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  1. I just found this wonderful youtube video for HSDSS, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31XM-ZTpnss 『倚天屠龍記 2019版』【忌敏】Joseph Zeng《曾舜晞》Chen Yuqi《陳鈺琪》《隨風 With Wind》【周深】 The song is so perfect for our WJ/MM couple.
  2. Well said!! I totally agree with you and that is why I have never liked ZR. It was good that Yukee Chen did not play ZR because if she was, I probably would not have watched this series.
  3. Now that HSDS has finished and there is no other series that interest me at the moment, I have been re-watching my favourite WJ-MM scenes and re-playing my favourite MV (the one posted by Joseph and uploaded to Youtube by LaurenPanna)again and again. ZR has never been a character I like, so I ended up skimming a lot of her episodes. The episode with her and WJ and his Yifu stranded on the Snake Island was one of these episodes. What I don’t understand is who shot the arrows that killed the troops who were sent by ZM(MM) to rescue them. This is one of the parts that I wish the writer didn’t deviate from the novel. Perhaps one of you observant HSDS fans can help explain that to me. It will be much appreciated.
  4. @LaurenPanna Your fanfic would add to what's a good ending to be an excellent one. I was hoping to see MM wearing the hair pin WJ made her as she was being twirled around by WJ in the ending scenes. I also wish there is more WJ and MM cuts or deleted scenes. So anyone WJ-MM fans please post them if these get released.
  5. Thank you so much for uploading this video on youtube. This is my favourite MV so far of this series. The song has a strong Wuxia feel, the tune is catchy and blends so well with most of the best WJ-MM scenes. I think of all the HSDS adaptations, Yukee and Joseph make the best MM and WJ. It is the first time I watch Joseph Zheng in a series. I truly feel the initial criticism of his acting is unfair. Of all the WJ's in HSDS adaptations, he is the most suited in age, look and has conveyed successfully the naivety, sense of righteousness and the various struggles and conflicts in WJ. Like all of you HSDS fans in this forum, I too am suffering from withdrawal from this series.
  6. @LaurenPanna Thank you for the enlightening post. I think Joseph Zeng and Yukee are perfect for the roles and have done wonderfully playing WJ and MM. Especially for the role of WJ, Joseph Zeng has worked really hard being on the wire doing all the difficult action scenes and able to immersed into the many emotional scenes which he too has done very well. I think he deserves more praise than what is in the media for this role. Now I am hoping to see a wedding scene in the final episode.
  7. I too think this is the best adaptation so far. The entire series is by far the best produced, including the gorgeous scenery, the special effects, etc.. The actors and actresses all are very suited for the roles and they all have done a wonderful job in their acting. This adaptation has definitely added more depth to the storyline than the original novel. Also, the main character WJ is a better person here than in the novel. Instead of being unable to decide between ZR and MM, this WJ has remained true to MM. His reflection in front of MM’s tombstone is very insightful and touching. I can't wait to see the last two episodes and am glad that it is going to be a good ending (based on the previews).
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