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  1. I just finished watching the episodes and woww!! this show is phenomenal, the writing, acting it's sooo good!! every scene is important and there are few shows out there who pull that off, Money flower should receive drama of the year because it's just that good.


    Now i wanted to talk about what i thought about tonight's episodes. I honestly don't think that NMH father is dead... he will be in coma because of the loss of oxygen in his brain. I don't think that the writers would be that cruel to make him dead because then the romance between NMH and KPJ would only be built on sadness, anger, guilt, so how would we the viewers believe in their so called "epic" love. I'm however curious on how they will become lovers because we haven't seen anything really romantic between them yet. We are half way through the show and sooo much has happened, I've changed my mind about thinking that KPJ will die by the end because when JMR told KPJ and Mr.Oh about her dream that she was looking at the house and KPJ would walk out of it but she would never see the face, that should be the ending when she is in a police car heading to jail and looking out the back window and KPJ would be there looking back at her.... I'm looking forward to reading some more theories about what you guys think.

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  2. 5 hours ago, haymochi said:

    I wonder how many eps have they filmed so far....

    i totally love this coupling already :wub:

    Judging from the preview, Sun Wu Gong promised to be Ji sun Mi's protector when she was a kid as long as she calls his name but this naughty monkey took his name from the little girl's memory so she couldn't call him


    wonder what made him come back.. is it because she is the only key to the heaven?hence Bull demon king and other demons are always after her.... 

    I think she has the power to unlock the seal that has been placed on Sun Wu Gong, idk which god but they sealed some of his power and she is the key to opening most of his power so he can return and wipe out heaven. Don't trust me much though i don't know much but that's what i heard.

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  3. I really hope NMH doesn't fall in love with KPJ until she has already learned how he has used her and how he set up her "fated" meeting, i feel like if that happens she will go through more betrayal and turn all villainous on us and then we viewers are gonna be in pain, atleast give us a little bit of light in this dark drama :)

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  4. Yeah he will definitely come up with some lie, but NMH is definitely not dumb. She will start investigating on her own and she will start suspecting things. For example the necklace KPJ found in his brother's grave, NMH has the other one... The writer can do sooo many possible outcomes in the next episode so i'm very curious which route she/he will take (the writer).

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  5. 4 minutes ago, SeGafanlady said:

    I mean... never happened in any other drama before....

    Sooo true.. It would probably be a scenerio like this. NMH:"oh KPJ what are you doing here?" KPJ:"i was just taking a walk in a forest enjoying the weather when i found this house here and started a fire because i was cold". NMH:"Okay oh well, i thought you were someone else sorry". Every k drama ever.

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  6. 1 hour ago, chowderina89 said:

    Her son will never be a JANG. She will have a shock when she will find out that JBC isn't the real heir:naughty: The kid will be kicked out like his father (JBC) and grandma (JMR):D 


    I'm pretty sure this will end up in a bloodbath, the only one who i think will survive are the kids and NMH. I feel like the writer is telling us that too much greed will always end up badly.

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  7. I just finished watching the episodes and i'm so tired after crying like a baby when KPJ found his bro, that scene would probably make it on my top 5 saddest k drama moments i've seen and that's very good considering i cry almost every time something sad happens. (yeah i know it's pathetic to cry in every sad scene but i'm a very emotional guy so don't judge me pls). But in the last scenes in episodes 10 i think i can guarantee that NMH and KPJ will have a baby together, the reason why is because of this:

    1) NMH told JBC that they would have a child via tubes and told him to go to the doctor and that she would go meet the doctor later. and in the literally next scene she meets KPJ who she hopefully realizes is her first love... coincidence? i highly doubt that, the writer is definitely throwing some hints. (might just be some wishful thinking but ya know)

    2) When NMH told JBC that she wanted to raise his kid and make one of their own, i smelled something fishy. Would any woman want a child with a man who cheated on them and lied to them for 5 years? i wouldn't know since i'm not a woman but if i were one i definitely wouldn't thank you very much. When NMH tells JBC when the child is born "this isn't your son btw" oh his reaction would be so satisfying, please make it happen writer.

    3) The past is repeating itself, husband and wife both have children out of wedlock. I mean what goes around comes back around.


    Btw this was just my thoughts after watching episodes 9 and 10. 


    And this whole situation in the drama just reminded me of this song. was a BANGER back in the day, damn how much time flies.


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  8. 3 minutes ago, ihyuni said:

    @viktormani That's currently what I'm curious about. I'm not sure if she lost her own child after she fainted. My stream paused so I didn't hear the doctor's words. However, I'm confident that I understood that she said she wanted to raise the other child that JBC has together with him. 

    So what you think is that she lost her baby, but she wants to raise the child JBC has with the other girl with him?

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  9. I feel NMH will find out about the cheating and to get back at JBC she will propably use KJP (they will have sex), she then finds out KJP is her first love and she will become devasted that she used him and didn't recognise him but then she finds out KJP used her to get his revange even though he knew who she was and her love for him will turn into hatred and love. She gets pregnant by KJP and when finally KJP gets his revange he will most likely be dead (i'm almost 100% sure KJP will die in the ending) and in the finale scene we will see another 5 years into the future where NMH and KJP's son/daughter are standing over his grave and NMH would talk about him to her child. Damn i should be a script writer in the future, i'm pretty good.

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  10. 3 hours ago, Prettysup said:


    Hmmm much as I would like to believe so, I think we have to snap out of our self denial and admit that they do have a relationship going on. It is pretty obvious already. 


    This shows KPJ’s determination to get his enemy’s guard down.

    Yeah they are probably in a relationship, i'm guessing KPJ wants to hurt her more than just taking away the company when she almost has it, but wouldn't it destroy someone on the inside sleeping with someone who killed your whole family? I mean lets be serious KPJ is already broken but now he's destroying himself and i don't think there's gonna be a happy ending at all now. 

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  11. 46 minutes ago, kysy said:

    Yeah, she was supposed to have a child with JBC that is one year younger than the child JBC had with his ex acording to the original relationship chart. MBC took both children off the new relationship chart they uploaded but as you can see the ex still has her child in the drama.... I hope the writer decided to change course but we'll see in a few days


    @Gerry58 Yes you are correct JBC is not a real grandson.

    I hope there will be no romance between Pil Joo and NMH, when she has a kid it's a big no for me, he should just focus on his revange and punish everyone who wronged him and his family.

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  12. 48 minutes ago, incoty said:


    Depending what article/information you stumble across, they will all tell you different things. It's not defined. Maybe he is, or maybe he'll become one as the story progresses.


    If they base this off the original novel, all characters scream trouble. 

    But in the original novel there was only bromance since the monk was a guy aswell. 

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  13. 46 minutes ago, sdmango said:

    Chu Qiao calmly says to YX: "I don't blame you for killing YWY, I only blame you for using such wicked ways to kill him". 

    SO, uh, she would be fine with YX killing YWY in a fair battle. Really cements my belief that CQ never loved YWY. Until she saw how much YWY loved her, probably stirred some sympathy feelings in her and maybe caused some feelings of love to emerge? 

    Sorry for the unpopular opinions .........but it makes me sad/disappointed that I watched this series for so long and CQ for 66 episodes never thought YWY's life was worth much to her >:( 




    Well i think she knows that YWY is unkillable in a 1v1, i mean cmon YWY is the strongest character in the series. The only way to kill him was to surprise him and use an army and shot arrows from a long distance ( YX is a coward and pathetic and Xing'er is literally saying it to his face). In my opinion she loves YWY more than anything it's just that the trigger to realise her love for him is him "dying".

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  14. Just now, mrsyooknit said:

    Li Qin said her character wont appear anymore. So tomorrow is all about ice lake. 

    Anyways, some questions. 

    Before this she is hugging him saying she wont leave then he is by himself laying down? 


    and falls in 


    is this before or after he pushes her away from him? It looks like before which means he will sink farther down while he pushes her



    you see I think he pushes her right when she is about to kiss him 



    LOOOL if it is true that YWY will push her when she is about kiss his forehead i would say she deserved it for all the pain and suffering YWY had to tolerate. But of course it's a little bit sad aswell (it's pretty funny though, if that happens that means YWY is playing hard to get even when facing death).

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  15. holy sh!t i was at home and watched the preview for the ice lake and my dad was next to me and i honestly cried for real in front of him and he asked me if i was a lil b!t#h and he told me to be a man but i said "you know nothing father this is the saddest thing i've ever seen" (I'm definitely not referring to Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones XD) omgggg the feeelssss maaaannnn Yuwen Yue even shed a tear guys! this would definitely make it on my top 10 sad tv show scenes, damn i've been crying for a while now what's wrong with me guys?


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  16. 25 minutes ago, The_Joker said:

    @cenchingI did notice it the bts when LQX can switched off and on his portrayal of YWY. I was thinking of method actors where they tend to really live the characters and take sometimes to shake them off eg  Anthony Quinn and the worst are Daniel Day Lewis Christian Bale and .Joaquin Phoenix.  But like LQX and Lee Joon Gi, they can really be the jokester bts, when camera started rolling though... Poof back into their characters. Amaze ball, and split personality indeed :D

    @zlyfanthen I think XE/CQ will surely be the most hateful character in the silver screen for years to come. I'm reluctant to watch Empress Qi due to the pitiful ending of TaHwan. I can accept sad or tragic ending if the plot calls for it and it makes sense. But not when I feel like like the tragic or sad ending is purely being manufactured caused the writers wanted to impact us the viewers with such loads of bull xxxx. Such crapstatic serves no purpose except trying to yank our emotions. It differed from sad...bittersweet end where the feeling tends to linger like Chinese Ghost Story, Atonement etc. 

    I'm not sure if YWY doesn't end up with his XE, would he still be married. No doubt in one hand, he's a logical person but also there's another...deeply part of him would not see the purpose of settling just for the sake of procreation. He tends to feel deeply like how he's still hankering on his dad's abandonment. Maybe after an extended period or he'll go with YQ. 


    (DONT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS ON EMPRESS KI!!!!) In my honest opinion i thought the ending for Empress Ki was pretty satisfying. The love story between Ki and TaHwan was full of misunderstandings and doubt, Ta Hwan loved her more than anything and did crazy things but she stayed with him and helped him through tough times (at first she was with him to seek revenge and help her home country but i think she changed). But i think that she never actually forgave herself for falling in love with Ta Hwan who killed her father (technically). In the end we get so see that despite everything that happened she did love him and as she said in the end "i sincerely loved you" before his last breath was taken. As for him (TaHwan) he died in the arms of his reason for living ( she was his reason for living and she was his world). So i was pretty happy with the ending although i cried aswell. 


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