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About Me

Avatar image is a watercolour portrait by Sungho, a street artist in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.


Currently Watching


My Unfamiliar Family - Korean with English subs


Arthdal Chronicles - Korean with English subs


Hallyu-Related Writings


Some of these are posts from my blog, Little Big Things, and some are K-drama fanfiction that I have posted in the relevant threads on here on Soompi.


Blog posts from Little Big Things


Living with the Times: "Gaksital" and the Grey Areas of Racism and Imperialism


Faith Like Children: Inspirational Innocents in Korean Dramas


Korean Drama Fanfiction


All of these fanfics are organized by which drama they were written for. Note that although all my stories are written to be understandable on their own, those written for the same drama can also be treated as part of a set and should be internally consistent.


Fanfics for "Gaksital"


"He's Not a Bad Person"

"The Strange One"




Fanfics for "Good Doctor"


"A Different Kind of Smart"

"Cha Seonsaengnim, My Princess"

"Things I Cannot Say"

"Life Lessons"


Fanfics for "Nae Il's Cantabile"



"To My Father"

"These Cellists' Hands"


Seolleim in Salzburg - A sequel series to "Nae Il's Cantabile" focusing on Cha Yoo Jin and Seol Nae Il's experiences while studying/living abroad as a couple. This series is also internally consistent with my other fics for "Nae Il's Cantabile", and can be read together with them.


"The Sound of Christmas" (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2017)

"Angel of Music, Come Down from Above"

"In Mozart's Name"

"Seollal, Seollebal, Seolleim"

"A Little Baroque, A Little Romantic"

"Rhapsody in Red"

"From Darkness Into Light"

"For the Love of Music"

"If Music Be the Food of Love"

"Carmen, Micaela, Don José"

"Let Nothing You Dismay"

"The True Viennese Waltz"

"Hats Off, Gentlemen, for Meister RaRo!"

"Edelweiss on the Water"

"Let Us Rewrite History, You and I"


Fanfics for "Yong Pal"


"All of God's Children"

"Your Sister's Keeper"

"One Summer Night"

"Tidings of Comfort and Joy" (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2019)


Fanfics for "Ojakgyo Brothers"




Fanfics for "My Sassy Girl"




Fanfics for "Alice"


"If I Could"


Sets + Collections (featuring multiple dramas)


"My Precious Child"


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