up working alongside another big A-list celebrity his age, but I also know that'd be totally unrealistic (like: just how big of a budget would that production have to have to hire both of them?). So right now, more realistically, I'd say that I'd like JW to be paired with a younger up-and-coming actor - playing the hyung rather than the dongsaeng for a change.
  6. lol - Guess we're not the only ones who thought JW looked extremely baby-faced in his birthday photos. Check out what happened when a fan put those shots through How-old.net So, apparently, it varies. A lot. But still, a 13 year old girl??? That's hilarious! For me, it was...I don't remember exactly when, but I'd just started finding out how many Hallyu stars smoked and so I actually searched JW up on Google for that. I remember really hoping that the answer would be no, but my search turned up a candid shot (or maybe paparazzi - it was those weird taken-from-really-far-away-in-what-looks-like-a-private-moment pics) from when he was filming "Level 7 Civil Servant". I was really stunned - and more than a bit upset - at first, but over time, I realized that my reaction said more about me as a person than it did about JW. Here's why. I grew up being taught that "good kids don't smoke, drink, do drugs, get tattoos, etc." - especially not Christian kids. And I knew that JW professed to be a Christian, and that's what upset me. It was like, in that moment, realizing that he smoked made me question not so much his health choices but his moral ones. But then I got to thinking: instead of judging JW by my own cultural context, I should look at his. And that's how, after a bit more research, I discovered just how socially acceptable smoking was in many parts of the world, including South Korea - especially among men. In other words: so long as they're not breaking the law (e.g. smoking underage or in non-smoking areas, or smoking something illegal like marijuana), then it's generally considered okay to either choose to smoke or not to smoke (i.e. smoking doesn't make you look like a bad or rebellious person). Some time after that, I started seeing more news about allegations of sexual assault popping up all over the Hallyu world, and that actually cemented my new perspective even further. Because in hindsight, when it comes to vices...I realized I would prefer that JW smoked than that he drank - because last time I checked, no-one's ever sexually assaulted someone else whilst under the influence of nicotine However, there is one last caveat: while I can't say I mind that JW smokes, I do still wish he wouldn't. Because it's bad for his health in the long run, and it's also wasted potential. Think about it: if his voice is already so strong and awesome and melodic as-is, then how much better could it have been if he hadn't smoked? So there is still that to deal with....
  7. You're right - or, at least, that's what my attempt to sound out the Korean on the picture suggests. Actually, come to think of it: if these are JW's friends from Altarboyz, then they all look really young - because wasn't JW the maknae by a long shot in the main cast then? My eye's more on the second photo, though. First of all, because I love that outfit on him - I think it's the same from when he went to Born and Bred (that super-fancy Korean beef restaurant that's been blowing up online) Just a quick aside: I also know this was the moment that, for a number of newer fans, they realized that JW smoked. I knew already years ago, but I do remember how surprised I was when I first found out, so...yeah. But anyway, the birthday celebration pic looks so nice!
  8. Happy birthday to Joo Won! Wow...all the stuff that people have posted on Instagram is so nice - thanks for sharing! I don't nearly possess the Photoshop skills to be able to pull off any of that stuff. If I want to jump in with a Birthday Special, I can only do it with what I already know: writing. Generally speaking, I don't write fics starring real people - ethically, that's just weird in my opinion. Fortunately, though, in my massive stockpile of Seolleim in Salzburg updates, I do get around to both Seol Nae Il and Cha Yoo Jin's birthdays (which, after pausing the footage and reading the documents that show up on screen I've figured out to be Jan. 3, 1995, and Feb. 17, 1992, respectively). So, although the fics these scenes are drawn from will actually be uploaded early next year, I'm releasing these excerpts now, so that even if it's not quite JW himself in these moments, at least it's still something fluffy and heartwarming with his face and voice So here's Nae Il's: And now to Yoo Jin's: Joo Won-oppa: I hope that, like these characters, you spend all your birthdays like this: doing what you love most, with the people who love you most.
  9. I'll get to replying in a sec, but before that.... The birthday mural's ready! I think it's cute that this is the annual thing that JW's fans do for his birthday - the art's always so heartwarming and wholesome in style, and it's clear they have so much fun with it. I do have something planned for the birthday - but since it's still the morning of Sept. 29 for me here (crazy time zones), I'll wait until tomorrow. I've never had a chance to meet a celebrity in real life before - not up close, anyway. The closest I've been would be something similar to what you describe: watching a musical with a famous musical theatre actor playing the lead, and watching a figure skating show featuring Canada's most recent Olympic medalists (which was really awesome - I was way up on the balcony, but still got a thrill knowing I was watching the routine that had won us gold at Pyeongchang last year) Still, I sometimes do wonder what it would be like to have an up-close encounter - with any famous person, really, but I also know myself well enough to know that I'd be more likely to recognize a Korean actor than a good number of the popular Hollywood ones now. But I don't know if anyone I know has actually come to my city (Toronto) recently - the closest I could think of was the time that Park Bo Gum and Go Kyung Pyo went to Niagara Falls, which is a 2-hour drive away. *shrugs* I think, though, that if I were to just come across JW by chance (which would be more likely in my imaginings than my going to something like K-Con or a fan meeting)...I would probably lose my opportunity to greet him simply because I'd be so unsure that this is for real. Like, what if I think I see him and try to approach him only to find out it's some random guy who just looks similar? (I know it's the consensus here on Soompi that he's got a very distinctive face, but even he got mistaken for Kang Dong Won before he got famous, so I can honestly see that pattern continuing.) That would just be so freaking awkward, you know? So maybe I would prefer to just stay at a distance Save myself the embarrassment.... Really enjoyed reading your response, @flutterby06! I didn't quote it all here, but I am replying to the whole thing. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure who I'd prefer myself, even though I was the one to pose the question. Both Park Si On and Kim Tae Hyun have things that could turn you off as a first impression, but both prove to be really good-hearted people once you get to know them. What I like about Park Si On is that he wears his caring on his sleeve. He might have a really awkward manner about him - and, in an emergency, I can see how that would throw off some patients or make them worried that he's not professional enough - but I think his heart would shine through really quickly, which is why he's especially good with kids. I imagine he'd be the sort of doctor who could, say, be really gentle while giving a patient a not-so-pleasant diagnosis, or who would constantly check in on a patient post-surgery to see how they're feeling, if they're comfortable, etc. As for Kim Tae Hyun...his biggest challenge will probably be the first impression he makes, to be honest. He's crass, he's bold, he talks like a gangster (i.e. a good deal of cussing), but if there's one thing working for him, it's that he's honest. He tells it like it is, and does so in this breezy, casual manner that - if it happens to be your thing - can be really comforting and reassuring. Like, I see him talking to patients like he would to a friend, and we actually see him doing that to Han Yeo Jin (which weirds her out at first, but she gets used to it). Same. The thing about Kim Tae Hyun is that, unlike Park Si On, he's not innocent. He's not a childlike person who can only see the good in people or who blocks out the bad things he sees (including the bullying and his father's abuse) because he cannot understand why they happen. Yeo Jin describes Tae Hyun as an innocent humanist, but I see him as someone who actively chooses to be that way. Think about it: how much crap has he had to go through so far, and how much evil must he have witnessed/experienced all his life? He's from the wrong side of the tracks, he's grown up with a father who's not only a known gangster but is also a violent alcoholic, he's spent a good chunk of his adult life at least tied to that same criminal underground (he's their doctor, which means he must know all the stuff that they get into to end up with those injuries), he's pretty much constantly putting his life on the line...and that's all before he even gets to the 12th floor of Hanshin - which, in his mind, is far worse than all the gangsters combined. In his dialogue and his character, I can see that all these experiences have scarred and embittered him. Here in North America, guys like him are the ones we see in the news: those who end up just giving in and joining a gang (where the most likely way out is either getting arrested or killed), or becoming so jaded and angry at the world at large that they end up going on a shooting rampage or something else of the like. And, yet, despite all that, Tae Hyun goes in the opposite direction. He chooses to be a good person and to do the right thing; not only that, but I see him trying to reach out to similar victims of abuse and exploitation (the Chinese migrant worker in the ICU, the girl who was raped by a celebrity, the striking factory worker who attempted suicide, the undocumented immigrant family near the church, all the way down to Yeo Jin herself). He may not always be gentle (that speech to the rape victim understandably makes some viewers cringe), but he's also got an important message, born out of his own life experience: that choosing to do the right thing and not letting the bad guys win is far more healing than taking revenge. Love this shot, too I think it looks very American-style, which I wasn't expecting to see him pull off so well. And here's one of my personal favourites from this set So dapper!
  10. Just came across this on Instagram: And, well, it got me thinking. First of all, there seems to be a bit of confusion as to which character JW is playing here (the post says "Good Doctor", but that's definitely "Yong Pal"). But secondly, and probably more fun for this forum.... Both Park Si On and Kim Tae Hyun are good doctors, whether we mean in terms of skill or character. But if you're not feeling well, who would you rather call?
  11. That sounds like quite an overwhelming experience. I do remember, the one time I went to Korea on vacation, having to dodge out of the way of a bunch of fans who were rushing to see their idol in the Incheon airport - to this day, I still have no idea who it was, but just remember how quickly they ran over with their cameras...and then how quickly it was all over and everything went back to normal. This happened the day I arrived, so it was quite a welcome to Korea, if I may say so Well, I know it cut your moment short, but I am glad the security did that and that you were okay. Passing out in the middle of a crowd sounds pretty dangerous.... Just have to pick this comment out, because I agree. I really like his singing voice (of course), but also his speaking voice. It just sounds really warm and inviting normally...and then (when he's acting) he might start yelling or screaming and then I'm like, "Dang...how does such a gentle-sounding voice suddenly sound so harsh?" Okay, I do have my hypothesis on the whys of that, but it's not something I want to go into here.... Point is: quite a distinctive voice
  12. Maybe you already shared the story when I was on hiatus, but now I wanna hear it Please? Also, while I can't do the daily pics posts I used to, I do want to contribute something. Again, I don't know if someone's already shared this, but this is my favourite piece of JW fanart that I came across during my Soompi hiatus. Most of their art is for BTS, but as you can see in the description, this was a gift:
  13. I don't remember which of JW's fans on Instagram noted this, but they observed that most of JW's Instagram posts fall into three categories: Working out Food Aesthetic shots Which, in combination, is so typically "JW" that I'm really not surprised Lol - you guys are going on about backhugs, and I'm just like, "I'd count myself lucky just to be on that balcony with him at all...."
  14. For myself as a fanfic author, a comeback doesn't feel like a comeback until I start sharing my writing - so here goes! And that's it for this fic! If anyone wants to access a master list of all my fics, you can go to the "About Me" tab on my profile page. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!
  15. I really liked that pic with the flowers when I first saw it - so sweet! And this one is my favourite from Brentwood's most recent set. I don't know why, but I just have this thing for the high turtleneck + wool overcoat combo on JW - which may explain why costume-wise, Cha Yoo Jin's my favourite "look" out of all the characters he's played. Maybe it's because I think it does wonders for his facial structure or brings out the features I like most... *shrugs* To be honest, I'm usually not big on the shirtless pics; my motto ever since MeToo started has been: "Men are usually the perpetrators, but I'm a woman; if I don't like men treating women that way, then I shouldn't do that to men." So I actually find that I can't look at this photo for long before I end up having to look away - there's just something so intimate and bedroomy about it that...I dunno, it just feels invasive for me to stare. And to think that not much is actually being shown: just his shoulders and a bit of his chest. It's the whole "less is more" paradox: the blanket's covering up just about anything that could be considered too much, but that just makes the photo feel that much more sensual. I do want to say, though, that this one stands out because of how rare it is. Like, is it just me, or is this actually JW's first topless photo shoot pic? I know he's gone shirtless in various acting-related contexts before (i.e. in dramas or films or on stage), but I don't think I've ever seen him like this in a magazine or print ad before. Does anyone know? And I'll probably be "absent" from here for the next bit - the fic-posting process will be beginning soon!
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